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Refined Aloe Sunblock BB

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Refined Aloe Sunblock BB 50g
It widely blocks UVB, which causes sunburn and skin cancer, and UVA, a major cause of premature skin aging. Also, it contains adenosine, which helps improving wrinkles and whitening, to make the skin elastic and clean. Also, the feel of use is light and there is no stickiness or oiliness. It is the liquid type BB cream that controls skin tone with smooth feeling and makes beautiful skin. Also, by containing Aloe concentrates and patent Magnolia liliflora Desr. extracts, it provides nutrition, protects the skin, and makes the skin color clean and natural.
Blocks UV light with SPF 50+ PA+++ Three skin care effect such as  whitening, wrinkle repair, etc.
Recognized functional cosmetic with three skin care effect.

● Therapeutic effect : Sun block effect, Whitening, Wrinkle repair
● Main ingredient : Aloe Vera gel leaf concentrates, Aloe extracts


The degree to which skin pigmentation and sun protection should be blocked varies from person to person, but the cost of neglecting skin protection can have harsh consequences, such as skin cancer, so the skin should always be protected. Wearing a wide-brimmed sunscreen cap or a bandana hat with a cover around the neck, and using sunscreen is an appropriate precaution. Because the higher the altitude, the greater the amount of UV light, the more intense the sunlight is on the mountain is. Especially, the sun's rays from the glaciers in spring, summer and high mountains are unexpectedly strong.

Also, taking any type of drug (tetracycline or diabetic drug) can weaken the skin’s resistance to sunlight, which increases the risk of burns by overreacting to sun exposure. While excessive exposure to ultraviolet light during hiking may result in serious burns, such concerns can be prevented by sunscreen, which has an SPF rating suitable for clothing or situations. Sunscreen works quite well when applied correctly. Ultraviolet rays reach the ground not only on clear days but also on cloudy or rainy days. Clouds cannot effectively screen out UV rays, so we should not neglect to protect our skin even on cloudy days. Ultraviolet B (UV B) reaches the ground on cloudy days and 20 to 30 percent on rainy days. The amount of UV rays increases by 4 percent each time the elevation is 3,000 meters, so those who go hiking or expedition must be more careful.

During hiking, sunscreen that blocks ultraviolet A (UV A) and ultraviolet B (UV B) should be used. UV A is the first rays of light to be avoided in order to prevent skin cancer, and UV B is an important factor causing burns. To properly protect the skin from UV rays, products with a sun protection factor of 15 or higher must be used. The sunscreen index is an index that blocks UV A. If you put on the sunscreen of SPF 15, you can stay in the sun 15 times longer than if you didn't apply anything. To protect the skin from UV A, sunscreen containing zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and avobenzone should be used. Sunscreens are quickly removed over time because extreme exercise causes perspiration during hiking. Some sunscreens advertise sweat and water, but they are not, so it is better to apply the pharmaceutical company's instructions repeatedly.

It usually takes some time for sunscreen to begin to take effect, so it is recommended to apply it half an hour before sunscreen. Sunscreens should be applied to the underside of the nose and chin, nostrils and ears, face and neck, and to protect against the reflected rays of light even when wearing a sun-blocking cap. For long-term hiking that takes several days, when you arrive at a mountain cabin or campsite in the evening, remove the sunscreen with cleansing tissue and moisturize it with makeup water.

The most effective way to prevent skin burns from ultraviolet rays is to cover the skin with clothes rather than sunscreen. Wear long-sleeved, lightly colored, airy clothes when driving through the ice in clear weather. Sometimes the discomfort of long-sleeved clothes is more tolerable than the annoying sunscreen that is constantly buried in very hot weather. The function of clothing to prevent ultraviolet light depends on the weaving method and the type of fiber. The finer the fabric, the better, but too hot to wear. A hat is a wide-brimmed hat that covers not only the face and ears, but also the neck. For long-term hiking, which requires prolonged exposure to the skin, the use of sunscreen extends the time for hiking without getting burned. Portable, easy-to-carry containers, which can be worn at leisure while walking on the side like a choke bag, are also being distributed during rock climbing and walking.


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