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HITTEN Grandot Frying Pan

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    Model GFS-201601
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    Republic of Korea
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    frying pan

This product is selling on Japanese B2C on-line website called 'Rakuten'.
Grandot Frying Pan


- Feature

 · Granite coating with high quality non-stic material will prevent the food sticking to the bottom of the skillet and allows for easy cooking with a little oil. The inner surfaces coated with granite which features strength
as strong combination structure and real easy of clean.

 · Edge of the lid is made by silicone material it can be effective to use the multi sized glass lid in the kitchen while you are cooking
 · It’s made by aluminum material which has fast heat conductivity. So it can be helpful to reduce fuel consumption and cooking time.


- Size

 · 26cm Frying Pan

 · 26cm Wok

 · 28cm Frying Pan


- Detail Image

editorimg  editorimg  editorimg


After cooking one side, there is a long bag to raise the pot to cook the other side so that the food can be turned upside down. In Europe, they started using it in many northern European countries in the 1700s. In Korea, there is a record of having already eaten azalea pancakes on the third day of the Goryeo Dynasty, but it is not known where they were built.

The records of the previous Joseon Dynasty show that ‘Bukskit was hung with rice cookers, soup pots and water cookers on a bushel’ and ‘Buquikikkit had chopping, knife, pot, grill, firework, kettle, wind furnaces, ladles, spatula, jugban’ and what the whole fish was poured into. Considering that there was a custom in rural areas when large quantities were sent, it was only used in those days. However, the records from the late Joseon Dynasty show that Ganjeon, Eojeon, Biseonjeon, and Vegetables were placed on the statue of Bansang or Seolsang, and that there were ironware on the cooking utensils, and that the iron was worn out.

From this point of view, in the late Joseon Dynasty, there was something like a frying pan that was used today. However, the form is not specific, and the frying pan currently used is believed to have been introduced by Westerners in and out of the Korean language. Materials were originally used as iron castings, but products such as iron, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel are made to be easy to use and hygienic. Recently, aluminum is also manufactured and sold to make sure that its food doesn't stick well.


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