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    Republic of Korea
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    30 months
Comprehensive nutritional supplement to the skin every day
Advantages of using two existing products at once
Let's finish skin care at once
Let's care for moisture + elasticity, nutrition at once!
Moisture cream and nourishing cream previously used separately!
Now use the amount you want at a time
Do you STILL
depend on the luxury cosmetics or expensive brand cosmetics?
Please Check the All Ingredients
The good and great ingredients make the skin comfortable
The radiant effect of skin's natural vitality
Feel the power of a highly concentrated drop
Whitening + wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics
54% Galactomyces ferment filtrate
Whitening improvement l Pore strengthening l Skin radiance
Wrinkle improvement l Moisturizing Charge l Sebum control
Experience a different skin from this moment!
- Moisture, moisturizing is basic
- Solve your skin problems at once
- Galactomyces Essence Moisture Cream
Whitening + wrinkle improvement functional cosmetics
Minimizes loss of active ingredient with low temperature method of
natural moisturizing oil and moisturizing ingredients
Moisturizing oil and nutritional ingredients of natural ingredients were blended stably in a short time by low temperature method.
It is a low temperature method that keeps the active ingredient of the cream
without loss as much as possible so that it can be delivered as it is.
Keeps skin energized with moisturizing and soothing patent ingredients
Skin protection patent ingredient
We have gone through the traditional process to increase the efficacy
by using seven patented natural products that are safe for the human body
* The above description is for the raw material description only
7 patented soothing ingredients
BSASM Ingredients
It is a patented ingredient composed of seven natural plants,
which helps to calm skin and strengthen skin protection
* The above description is for the raw material description only
Fermented fucoxanthin, a moisturizing patent ingredient
It is a new material obtained from kelp in clean sea area and is a patented fermentation ingredient
with 'rich mineral and excellent antioxidant function'
It gives skin a high moisturizing effect and keeps the skin fresh
* The above description is for the raw material description only
Moisture, moisturizing is basic.
Moisturizes skin with precious sea ingredients
Marine Aqua Cream
Intensively moisturize your skin and experience moisturized skin through moisture storage
Quad layer system that lasts moisture in skin
Ingredients from the sea
Kelp Extract l Caulerpa Lentillifera l Spirulina
Plankton l Undaria Pinnatifida
Patented ingredients in Super Ultra Marine Aqua Cream
Camellia Flower Extract
It contains the nutrition and moisturizing of Camellia.
1. Moisturizing rough skin
2. Calming and protection on the skin
3. Protection of skin from the outside environment
A. crenata extract
1. Giving skin cleanness
2. Giving skin a pleasant vitality
3. Soothing and protection on the skin
Moisture management and nutrition at the same time!
Two in One Care System
How to use
After washing your face,
you can mix two types of creams or apply them separately,
depending on your skin condition
T zone
Oily and greasy parts
Manage with moisture cream
U zone
Dry or poorly moisturized areas
Manage with nutrition cream
Complex zone
To control skin's oil and moisture balance by mixing 1: 1 with moisture cream and nutrition cream


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  • Name : kim hakjun
  • Tel : +82 31-651-4708
  • Email : 9357008@hanmail.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 11 Maebongsan 1-gil, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do (17883)
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    kim kyoung ae
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    11 Maebongsan 1-gil, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do (17883)
Bluwha is a company that sells natural cosmetics starting in December 2018. In particular, we developed high-performance creams and ampoules using natural ingredients A company that develops products that minimize skin irritation and maximize skin nutrition and hydration. Products include cream, essence, cleansing oil, whitening cream. We listen customer's sound and always make reliable products.
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    Galactomyces essence cream
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    5~10 people


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