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Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box

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    1 Set
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    100 Set per One-Time
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  • Brand
    Model Suction Baby Angel Tray Gift Box
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    (W)37.6 (H)26.8 (D)8
  • Package Includes
    Suction tray, snack cup, bowl, Spoon & Fork Set
  • Color
    Lime Green / Coral Peach / Berry Pink / Banana Yellow / Aqua Blue / Lilac
[Suction Baby angel tray giftbox]
Healthy baby tray from nature
We care about babies, mothers, and nature.
* Rest assured!
 UINLUI’s baby trays care about people and nature together as they are all made of coconut materials from nature!
* Let’s do it together, love for nature!
 Coconut based TECO plastics return to nature as they contain coconut powder + T-MBA (biodegradation agent)!
* Get ahead!
 UINLUI’s baby trays take the lead in protecting nature by addressing international environmental regulations and problems.
Gift box, bringing together UINLUI’s best products!
Baby tray with various colors and functions specially designed for babies, which are good to use when you help your kid to develop his or her own eating habits
Age for use
6 months or older
Baby Angel Tray + Tray Cover + Suction
Wide Bowl + Suction
Spoon + Fork + Feeding Spoon
Angel Cup + Snack Cap
Useful tip: What tray is good for my baby?
/ Suction Baby Angel Tray
Suction Baby Angel Tray includes a suction feature and is good for babies who begin baby-led eating.
Age for use: 6months – 36months
Size: 26.7 x 4.8 (cm)
Suction: O
Set item: Tray Lid
/ Angel Tray
Angel Tray is bigger in size and features four compartments for dishes and one compartment for soup, which allows your child to have a balanced meal!
Age for use: 18 months or older
Size: 34.7 x 4.7 (cm)
Suction: X
Set item: Magic Plate
/ What has changed?
* Upgraded with coconut materials!
* Upgraded design! Better grip, making it easier to pick up food!
* Capacity up to 170 ml! Added with Snack Cap! Bigger in size, and upgraded with a stable design!
* More solid due to coconut materials, and easier to wash!
/ Color scheme
6 colors! Colors based on Baby Angel Tray!
* Firmly secured to the table!
 / The suction feature allows baby-led eating.
 Detachable Suction can be used with Baby Angel Tray or Wide Bowl and separated as necessary.
* Hygienic food storage
 Tray Cover
 / Tray Cover makes it possible to store any leftover hygienically.
* 300 ml Wide Bowl with suction
 / Wide Bowl has the large capacity of 300 ml and contains baby food or snack. You can use it in various ways.
* Angel Cup with two features
 / Angel Cup can be used as not just a drinking cup but also a snack cup with detachable Snack Cap.
* Everyone’s baby food spoon,
 Spoon + Fork + Feeding Spoon
 / It feels very soft on the lips due to our coconut materials.
* Color energy helpful for a baby’s emotional intelligence
 / Develop your child’s emotional intelligence with the colors of a tray that you use every day
 / Our designs and colors, which make babies interested, give visual fun.
* Healthy baby tray from nature
 / UINLUI’s baby trays degrade and return to nature after disposal as we add the biodegradation agent (T-MBA) to coconut shells.
  We think from processing to disposal.
* Trustworthy as it is made in Korea
/ Why do you need a suction feature?
We begin with an idea to make sure that your young child eats the food you make with your care deliciously without spilling it.
Our suction, which can be firmly secured, turns your worry into love!
Check out our strong suction in the above video clip!
Tip: It is easier to suction our product on a flat glass or plastic surface.
Tip: Its size fits in with a baby booster or table.
How to use Suction in the right way!
1. Hold the suction straight up.
2. Watch and fit the suction into the back of the tray.
3. Check whether the direction is right and place it on the table as in the above picture.
/ Two features of Suction!
 1. Secured to the table
 2. Anti-slip + anti-condensation!
/ If you switch Suction upside down, you can use it for two different suction sizes.
/ Why should this Suction be detachable?
The only feature you can find in UINLUI!
When you do not need a suction, you may separate Suction and use our product like a normal tray.
Unlike other trays with a built-in suction, you may detach our Suction, prevent any foreign substance stuck in between,
and wash it hygienically.
/ Why do I need Snack Cap?
Delicious snack for my baby! Is there any way my baby to enjoy it on his or her own without spilling it?
With soft silicone Snack Cap, help your baby to develop baby-led eating habits.
Use our silicone Snack Cap like the above video clip!
Tip: You can separate Snack Cap and use our product as a drinking cup.
/ Use our product like this!
Easily attach and detach Snack Cap.
1. Grab 2. Put 3. Tighten
/ Use our product in various ways!
You can use our product in various ways such as sticking a straw in the middle of Snack Cap.
*Yes, even though it is hot! Yes, even though it is cold!
As Angel Cup is thicker than other drinking cups,
it is good to microwave milk
and pour cool juice in summer!
Baby Spoon & Fork
It contains Feeding Spoon, which mom uses.


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UINLUI is the world's first manufacturer of eco-friendly baby food products using coconut bioplastic materials and plant plastic composite decomposer (T-MBA). All of UINLUI's products are BPA free products that are safe for children and use plastic composite decomposer to protect the environment from plastic, which is the main issue of environmental pollution around the world, and are environmentally friendly baby food brands that are safe for children I think of people and nature. Rest assured! It's made of coconut from nature. It's harmless to humans and to nature. Join us, love of nature! The "Coconut based techo plastic" material coconut powder and plastic compound degradator T-MBA is added. It goes back to nature safely. Go ahead! UINLUI is Infant Food System is an international environmental regulation. It's an effective response to environmental issues. It's a leading product for protecting nature.
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