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CR-5050N (Clean Room Vacuum Cleaner)

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    Model CR-5050N
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    Republic of Korea
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    440(W) X 490(D) X 700(H) ㎜ / 34ℓ
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  • Features
    Filter efficiency (0.3㎛ / 99.7%)

Clean the carpeted living room floor dust by absorbing it by the pressure difference in the air. It is convenient to clean every nook and cranny of the room, and when cleaning a large space, you plug the cord line into an outlet installed on the wall, move it to the desired location, and suck in the dust clean.

The structure consists of an inlet, motor, rotor blade, filter, dust pan case, exhaust vent, and the operation process is as follows. Rotate the blades more than 10,000 times with the commutator motor to vacuum the interior and suck up dust or debris through the intake. Suck dust and debris are filtered out of the filter and air is drained out of the exhaust. It also has a function to automatically wind the power cord, and a device to automatically shake off dust attached to the filter is also attached when the power cord is pulled out or wound. The inlet is also designed for convenient use depending on the location of use.

Vacuum cleaners first appeared in 1901 when British inventor Cecil Booth invented a suction vacuum cleaner, but Cecil’s vacuum cleaner was a huge size of a carriage. What changed in the form of a vacuum cleaner that we commonly use at home was in 1907, when James Spangler of the United States invented a portable vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust, and William Hoover, his relative, began buying and selling patents from James in 1908.

In Korea, domesticization took place in 1960, and the most widely used vacuum cleaners suck up dust and collect it in dust bags. Types of vacuum cleaners using dust bags include 1 canister type, 2 upright type, 3 hand type and 4 cylinder floor type. The canister type is the most commonly used vacuum cleaner in the home today, consisting of the main body, hose, pipe, and brush, and is cleaned only by suction power. It sucks up dust on the surface and can be cleaned up to every corner, but it is difficult to remove dust from the carpet. Uplight types are used in the U.S. and Europe, where many carpets are used, and rotating brushes allow dust in the carpet to be cleaned. The hand type is light and suitable for dust collection on desks, shelves, and suits, but the collection capacity is small and the usage time is limited due to battery capacity. The cylinder-type floor type has a large collection capacity, which is used for home use, but is mainly used in offices and stores, and is also designed for sound insulation, which greatly reduces motor noise.

In 1979, James Dyson of England invented a dust-free vacuum cleaner using a centrifuge collection device. Centrifugation was invented in that the suction power was weakened by the use of dust-bag vacuum cleaners. It uses the principle of centrifugal force to settle dust, and the air is released through filters, thus filtering out steady suction power and even fine dust.

The vacuum cleaner that can vacuum and clean water at once is a water filter. Water injected through the bottom of the brush is removed by wipers, drawn in with dust, and brought into the body-mounted water canister, which is then settled into the water and only the air is sucked through the motor and released through the filter. It can reduce fine dust, etc. and additionally has air purification function.

Also, robot vacuum cleaners that use battery power to detect obstacles by installing various sensors such as floor recognition sensors, cliff recognition sensors, wheel fall detection sensors, and others, and move around the floor by self-programming or radio control of distance and direction, and remove dust or small materials. Models that use brushes and vacuum and water duster will run to produce models that can be cleaned. After cleaning, it is convenient to go to the charging station and charge it.


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We started manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners in 1991. I developed the first room vacuum cleaner in Korea. Our Clean Room vacuum cleaner has been recognized for its excellence and is currently being used by some of the leading In semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical industries, many companies are using our Clean Room. You have achieved both KC certification and European CE, Chinese CCC, and Vietnamese CR certifications. This is the question we heard most frequently when we developed a cleanroom cleaner in 1991. Manager and users often assumed that because their cleanrooms were equipped with air filtration systems, cleaning procedures were optional or even unnecessary. Cleanrooms accumulate a lot of dust everyday due to complex causes. Both operators and manufacturing facilities cause pollution. Particles which are too small to be filtered also contaminatie the space. Small charged particles combine with other charged particles to form particles that are eventually large enough for human eyes to see. The operator is aware of the adverse effects that this dust can have on products produced in the cleanroom. In the end, maintaining the cleanliness of the cleanroom is directly linked to the stable production of the product and the high profits. Therefore, cleanroom cleaner must be used in the cleanroom. In the future, we will always try to find and use our Clean Room vacuum cleaner in more places.
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