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PK international

PK international Soccer Tactic Dummy P&S

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  • Brand
    PK international
    Model Soccer Tactic Dummy P&S
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    80cm x 50cm x 45cm including package
  • Function
    We work to eliminate all defaults in the quality of our training equipment
  • Features
    Simple Assembly for Convenient Training 3 Simple Steps - Unfold, Insert, Fix
  • Gender
    Regardless of gender
  • Package Includes
    Regardless of age
From 2007 to 2014, P.K. International was in the culture and art platform business and had planned and performed offline cultural performances for four years. In the meantime, I was commissioned to conduct online marketing and sales for two years. Then, as the idea materializes, the driver's seat assist device is used to create the utility model. It acquired the idea of ‘P&S of soccer game pile’ and applied for two patents and three overseas applications. Currently, it produces products through patent certification by Ulsan city and the Korea Technology Guarantee Fund. We're selling it online under the brand name "P&S."

Soccer Tactic Dummy

Soccer Tactic Dummy P&S


Football Tactic Dummy P&S Set 1
3 Dummies / Upper-Component Case / Lower-Component Case / 3 Heads

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Feature Introduction
1. Outstanding Durability
We work to eliminate all defaults in the quality of our training equipment
Impact Test (Upper-Component)
Strong Force from 5 Meters
The upper component returns to its original position due to its elasticity after impact Environmental Friendly Equipment- Football Tactic Dummy P&S lower component consists of recycled plastic accredited by Korean Environmental Resource Corporation

2. Comfortability
Simple Assembly for Convenient Training 3 Simple Steps - Unfold, Insert, Fix

3. Adjustable Heights (Youth to Adults)
Height adjustable in 3 seconds for convenient use of all ages
Height ranges from 165cm to 185cm with the head Comparison of normal adult male height (height 175 cm)

4. Wind Durable / Visible Defense Radius
Light and durable in comparison to the conventional heavy dummies utilized in America/Europe
The wind-resistant, yet light, extension poles of the lower component represent a visible defensive radius in dribble training Extension poles categorizes in 2 lengths for youth and adults Mimicking an actual football match

5. Maximized Portability
The length of the P&S stands to be 160 to 185 centimeters – convenient length for portability

Football Tactic Dummy P&S Features
Fits in a bus
Elimination of sharp points to lower risk of injury
Elastic enough to stretch and stand
Maintenance Fee
Economically efficient due to its long durability
Product Quality
Leaves a strong impression
Wind Resistant
Compatible in areas with strong wind
Training Efficiency
Visible Defense Radius

Football Tactic Dummy P&S User Guide

[Product Assembly]
1. Unfold Dummy
(Upper Component)
2. Insert standing pole
(follow the arrows shown on the pole)
3. Fixate to the lower component 4. Apply low force to the pole
[During Training] [Storage]
When moving during training – simply fold the dummy in half Fixating the extension role to the lower component shows the defense radius and enforces wind resistance Fixate the upper component to the lower component Twist to enforce connection

[Product Configuration]




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  • Name : Pyungkook Kang
  • Tel : 010-2647-4844
  • Email : soccerpns@gmail.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 233 Jungang-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan (44530)
PK international

PK international

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    Pyungkook Kang
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    233 Jungang-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan (44530)
PK international develops soccer training mannequin - Soccer Tactical Dummy P&S. Soccer Tactical Dummy P&S is safe, easy, portable and fun for youths, amateurs, professionals. Now youths and amateurs can practice tactics and freekick for professional players. Soccer Mannequins can replace your opponent's defenders, increasing the fun and efficiency of your training. P&S is the most ideal soccer mannequin for everyone.
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    Soccer tactical dummy P&S
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