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There are quilt, quilt, and pillows, and they are called gold, and the pillow is called gilt.

(1) Bedclothes: This bedding made of sheath and cotton to cover the body when sleeping, including hot blankets, blankets, quilt, bedding, bedding, and single bedding.

1 Hot quilt:a cotton quilt made from cotton, usually made from a variety of persimmons, from silk to cotton, for winter use. According to the traditional formula, men on the outside were often navy blue or purple, with white sympathy on the red collar, and women were green and red and white. And the dimensions were three widths of a width of 70cm to 73cm, and the length was 50cm, with three widths of three widths of three widths of three widths of a length of half widths, and the pity was three widths of a width like a collar, but the length was less than 20 cm. Recently, however, the width was two and a quarter width on each side, or half width on both sides, and two and a half width on each side. And when I sewed up the sheets inside, I could not see any sympathy with either side of the outside.

2 Cherry quilt: A quilt made of a clean one, and a chirping means a thin layer of cotton. Therefore, the size was used in spring and autumn with thin layers of cotton or hot blankets, but the sensitivity was appropriate and the color was rather light.

3 Chune: Usually smaller than the size of a quilt, the persimmon is made in different colors for both sides of the porridge, and the cotton is also thin as it is on a quilt. Therefore, it was used as an inside blanket, a light nap, and a smaller child was worn on its back, mainly in silk.

4 Quilt: A quilt made out of silk, silk, silk, or silk or silk or soft, thin cotton, with a size slightly smaller than a hot quilt, and the collar and bronze were hung on it, from the time it was covered up until late spring.

5 Layers:A blanket decorated with layers of cotton, not cotton, for summer, often made by water in raw silk or ramie, whose color was jade, pink, or light green, etc. and its structure was as common quilt.

6 Single bedclothes:An unwrapped, double-breasted quilt for summer use, made of fine cloth. Recently, people use single bedding instead of double bedding.

(2) Yaw: Bedding on the floor so as not to be tolerated when people lie down. Put the cotton into the yogi and use silk to cut the back of the yoyo. It is 180 to 230 cm long and 70 to 80 cm wide. In summer, they put mats on top of the mattress or bedding on top of the bed, and in winter, they use a blanket made of cotton. In addition, woolen, pommel, and mink blankets are variously made and used for everyday use and mixed accommodation.

(3) Pillow: An instrument for cutting on the head when lying. The pillows have a window opening in the middle, so they are to be stuffed through it. Children use grain such as small rice, small rice, and adults use buckwheat pods, royal rice, straw, etc. The pillow is 20 to 30 cm long, and in the case of couples, it is 50 cm long to allow two people to cut. The pillows have various names depending on the material, use, and shape they are made. There is a wooden needle that cuts down a round or square tree about 20 cm, a bow that cuts square into a tree about 10 cm butterfly, a bamboo-shaped bamboo shoot in the summer, a six-cornered bone that a woman cuts in my room, and a gubong, angchim, and a pillow that she brings at birth. There are also twin, four, and long-range beds. In principle, pillows are placed on both harnesses, also known as muzzles, square for men and round for women. The number has water and sea water, and the pattern indicated the auspicious gate. Modern times, improved pillows with western style are mostly used, made by adding sponges or chicken feathers instead of buckwheat pods or straws into the pillows, measuring 35-45 cm in length, 25 to 30 cm in width, and rectangular in shape.


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