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Biotite mineral natural soap is handmade soap that is made by combining about 90 minerals extracted from biotite and all natural ingredients.  It does not contain any chemical ingredients. 

- The interaction between generated negative ions and radiated far infrared rays helps excrete skin
  waste such as old dead skin cells and sebum providing clear and clean skin.
- About 90 natural minerals provide appropriate moisturizing effects, helpful for keeping skin
  moisturized. It would provide better effects if users would work up a lather sufficiently and
  massage softly and then wash them.
- Combination of biotite mineral and natural ingredients, no artificial hardening agent, no artificial
  flavors, no artificial dyes.
- Considering the problem that natural soap characteristically gets soft when coming in contact
  with water, the package is designed in such a way that it can be used as a soap stand.
- Applied and registered as a patent related to the biotite mineral water manufacturing method, as
  well as the cosmetics and plant nutrients that contain minerals made from it. Registered patent
  [No. 10-1192725]
- Received an official approval from the Chinese government to be sold in their market.

1) Biotite snail premium soap

It will help vitalize fatigued skin as it contains snail mucus, an excellent key ingredient in terms of skin regeneration. It also contains wheatgerm oil which provides enhanced skin moisturizing effects and elasticity, as well as collagen which is good for elasticity. The snail mucus contains mucin, alatoin and glycolic acid. In particular, ‘chondroitin sulfate’ is the key ingredient of mucin. Now, mucin is the self-healing ingredient of the snail that provides excellent antibacterial effects. 

Ingredients :  Palm oil, purified water, glycerin, camellia oil, biotite powder (325mesh), biotite mineral water (containing about 90 minerals), snail mucus, olive oil, wheat germ oil, collagen, vitamin E, and extract of grapefruit seed.

2) Biotite citron soap

It contains biotite, citron and emu oil. Citrons are known to be good for skin cosmetics in terms of improving skin conditions and skin tone. In general, it contains 3 times more vitamins compared to lemons and is also rich in vitamin B, glucide and organic acid. It keeps skin clear and moisturized, In addition, it contains emu oil long used by natives in Australia which can help add softness to stimulated and dry skin.

Ingredients : Palm oil, purified water, glycerin, camellia oil, biotite powder (325mesh), biotite mineral water (containing about 90 minerals), citron syrup, citron powder, yellow gardenia seeds emu oil, vitamin E, and extract of grapefruit seeds.
3)  Biotite rose soap
This soap keeps moisture balance of dry dead skin suffering from cold winter weather, in-between seasons and finally smoothens moist silky skin. Particularly, as it exceptionally works for contraction, skin sedation and sterilization containing tannin and citric acid, it protects against dry and tried skin.
Ingredients : Bio-Tite mineral, Bio-Tite powder, rose powder, cochineal, linseed oil, glycerin, collagen, vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract etc.

4)  Biotite acne soap

Made of biotite, green bamboo and cactus!. Green bamboo is also called polygonum indigo as it has excellent antibacterial effects and removes staphylococcus that causes skin diseases. That is why it helps remove pimple and other body waste. Cactus provides excellent skin cosmetic effects as it is very rich in vitamin C. The soap contains wheat germ oil that is good for keeping skin moisturized and elastic at the same time. It will help moisturize rough skin and other skin problems.

Ingredients : Palm oil, purified water, glycerin, camellia oil, biotite powder (325mesh), biotite mineral water (containing about 90 minerals), green bamboo, cactus, cochineal, wheatgerm oil, orange sweat E.O, vitamin E, and herb preservatives.
5)  Biotite charcoal soap
Soap to help eliminating overproduction of sebum and skin waste in pores
- Soap for oil skin that has difficulties to treat
- This soap controls production of sebum and helps eliminating skin waste in pores by excellent cleaning effect of Bio-Tite.
- increasing moisture level of your skin as it contains ceramide which is 40% of components of skin protective film.
- It improves elastic skin and skin circulation smoothly by containing bamboo charcoal powder
ingredients:Bio-Tite mineral, Bio-Tite powder, bamboo charcoal powder, apricot seed oil, ceramide, vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract etc.
6) Biotite kids soap
Anhydrous natrium and mineral ingredients of fresh lemon-flavored YuNoHaNa promote blood circulation and metabolism of human body. Accordingly, it protects sensitive hands and soft baby skin clarifying the skin.
ingredients:Bio-Tite mineral, Bio-Tite powder, lemon powder, YuNoHaNa, olive oil, honey, vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract etc.

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Volume: 100g each (Moist included)



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