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Redergen Miracle Axilla Bleaching 50g

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    Model Miracle Axilla Bleaching
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    Republic of Korea
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    Whitening Effect
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Miracle Axilla Bleaching


Dark and dull underarm skin!
Make your skin brighter and healthier!

Your underarm skin easily becomes dark and dull due to sweat and frequent friction between skins.
Now it's time to make your skin bright, tender soft, clean, and refreshing.

Amount : 50g
Function : Whitening Effect
Origin : US
Distributor : Galaxy International / Galaxylab
Main Ingredients : Arbutin, Squalene, Tocopherol
Skin Type : For all skin
Expiry Date : Refer to the product package
Directions : Dispense an adequate amount of cream and massage the skin gently.
Intensive Skincare With Whitening Effect
It helps keep your skin bright, tender soft, clean, and refreshing.

Functional Whitening Effect
Arbutin helps change the underarm skin bright and soft.

Relieving Underarm Skin & Supplying Nourishing Ingredients
Miracle Axilla Bleaching helsp relieve the underarm skin and supply nourishing ingredients to dull and dark skin which gets frequently sweaty.

Arbutin For Lightening Underarms Skin
Lighten dark underarms skin caused from frequent friction between skins and sweat and supply sufficient amount of moisture and oil to make your underarm skin healthy.

Underarms Skin Caused From Frequent Waxing and Sweat
Miracle Axilla Bleaching helps relieve underarms skin discoloration caused from frequent waxing and sweat whereas it keeps the skin firm and resilient with refeshing effect.
Each part of our body has its own important role and they have different skin layer and structure in them.

1. For external use only. If a reaction suggesting sensitivity or chemical irritation should occur,
    discontinue use and consult your physician.
    - swollen, pimply, rough, dry or eczema skin
    - sunburned caused some symptoms shown above.
2. Avoid use on wounded, eczema skin.
3. Avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes. If contact with eye, immediately rinse thoroughly with water.


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  • Name : Eunha Cho
  • Tel : 82-01030461205
  • Email : ehcho.galaxy@gmail.com


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  • 125-6 Bukchon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03053)
Galaxy International

Galaxy International

www.redergen.co.kr Seller_Mail
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    Eunha cho
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    125-6 Bukchon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03053)
Founded in 2005, GALAXY International Co., Ltd. by Ms Eunha Cho a visionary entrepreneur, is now an experienced trade center dealing with Korean cosmetic/skincare products. With the solid foundateion in the cosmetic field, we have enlarged our borders to comprehensive beauty & helth care lines including health supplements to medical instruments, baby products, beverages and many more. The established business relationships with partners in North America, Europe, and Asia allow our company to combine consulting, design, product development, manufacturing, marketing, ODM and OEM service as a whole.
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    Trading Company
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


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