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avotte Sweet Pudding pack

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avotte SWEET!
Pudding Pack
Do you think you need special care to your skin?
Do you think just normal skin care products are not enough?
Do you need care while sleeping?
With the texture of sweet pudding, deliver moist and nutrition to tried skin
1. Main Targets
Concept of graft dessert onto cosmetics.
Special present to dessert pack to special one
2. Main Targets
Anyone thinking your skin need special home care.
Anyone with sensitive skin who specially needs moisturizing and vitalizing skin
Give you feeling of face massage effect with the pudding texture of smoothness and resilience.
With 4 different types of ingredients, you can choose depending on skin concerns
Paraben Free
CONCEPT : 2 IN 1 (Pudding Pack & Sleeping Pack)
How to use TIP!
1. When using as Normal Pack : After face washing, apply it all over your dry face.
2. When useing as Sleeping pack : Before sleeping, apply it all over your face at the last step of skin care and wash it off on next morning.
1)Pudding texture with high elasticity
Avotte sweet pudding pack has same texture of typical dessert, pudding.
As it has high elasticity texture, you may keep the moist into your skin for along time and prevent moist from evaporating

2)Shape Memory Texture
Despite of pushing with fingers, it reshapes to original texture as the technology of shape memory

3)Smooth and no stickiness
After use, it is not sticky, but smooth. Therefore, you can apply to your face and body to your face for daily pack

4)Using as sleeping pack
Pudding texture sleeping pack which make your skin moisture and healthy while sleeping
Peach Extract
- Fresh peach extract will brighten your skin tone and maintain the moist
- Collagenase will restrain dissolution of collagen so that it can prevent dermal change by aging.
Coffee Extract
- Coffee extract gives you skin conditioning function of vitality
- It prevents your skin from harmful oxygen and helps to prevent skin oxidation stress
Banana Extract
- Banana extract which contains roughage and vitamin will soothe your skin
- It can soothe your skin damaged by external stimulus
Milk Protein Extract
- Milk protein extract supplies moist and essential nutrition to your skin and it improves water retention capacity.
- It nourishes and give you energy to tired skin
Portulaca Oleracea Extract
-Function of Skin Soothing, at the same time, it helps moisturizing function and soothes skin stimulus.
-Vitamin and Animo Acid included in portulaca oleracea extract affects complexly on soothing functions
-Also, it improves moisturizing power
Hyaluronic Acid
- Hyaluronic Acid is natural moisturizing factor which pulls moist that 6000 times heavier than it's weight
- It keeps moisture from evaporating which lead to your skin vitality and moisturizing.


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GoshenKorea Co., Ltd.

GoshenKorea Co., Ltd.

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Goshen Korea has been established to export overseas market based on our researches , manufacture, plan, exports in the field of cosmetics during 20 years. Our head office is located in SEOUL, South Korea and we are having partnership with world wide buyers. We are growing rapidly. Also we are ready to hold hands with our new partners. Our dream is that all the people around the world who use our products become more beautiful and happy. Our products are being exported all over the world including USA, EU, Japan, Russia, China. HK, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Spain. Our challenge towards the world cannot hesitate nor cannot yet be satisfied. We are not a company that merely offers to the products customers want, we are in the process of unfolding our dreams to provide products that are manufactured under our measures and know-how to customers all over the world. We are exporting the number of countries in a great relationship with cooperators, especially, a plenty of raw material, packing, manufacturing companies. With this said, our company is specialized by OEM & ODM that we will do our best until buyer's satisfied. We hope you support and join us in our journey heading towards the world. With an exprience of over 20 years in cosmetic field, we promise to become a loyal and long-term buisness partner with you.
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