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hydrogen water mist

hydrogen water Nano-bubble Moisturizer

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  • Brand
    hydrogen water mist
    Model HYSU
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    156 (H) +38 (D) mm
  • Package Includes
    main body, container
  • Material
    Hydrogen Water

[Product Description & Features]

Oxygenated super-fine particles, water nano bubbles
Safe product, with no skin irritations or chemicals
Convenient charging with USB cable (included)
Small particles penetrate deep into the skin for effective moisturizing.
Effective in reducing bad breath and harmful bacteria in your mouth by spraying.
It is eco-friendly and effective in removing and disinfecting baby products which come into contact with the user's mouth.
It helps prevent contamination of easily infected objects such as door handles and toilets.
It protects the health of your family by removing the bacteria found on pets and eliminates pet odor. 

Nano Bubble Cleansing

The hydrogen water of 5 Nano (0.005u) penetrates into the skin pore of 25u, and the hydrogen bubbles explode  each other, and the pressure is increased, and then wastes and sebum in the skin pore are discharged. Accordingly, if you spray the mist after a general washing, wastes will be discharged additionally. The perfect washing will make the skin tone bright.





Continuous Moisturizing Power for 8 hours

In case of a general mist, the skin will be rather dried after 30 minutes, while the hydrogen water becomes a negative ionization and is deeply penetrated into the skin due to fine particles of 5 Nano. As a result, the moisturizing power is kept for 8 hours. If you spray the hydrogen water two times only in a day, you will be able to have  moist, bouncy and beautiful skin



Whitening Effect

The tyrosinase enzyme making a melanin pigment is made by active oxygen. The hydrogen water of high concentration 800ppb of Esteau R neutralizes the active oxygen (OH) and makes into water. As a result, the melanin pigment is decreased, and the whitening effect is maximized.

Pore Contraction and Wrinkle Improvement

The hydrogen water is smaller 5 Nano water than the size of pore by 1/5000, and it removes wastes in the pore  and induces the pore contraction. Moreover, the hydrogen water is a rich gas reducing active oxygen, which is t  he main reason of aging and induces the wrinkle improvement.

Pimple removal and sterilizing power

The hydrogen water has a rich OH Radical and removes all kinds of bacteria and virus causing pimples in the skin. The hydrogen water sterilizes bacteria and virus within 5 seconds and has an effect of 2000 times comparing  with ozone sterilizing speed. Moreover, the hydrogen water has a rich Hydrogen (H) and removes pimple scars  by helping skin reproduction.



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