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4in1 USB Multi-Cable Charger (Micro5pin/8pin/Ctype x 2)

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    50 Set
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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  • Brand
    Model TC-49
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Packaging : 105X195X45mm
  • Features
    Max 4 mobile device charging available (C Type, 8 pins , Micro 5 pins)
  • Package Includes
    C type x 2, 8pins x 1, Micro 5 pins x 1
  • Function
    Anti-theft multi charge
  • Color
  • Material
    PC/ABS & metal
4in1 USB Multi-Cable Charger (Micro5pin/8pin/Ctype x 2)
Wired charging (micro 5 pin + 8 pin + C type) for all USB types
Rapid wired charging for all USB types | Removable USB type | 2.4A
let's collect all these different functions into one device.
Now, with a single idea, we have collected all possible chargers including micro-5, 8-pin, and C-type on place.

In addition, it can be used in various places such as hotels and at the office because multi-charging is possible and is protected from theft with an adhesive sticker at the bottom of charger to prevent theft.
Trusted- 'MADE IN KOREA'
Popphone 4-in-1 USB Multi c\Cable Charger [TC40] is MADE IN KOREA through higher quality manufacturing with the airm of marking the best products from design through to materials With the spupport of our customers, the Anti-Theft Series 1,2 and finally 3 have been released. Unlike conventional chargers, screws are used in the new and innovative design to ensure the charger cannot be taken away.
A design that is appealing everywhere
A simple and clean design that fits in anywhere, so the charger breaks stereotypes about looking tacky.
A design that can inpire a sense of stability without inconvenience from commercial spaces to high-end hotel interiors with a soft circular design.
Easy cable organization on desks
Charging a lot of smart devices, you've been waiting for a single charger that can handle the job?
As the number of chargers in your collection grows the cables become messy no matter how you arganize them!
Anti-Theft Series 3 multi-charger helps you neatly arrange cables to get rid of thesse troubles.
Smart and powerful, with faster speed!
Popphone Anti-Theft Series 3 multi-cable charger has a high output of 2,400mA for devices with large capacity battery consumption an optimized for large new models.
Supports micro 5-pin, 8-pin, C-type connectors so you can charge your high-capacity devices quickly and safely.
Powerful and robust screws to upgrade anti-theft features!
Popphone Anti-Theft Series 3 multi-cable charger has a high output of 2,400mA for devices with large capacity battery consumption and optimized for large new models.
Supports micro 5-pin, 8-pin, C-type connectors so you can charge your high-capacity devices quickly and safely.

The top screw has been made even more powerful
A charger that can never be stolen! Perfect for hotels and business spaces!
A slip-resistant diagonal pattern cable that you can feel with our fingers
Popphone's cable has a non-slip function with an oblique incandescent pattern design.
We want to convery a feeling of newness to the user with elaborate detail as soon as they touch the product.
Discover a cable that impresses only from Popphone!
Multi-charger with simultaneous charging
You can charge your smart phone with various types with a total of five types:
5-pin + 5-pin + 8-pin + C-type + C-type.
Use the extended cable feely as it can be extended up to 60cm in length.
USB type charger ensures all port types are supported!

With a C-type port for the latest smartphones as well as an iPhone 8 pin, and 5-pin port for auxiliary battery charging!
USB type allows for cable replacement when cables malfunctions.
The existing charger had to be thrown away or replaced entirely when a problem occurred, but the Anti-Theft Series 3 multi-charger is designed to allow each cable to be replaced when aproblem arises with a USB-type cable.
Also, since USB cables for every pin type can be purchased separately, this is an innovative product idea that reduces costs.
The charger terminal is located on the opposite side and the connection terminal is a type C port.

More cost-effective by replacing individual cables!
Replace only the cable without the need to purchase a new charger in case of pin fallure!
Non-slip rubber ring
The elastic rubber ring on the lime-colored top is a light pastel color,
so it can be used as interior focus color and can be separated and cleaned after long periods of use.
You can also put your phone on top of the device while charging thanks to the non-slip material!
Anti-theft foam tape on bottom
An extremely strong anti-theft sticker is located in the top and bottom, and it does not fall off once attached,
so there are no worries about theft. Because the sticker has strong adhesive force,
it can still be used after partial removal without complete removal at first use.
※ Please apply the sticker carefully at first use!
For use in various places such as hotels and shops
The neat design makes it appropriate for use anywhere.
From a variety of hotels, to bed and breakfasts, resorts and guest houses.
Coins-operated karaoke boxes, and even in fine restaurants.

Popphone Anti-Theft Series 3 USB multi charger cna be used wherever and wherever you need to charge devices!
Product Specifications
Product Size & Package
Model TC-49
Input 100-240V0.5A
Output Cable 5V/2.4A
Pin type Micro 5pin, 8pin, C-type x 2
Output Type Integral
Model Name 4in1 USB Multi-cable charger
Model number JU10192-17001A
Weight About 165g
Cable length About 2m
Material PC/ABS and metal materials
Manufacturing and sales agent POPPhone Co., Ltd.
Country of manufacture Design by Korea / Made in Korea / CE (DOC) provide
Electromagnetic compatibility registration MSIP-REI-pop-POP24001



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Our company POPPHONE is manufacturer and seller for smart device and phone charger and idea accessories. We started business in 2005 and we developed, production and sales with good process in Korea. We have almost 15 years of good experiences and good reputation and technology to provide good products for our customers and consummers. Also we are consider and think about the high tech, sleek design and good quality. We always do our best to provide innovative and stable products.
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    wireless charger
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    5~10 people



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