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Anti-slip sprayer for tile, marble(Platinum added)

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    Republic of Korea
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    non slip spray
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    Increase 300~500% friction
Anti-slip sprayer for tile, marble (Platinum added)
Spray once for its semi-permanent anti slip effect
Prevent accidents from slippery floors
Antibacterial UP with added platinum
01. Not through taping or coating, but it creates small pores (2-6 micrometer) at constant gaps
02. Excellence in anti slip function on marble, granite, living rock, tile, concrete
03. One application for semi-permanent life
04. Perfect and clean use with professional help
05. Economic product to prevent accidents
06. Maximized antibacterial function with added platinum to its existing product
On the surface of tiles, it creates fine pores at the size of micrometer
(Visible through magnifying glass)
1. Reacts to silica such as marble, tile, terrazzo, and cement (no color/ odor)
2. Foam stabilization (reaction to generate foam)
3. Entrain air cap (distributing air layers at constant gaps)
4. Inhibiting corrosion as it occurs
5. rease 300~500% friction
- At the size of a foot of an adult, it creates around 8~110000 fine pores of 2~6 micrometer
- If the number of fine pores are below 40000, there is no effectiveness of anti slip
Test result
The times without Ultra Non Slip Q sprayed is slippery but the surface which has Ultra Non Slip Q sprayed is non slippery with its slip resistance
How to easily use Ultra Non Slip Q
1. Dry wet surface clean
2. Spray enough Ultra Non Slip Q on surface
3. After 15 minutes, wipe clean to avoid stains on surface
Ultra Non Slip Q how to use
Step by step on how to use non slip Q
01. Were rubber gloves and clean the surface with detergent
(Remove water stains and dry completely)
02. Spray enough amount of Non Slip Q by spraying on the surface
(Unnecessary to spray many times)
03. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes
(If remained for long period of time, it may affect the color and stain)
04. Rinse with water or scrubber
(Remove so that non of Non Slip Q remains)
05. Try slip resistance with your foot to realize its affect immediately


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