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Wellmax Callus Peel Mist

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  • Brand
    Model Wellmax Callus Peel Mist
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    1.69oz ~ 3.52oz
  • Function
    The pH of Wellmax Peeling Mist is weak balanced : pH 6.80
  • Features
    The Fastest Treatment: 3min. is sufficient
  • Style
    Type1 ~ 4
  • Condition
    Safe contact with skin other than callused area
Wellmax has made efforts since 30 years ago to return the huge advertising cost of cosmetics to consumers as their true benefit, and we select plant-based elements with a strict standard to reflect them in our products. Wellmax presents plant-based expert cosmetics that contain many elements that are light and have no side effects but are truly effective, and the effective products have been loved continuously for a long time.

Callus Peel Mist



1. Callus Peel Mist 1.69 oz. Kit
(Mist 1.69oz + Foot File)

2. Callus Peel Mist 1.69 oz.+ Cream Kit
(Mist 1.69oz + Foot File + Cream 40ml)

3. Callus Peel Mist 3.52 oz. Kit
(Mist 3.52oz + Foot File)

4. Callus Peel Mist 3.52 oz.+ Cream Kit
(Mist 3.52oz + Foot File + Cream 40ml)

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Callus Peel Mist

1. The pH of Wellmax Peeling Mist is weak balanced : pH 6.80
Many of these kinds of products use strong alkaline the pH is over 13.00

2. You don't have to wear gloves or masks as all the ingredients are from cosmetic raw material.
As all of the ingredients are from raw cosmetic material. The workers and staffs prefer materials that are staff to handle.

3. The Fastest Treatment: 3min. is sufficient
As soon as you apply the product on the callused area, you can start filing and removing the callus instantly.

4. The Result : The Cleaner and moisturized foot
Peeling Mist doubles as a moisturizer resulting in soft and smooth skin.

5. Easy Treatment : Just Mist & Peeling
Try and see for yourself!

Unique Features for professional
Safe & Effective
- Safe to handle
- No harsh chemicals
- Safe contact with skin other than callused area
Quick & Easy
- Takes 3 Minutes from start to finish
- No waiting after spraying, immediate callus removal
- Instant visible results
Rejuvenation & Restoration
- 50%+ skin moisturization compared to other similar products
- Smooth and moisturized skin
- Only removes calluses and leaves the healthy skin

Micro Water
Callus Removing Agents Easily Penetrates the Callus

Dr. Peter Agre (Nobel Prize Winner 2003) In the cell membrane, there are small channels that water molecules travel through called “Water Channels”. Dr. Agre received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 for this discovery.
1. Micro Water
Decomposition of water cluster to micro water Clusters of water molecules are broken down to micro water.
2. Water Channel
Micro water easily permeates the cell membranes through the water channels.
3. Hydration
Micro Water and callus removing ingredients are quickly absorbed by the cells in the callus. This process makes exfoliating the hydrated callus quick and easy.

Main Ingredients
Urea - Natural moisture retainer. Increases the retention of moisture of the skin
- Urea prevents dryness by increasing the moisture retained by the skin
- Urea is quickly absorbed and helps regulate the moisture level of the skin and maintains a soft, robust skin.
- Urea and lactic acid combines to penetrate the dead skin cells and facilitates in callus removal.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - Anti-odor
- Excellent for removing odor, helps in sterilization and skin soothing.

Easy to Use! Only 3 min!
1. Spray Callus Peel Mist. 2. File away dead skin using Callus peel Foot File. 3. Put on Callus Peel Moisture Cream. 4. Feel you Soft Baby Foot!

Before & After

FAQ for Retail
Q. What are the ingredients?
Micro water, Calendula extract, Lavender oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Pear Extract, Soybean Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Barley Extract, Urea , Vegetable glycerin

Q. How often should I use it?
Every 10 days.

Q. How does it work?
Individual water molecules (Micro Water) quickly permeates callus and aides the removal process.

Q. How about really tough callus?
Re-use the product until the desired effects are reached. Often, using it twice gets rid of most tough callus.

Q. Is it safe for pregnant women and diabetic people?
Yes, it is safe to use for pregnant women and people with diabetes. Excess removal of the callus can lead to a more sensitive skin.

Q. Are there any side effects?
No, however, excess removal of the callus can lead to a more sensitive skin

Callus Peel Mist Kit Variation
Callus Peel Mist 1.69 oz. Kit
(Mist 1.69oz + Foot File)
Callus Peel Mist 1.69 oz. Kit
(Mist 1.69oz + Foot File + Cream 40ml)
Callus Peel Mist 3.52 oz. Kit
(Mist 3.52oz + Foot File)
Callus Peel Mist 3.52 oz. Kit
(Mist 3.52oz + Foot File + Cream 40ml)


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    Jung Bum Lee
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    11 Dangsan-ro 41-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (07217)
we produce all types of cosmetics including skin care/foot care/hair care.
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