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IR Int

IR Int Baby Cleanser 300ml Mild Natural Ingredient Added Moisturizing Higher Effect Skin Care Series

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  • Brand
    IR Int
    Model IR Int
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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    Baby Cleanser
  • Features
    Natural Ingredients Included - No skin tension / Hydrated after application
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Baby Cleanser 300ml

It is a cleanser which is ideal for sensitive and friable skin and alternatively used for both particular skin area and body skin.
It can be applied to head to toe with ease.

It is subacidity cleanser for maintaining skin's pH balance that gives irritation free due to naturally derived surfactant and cleans up all dirt and contaminants mildly on the skin.

It gives no skin tension due to natural moisturizing compounds and keeps the skin hydrated after application.
The skin of infants has yet premature skin barrier and compromised due to immaturity and therefore needs to be protected from harmful elements. The skincare series of Baybean is, in order to protect the infant's skin, formulated with bean extract ingredients, which supplies sufficient amount of water and increases the level of immunity and skin's resilience. Moreover, the formula contains various plant based ingredient extracts and bioassay-guided composition to provide nourishing ingredients for the skin. The subtle scent of bean helps relieve baby's mind and maintain the healthy skin.

Effect of Fermented Bean During sprouting season, the bean buds produce more various enzymes to break down their nutritions which supplies nourishing ingredients to new life sprout and thus fermented beans have highly concentrated nutrition more than common beans due to new ingredients produced in their composition like never before. When beans are fermented in process, protein changes to amino acid while fat changes to essential fatty acid, and beans have more amount of nourishing ingredients such as mineral, enzyme, vitamin, dietary fiber and, one of the amino acids, aspartic acid. The test result of fermented beanse gave greater anti-allergic effect to a allergen such as eliminating free radical, anti-inflammation, hydration and declining the growth of staphylococcus.

Efficiency of Bean Ingredients
Bean Protein - skin conditioning, resilience improvement, skin immunity improvement
Bean Carbohydrate - soothe the skin's texture, maintain skin's hydration, protect skin from skin tissue damage
Bean lipid - physiological skin balance, flexibility, glowing radiant skin
Bean's Various Minerals and Vitamins - physiological balance

What's so special about bean?
All products of Baybean is enriched with bean ingredients. What's so good about beans?

Baybean contains not just common beans but fermented bean extracts in the formula.
Beans have highly large amount of protein to such an extent as to being called "Beans are the meat of the field". Moreover, the structure of protein is very close to that of human skin and it is ideal to use for skin protection or conditioning agent. Bean is one of the best food that has not only protein but also vitamin C, carbohydrate, and dietary fiber.


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