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UriVet10-2, 10parameters Smart Urinalysis Test Kit for Dogs & Cats

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    Model UriVet10
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    Republic of Korea
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    8cm(W) x 19.5cm(L) x 3cm(H)
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    “UriVet10" is an AI urinalysis kit that diagnosis the risk of internal diseases.
“The difference between seeming to be happy and true happiness”
Give your beloved pet a vet as a gift
The better world for animals and human being
UriVet Korea believes that technology innovation for the happiness of your comp anion animal is noble even for the happiness of mankind
We are a medical device company for the happiness of mankind and animals as a friend
When the dream of sharing a long, health and happy life meets with “Orange of UriVet”, become magic that red turn into yellow
A mind that red turns into yellow beyond technology if making it a light red
“UriVet10” opens up a better world for both people and animals
Why do we have to test the urine?
Urine is the excretion of some blood components through the urinary system to maintain homeostasis in pets.
The urine excretes materials including wastes in the body to maintain the body and changed based on the health condition.
That is why it is possible to detect early stages of undiscovered disease or complications.
In addition, urinalysis is one of the most common tests in veterinary clinics because method is simple and economical.
However, because urine tests are a simple diagnosis, help of a specialist is essential to confirm the disease.
Product Description
· It's late if your pet looks sick.
· Because pets have a habit of hiding the fact that they are sick and
they are unable to communicate, they are more likely to be deadly if the disease is exposed to the outside world.
Early examination of pets is important for internal diseases.
· If it is difficult to have a regular checkup, a urine test once a month is mandatory!
- The urine excretes materials including wastes
in the body to maintain the body and changes based on the health condition.
That is why it is possible to detect early stages of undiscovered disease or complications.
· Officially recommended by the Korean Animal Hospitals Association.
· The Smart Urinalysis Kit with a Vet always there for your pet, ‘UriVet 10’.
· At home with your mobile phone, Easy! Quickly! No pressure!
· “UriVet10" is an AI urinalysis kit that diagnosis the risk of internal diseases.
· Implementing veterinary clinical protocols and diagnostic processes on mobile phones,
The wellness habit for happy companion, ‘UriVet10’.
- Korean Animal Hospital Association The Official Recommendation Product
- 2019 Republic of Korea , AI AWARDS
- 2018 Republic of Korea, The Best Patent Awards
- Aproven average of 98.9% accuracy of test results.
· Instruction for an early health diagnosis for your pet with ‘UriVet10’
1) Turn on the UriVet10 mobile application and enter the information of your companion animal.
2) Prepare to contain the urine in the urine collector or a clean container.
3) Dip the strip pad in the container for 1~2 seconds.
4) Place the strip on the board and take a photo using the mobile application.
5) After diagnosis, check the result.
6) If you have any curious, you can share the result
and consult your veterinarian via e-mail, SNS etc. from the 'UriVet10' app.
01. Mobile Application
-A proven average of 98.9% accuracy of test results
· Official medical equipment data of animal and plant quarantine agency
· Patent application & number : Application based urine test strip and diagnosis, 10-157226
-You can download the UriVet10 mobile application at Google Play or App Store for free
02. Urine diagnosis strip
-A single pad design with the comparing colors
-Developed the closest distance between the pad and comparison colors sults
-Minimize color space analysis error range
· Design patent : Urine strip design, 30-0900565
03. A joint monitoring system with your veterinarian
If a risk is detected, you can send the test result to the ve t and to the electronic chart, share is SNS and consult about it
*Patent application & number : Providing Veterinarian service synchronized to pet urine test, 10-2018-0031411
※ In the case of electronic chart transfer service, it may change depending on the circumstances of guardian and veterinary hospital
04. Easy health monitoring by managing health diagnosis records
Manage your pet’s health through regular daily checkup and tracking health records
※ The results of this paper are not a substitute for veterinary care.
Please consult with a medical professional for the measurement results.
Pet early medical checkup with UriVet
Urine collection method
When urine is not collected directly using the Urine collector,
We recommend using the included disposable spuit and transfeered to the urine collector and to wet the strip
When walking : Please use the included urine collector
When using a urine pad : Turn the urine pad over and take urine on back of the pad
When using a mesh toilet : Remove the pad and clean floor or turn the pad over and take urine
When using absorbent cat sand
① Cover thin plastic on the sand
② Please use non-absorbent cat litter or popcorn kernels
③ Please use hydrophobic sand
Precautions when using
Please test within 1 hour after urine collection
This medical device is disposable. Test paper taken out of the container, do not return back to container
The pads of the urine strips become darker or lighter over time. You can’t get accurate results. Use a new strip for retest.
Do not touch the test paper directly, be careful not to be contaminated until use.
If the test paper part is immersed in urine for a long time the solution will be eluted and the correct result will not be obtained.
Low urine volume can affect judgment.
Take care to avoid shadows in bright places (under bright fluorescent lights) and shoot


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"The better world for animals and human being." UriVet Korea manufactures and sells smart diagnosis kits for pets, which check urine of pets at home through mobile apps. Through the fusion of mobile apps and in vitro diagnostic medical devices for animals, we aim for a medical platform for happy companion of human and animal. UriVet Korea is a mobile-based in vitro diagnostic medical device company for the happy companion of humans and animals as friends.
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  • UriVet10-!, 10parameters Smart Urinalysis Test Kit for Dogs & Cats