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ONECAP Marker Set

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    5.9 *8*12.8cm(80g)
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ONECAP Marker Set
Recommended "Skin safe onecap Marker" for infant play scribble
Use only edible dyes and cosmetic ingredients!
Easy to erase even if got an ink stain on your skin!
Prevent swallowing and losing!
Kept in one
Easy to store after use it!
When children are at certain times, they draw scribble or paintings on their hands, body, and face
This is because the closest scribble area to children is their skin
During this period, they feel much more fun in playing scribble on
their body than drawing scribble on the other place
Do not take it or stop it, with shouting "No!" because afraid that the stain on their body will not be erased
Be safe and fun to play with onecap marker
It is safe for skin because uses edible dyes, and easy to wash with wet tissue or water
You can relieve your children's scribbling need
Except for dye stuffs, all ingredients are cosmetic ingredients, so you can use it without worry
Skin safe onecap marker!!
The marker can be erased with a single wet tissue
Swallowing prevention, onecap marker pen
Toddlers suck their hands and put anything in their mouth
So they more need safety caps
Six caps are connected together to prevent swallowing
Six caps connected to one, don’t have to worry for losting a cap
It can be rounded, and loosened to become one line
If you lose a cap while playing with a marker, the ink will dry up
But this marker, you don't not have to worry about losing a cap
When storing, round the caps line and insert it
Fit the marker to color of caps line
This would be a color-matching game!
When you go to hospital or go out to eat with your baby,
it will be a play item that can kill the boring time for children
Development background
There were a lot of people who were looking for safe baby markers for infantile scribble play
The markers only for a baby are safe for baby skin, and baby can play with marker freely
The markers can reduce mothers' worry
Select Ingredients
We thought about ingredients with mothers who were raising a baby
 (Baby skin should be cleaner than baby clothes)
Children can play comfortably as long as marker is safe
That's why we have chosen safe edible dyes and cosmetic ingredients
Safety catch
After choosing safe ingredients, we were worried about accidents that could occur during a play
That's how onecap was created
You do not have to worry about baby can be swallowing and losing a cap during play
Select color
6 pastel colors (pink, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange) that are not strong color for scribble play
Markers are well painted on the skin and fabric, and the color is soft
 (The colors are sharper on fabric, paper)
Play area
Anyone can use it, from infants who can hold a marker in their hands to children who like drawing
Babies can enjoy scribble on their skin, clothes, mats,
Children can freely draw what they imagine or are interested in
Onecap Marker is safe marker to prevent choking caused by swallowing the cap
Mothers! We want you to be able to watch children's play with smile, without worry
1. Do not use it if got skin side effects
2. Do not use it for other purposes
3. Do not put it in your mouth or suck it
4. Be sure to supervise children under 36 months of age
5. Please keep out of reach of children after use it
6. Please note that dropping may cause damage
7. If pulling with strong force the onecap, it can be torn
8. Do not get close to fire and keep away from direct sunlight


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◈ CONCEPT OF SNOWKIDS ⦁ Playing Art for Brain Development through Five Senses” ◈ BACKGROUND DEVELOPMENT ⦁ Increased the requirement of products where children can actively play with action instead Of the usual fixed and uniform play. ⦁ Increased the focus on the safety of products as toys have direct contact with the skin of children. ⦁ Increased the requirements of products where the father can easily play with the child then their mother. ◈ MAIN TARGETS ⦁ Children who are 3 years or older, as it is the age when the brain is fast-growing. ⦁ Children who want to draw and paint on the wall and floor. ⦁ Parents who want their children to play active and cubic art instead of playing with smart devices or watching animation. ⦁ Parents who are worried about the trouble of their child’s skin during Art Play.
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