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Pure Mellow OASIS Pudding Gel Mist 100ml

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Pure Mellow OASIS Pudding Gel Mist 100ml
For my rough skin like desert,
Oasis class! Water filling
Tighten your skin! Pudding texture
Gel moisture particles
Deep into the skin
Oasis class! Water filling
Hyaluronic acid added
Moisture Bomb Mist
Safe to the skin! Good ingredients
Contains natural ingredients
Safe to touch the skin
Welcome, is this the first pudding mist?
Powerful moisturizing
Evaporation protection
High skin adhesion
Naturally safe ingredients
A different reason of
OASIS Pudding Gel Mist
Moisture l Protect l Fixer
What kind of principle protect moisture on your skin?
1. Liquid type mist
Its main component is made up of moisture, so it evaporates quickly
At this time, the mist particles evaporate to take moisture in the skin and become more dry
2. Gel Type Mist
The gel type sticks to the skin as soon as it is sprayed to form a protective film
The moisture of the skin is not easy to escape and keeps it moist for a long time
TEST 01.
Skin moisture content comparison
The pudding mist gel particles penetrate deep into the skin,
It prevents evaporation, so you can feel higher moisture
TEST 02.
Moisture retention test
Moisture retention after 1 hour after spraying mist on gauze
Because gel particles protect moisture from evaporating,
It keeps you moisturized even after time passes
TEST 03.
Flowing test
The gel particles stick to the skin and don’t flow down like water,
It can be used without smearing
The moment you need OASIS Pudding Gel Mist!
Drying In a dry room
In a school, office
due to air conditioner and heater
When your skin needs soothing
due to exposed to hot ultraviolet light
or hot outdoors
The moment you need moisture
before going to bed
or after waking up in the morning
When you want to moisturize your skin
such as modifying makeup
or you need make-up correction
After exercise
After depleted
When water runs out
When you want to pack easily
such as traveling
Or a trip to care your skin
Spraying power, don't worry!
Like liquid mist, mist spraying is possible
Because it uses a physical spraying method rather than a nitrogen filling
Even those with sensitive skin types can use it with confidence
Study the pure beauty of skin
Cosmetic by Pure Mellow put the purity, so everybody can be used
OASIS Pudding Gel Mist
Moisturizing Natural extracts that can be trusted!
Hyaluronic acid
Rosemary Leaf Extract
Lavender Flower Extract
Peppermint Leaf Extract
Tea Tree Leaf Extract
Oasis-class water filling for desert-dry skin
Excellent moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid and Ganhuangenin
Excellent moisture protection of gel particles that adhere to skin
Product info.
Capacity and weight : 100ml
Skin Type: For All Skin Types
Shelf life: 30 months from date of manufacture,
Use within 12 months after opening


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