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TAMMIU pomegranate juice

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TAMMIU pomegranate juice
80ml x 30 bags per box
TAMMIU pomegranate juice was used
Sweet and sour Spanish pomegranate juice.
For precious and beautiful you,
it is a healthy drink made with nutrition and flavor.
TAMMIU pomegranate juice
Taste 100%
Health 100%
Portability 100%
Take 1-2 pouches a day
For healthy beauty
A gift to me!
TAMMIU pomegranate juice!
If Samsung Farm makes it, it's different.
We highly recommend for these!
01. Those who want beautiful health
02. Those who are tired of fatigue every day
03. Those who want to start a fresh day
04. Those who want to convey their gratitude
Special taste of TAMMIU pomegranate juice
1. First, select good raw materials
It is made with the Spanish premium pomegranate.
100% Spanish Pomegranate
2. It is produced in a HACCP certified factory with thorough hygiene and production control.
HACCP food certification completed
3. We did not add any chemical additives with the mind that is for my family.
No Preservative, Noo additives, No sugar
TAMMIU pomegranate juice Q & A
Q1. Isn't TAMMIU pomegranate juice sour?
A1. TAMMIU pomegranate juice is made to be as concentrated as possible to preserve the health of the pomegranate.
Depending on your taste, you may feel sour.
Q2. How to enjoy TAMMIU pomegranate juice?
A2. 1 ~ 2 times a day, 1 pouch at a time, if you make it get cold before drinking, you can enjoy more delicious pomegranate juice.
Q3. How do I keep it?
A3. Although it is possible to store at room temperature in a cool place away from direct sunlight, there is a risk of deterioration due to temperature changes when stored at room temperature for a long time. Refrigeration should be recommended if possible.
Q4. Is it Okay that there is a sediment?
A4. Due to the nature of the pomegranate, it is safe for humans to eat as a precipitate.

A few days ago, pomegranate juice was released at Samsung Farm.^^
As a pomegranate lover, I'm so glad to see pomegranate juice!

Since we released a new product, let's introduce it and find out about pomegranates.
The pomegranates are native to western Asia and northwestern India.
It is estimated that Korea came from China at the beginning of the Goryeo Dynasty.Yes.
Kinds are divided into sweet persimmons and sour apples.
Tannin in the shell, and estrogen in the seed, which is a natural plant that is good for menopause disorders.
Pomegranates are a good match for tomatoes.
Pomegranates don't have vitamin A.
Tomatoes make up for you.
Low-calorie, low-fat fruits don't have much sugar.
Pomegranates are also good for dieting.
This pomegranate is highly recommended for women with menopause.
Women in menopause lose more bones.
One of the reasons why middle-aged women have a higher rate of osteoporosis than middle-aged men.
It's because estrogen levels drop sharply.I'll give it to my mother who had menopause.
You'll love it.^^
It's sweet and sour, so you can eat it without any burden.​
I'll give it to my mother who had menopause.
You'll love it.^^
It's sweet and sour, so you can eat it without any burden.
I'll give it to my mother who had menopause.
You'll love it.^^


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    460 Iksan-daero, Iksan-si, Jeollabuk-do (54538)
SAMSUNG Farm is a health food company that manufactures, processes, and sells various food products to foster local agriculture in cooperation with small business owners. We focus on the production of liquid tea, fruit/vegetable juice, fruit/vegetable beverage, lactobacillus fermented beverage, water jelly, and lactic acid-fermented food. Furthermore, we perform OEM production, business to business(B2B), school meal service, and overseas exportation. We are always researching ways to produce healthier and more delicious flavors and equipped with an affiliated research institute and local workforce that specialize in local agriculture and food. We at SAMSUNG Farm strive to achieve globalization and customer satisfaction.
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  • Main Product :
    Lactobacillus Water Jelly
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    3~5 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people


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