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Beaucellion Collagen drink 5000

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Beaucellion Collagen drink 5000
Beauty to fill up from the inside out
Beaucellion Collagen drink 5000
1. Easy-to-carry ampoule!
2. Skin nourishing ingredients
3. 5000mg of Collagen!
4. Refreshing blueberry flavor
5. Top three skin nourishments: Collagen l Hyaluronic acid l Elastine
6. Abundant Vitamin C
Contains 5,000mg of Fish Collagen Peptide per bottle (20ml)
Fast-absorbing advanced ultra-low molecular weight collagen of 500 Da or less
Contains dermal layer collagen + hyaluronic acid + elastin
Delicious blueberry flavored collagen
Anytime, anywhere easy ampoule type
Saturated fatty acid, trans fatty acid DOWN for Calorie, No cholesterol!
All of the collagen are the same? NO!
Is it a third generation collagen with high absorption rate?
Beaucellion Collagen drink 5000 is ultra-low molecular weight collagen of 500 Da or less.
Check your collagen content!
Beaucellion Collagen drink is an extremely high amount of 5000mg.
It's not just collagen that makes up your skin!
Beaucellion Collagen drink containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin!
Collagen Fills Skin Strongly
If collagen, the skeleton of the skin, collapses, the skin will fall apart.
Face only? NO!
Collagen from head to toe
Eye : main component of cornea and conjunctival tissue
Teeth : About 18% of dentin, the main component of teeth is collagen
Bone : 20% of bone is collagen
Hair : the ingredients that make up hair
Internal : Helps elastic bowel movement and consists mostly of collagen
Bladder : 80% of the sphincter is collagen
Blood : nourishment of white blood cells that regulate the immune system in the blood
Nail and toenails : Compositions that make up the nails and toenails
Skin : 70% of the dermal tissue underneath the epidermis holds up the collagen / epidermal layer
Tendon : Collagen is 80% of the tendon connecting bone and muscle
Joints : Bone-to-Bone Supplements
Muscle : More than 80% of muscle is collagen
Everyone knows that when they are 20 years old, they start to grow old!
It's too late to think it's late
Collagen content in the skin in different generations
About 50% of collagen reduction occurs after 40s
Before it is too late, restore lost collagens with a collagen drink
Collagen drink is a must, not an option
Ultra-low-molecular third generation collagen which splits low-molecule further and raised absorption
Category: 2nd generation collagen / low molecular weight fish collagen
3rd generation collagen / next generation small molecule tripeptide collagen
Collagen Type: Peptide Collagen
Tripeptide collagen
Ingredients : Fish / Fish
Molecular Weight : 1000Da Low Molecular Weight
Ultra-low molecular weight below 500 Da
Absorption : Hard to absorb / Fast absorption
Beaucellion are all packed with
Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in a bottle.
Hyaluronic acid
Helps with wrinkles and skin aging
Helps with wrinkles and elasticity / Helps damaged skin
Ultra-low molecule collagen
Helps to moisturize the skin
Check Point 01.
Higher collagen content of 5000mg differentiates the price
Slightly higher price than existing products? YES!
Are all collagen drinks the same? NO!
High fish collagen content of 5000mg makes the difference
Checp Point 02.
Signs of Collagen deficiency
- Feeling dry after cleansing
- Sudden wrinkling of the skin
- Cakey makeup in the morning
- Loss of skin elasticity
- Sagging skin
Inner packaging material: container (pet), lid, label (pet)
Type of product: Mixed drink
Expiration date and manufacturing number: mark on bottom of container and side of box
Capacity: 280ml
Precautions when ingesting
- Pregnant women, nursing mothers, allergies, senior citizens and seriously ill patients
who are receiving treatment should contact the place of purchase before drinking
If you have a specific constitution or allergies, check the ingredients before taking
- Do not drinking the packaging if it is deformed, expanded, damaged or the contents have been altered
Contact Customer Support immediately
- Precipitation may be caused by raw materials, but it is not foreign substance
- This product may have a difference in taste and color depending on the origin of the raw material, growth environment, and body odor
Storage Precautions
- Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and consume immediately after opening
- Do not warm in the microwave
- Keep out of reach of children, infants and children
- Avoid misuse and abuse and do not put in other containers for quality preservation
This product includes egg (poultry), milk, buckwheat, peanut, cod, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato, sulfurous acid, walnut, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish (oyster, abalone, mussel) was manufactured in the same facility as the product using the raw material


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G1 Partners Co, Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor mainly in Beauty and Health food Industry. Our main item is "PLINIC" - handy Skin Care Device(Face Massager) using Plasma. We minimized the plasma that had only been used at Dermatology clinics, aimed to sustain customized skin care at home. Indirectly radiated plasma is connected to a smart App for high performance skin care. We also distribute health food, cosmetics, kitchen wares, home furnishing items and others.
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