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Remove the Vitamin Healing Shower Filter ROSE

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Shower Filters For Skin Health
Vitamin C shower filter for your body!
JW Healing Vita Filter, which is used by connecting to a normal home showerhead,
has four kinds of fragrances, so you can enjoy the delicate fragrances~
Enjoy a fresh vitamin shower ~
Gel Type Highly Concentrated Vitamin C+Milk powder of powdered milk
JW Healing Vita Filter
Rose fragrance
Create femininity with the most representative rose fragrance among floral series ~
Just plug it in the showerhead OK!
Just plug it into your regular showerhead and it's done!
※Healing Vita filters are gel type and can be used longer than powder type filters.
JW healing vita filter structure to filter out chlorine dissolved in tap water
JW Healing Vita Filter POINT
1. Even if stored at room temperature, there is no browning phenomenon which is a disadvantage of vitamin C.
2. There is no problem of rapid consumption of hot water under the influence of temperature.
3. There is no problem that the contents are drastically reduced due to water seeping inside the cartridge.
4. The weight does not change due to water evaporation because no water is used.
JW Healing Vita Filter Features
1. Long time use even in hot water
Vitamin C and milk powder concentrated in gel type are optimized for dissolution by water.
It is manufactured to be used for a long time compared to the powder type filter.
It has a long amount of use compared to similar products with an optimal blending ratio.
2, replacement time at a glance
JW Healing Vita Filter can see the remaining fragrance filters at a glance.
Everyone knows when to change the fragrance filter, so you can always enjoy the fragrant shower.
3. Excellent filter ability
Cobweb-shaped filter and vitamin C effectively filter chlorine, foreign substances and rusty water from tap water.
4. Easy installation without leaking
JW Healing Vita Filter, which adopts a universal standard, is simple to install and remove.
Even if you install a filter, the rubber packing prevents leaks because it blocks small gaps in the shower or faucet.
How to install in the showerhead
Remove the showerhead and hose.
Screw the JW Healing Vita filter into the showerhead.
Connect the JW Healing Vita Filter to the hose and tighten tightly.
How to install the faucet
Unscrew the hose by turning the faucet hose connecting screw.
Replace the JW Healing Vita Filter by screwing it into the position where the faucet hose was removed.
Connect the faucet hose to the JW Healing Vita Filter and tighten tightly to prevent leaking.
1. It is prohibited to be used outside of use.
2. Use waterworks as raw water.
3. No exposure to shock and fire.
4. The use of hot water over 60 degrees will reduce the life of the product.
5. Do not use benzene or thinner to clean the filter.
6. Store the filter in a cool place when not in use.
Product information
Product Name: JW Healing Vita Filter
Product use: For home and shower
Country of origin: Korea
Weight: 170G, (Vitamin C cartridge: about 60g)
Main Ingredients: Vitamin C, Powdered Milk, Aroma Fragrance, Moisturizer
Exchange period: Approximately 45-50 days (7,200 liters)
Working pressure: 1 ~ 7kg
Shelf life: 3 years from date of manufacture


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