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PACO Metal Jacketing

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    Metal Jacketing
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Industrial Insulation
We provide a one-stop-service for the industrial insulation contractor.
Each industrial insulation system requires a unique set of insulation, metal jacketing, fastening and sealing materials.

The correct selection of materials that encompass this system, based on economic, process and ambient parameters, should be the basis of durable detailed insulation design.

We continuously innovate products and production technology to meet the lastest market demands. Whatever your application, we have customized products and solutions that ensure a successful system.
Metal Jacketing
An insulation jacket is an outer boundary x-layer used to serve as the primary protective x-layer that is adhered to a corrosion prone metal surface to prevent its direct contact with corrosion causing agents such as water or other chemicals and/or to provide thermal protection.

For industrial facilities, such as power plants, refineries, ethanol plants, and paper mills, mechanical thermal insulations are installed to control heat gain or heat loss on process piping and equipment, steam and condensate distribution systems, boilers, smoke stacks, precipitators and storage tanks.

Jacketing material selection is most significant procedure in developing an insulation system.
Selection of the right insulation system jacketing material should be made by considering various factors.

PACO Corporation assists businesses in this critical process, with accumulated experience as a leading metal Jacketing material company.

PACO's Hot-Dip Aluminum heavy coated steel sheet combines the mechanical properties of cold rolled steel sheet with Aluminum's high resistance retention, heat reflection and superior rust resistance.
Also, itl has very fine grains due to the suppression of the growth of AL crystal during solidification of aluminum melt. (5 to 11% silicon contained)

PACO's Aluminized steel Type 2 is produced by hot dip coating carbon steel with commercially pure aluminium. The key difference between type 1 and type 2 is the coating designation. Type 2 aluminium coating is typically 300 g/m2 in total of both sides.
Aluminized steel type 2 is designed for use where atmospheric corrosion resistance is needed.

PACO's Maintenance free aluminum jacketing satisfies most requirments of insulation protection with an advantage of low cost . It is readily available in a variety of type and systems. Aluminum jacketing materials are furnished from aluminum alloys conforming to ASTM B-209 designation, in the temper range of H14 through H19. These alloys are suitable for most general purpose industrial conditions existing in refineries, power plants, chemical plants, etc.

PACO's attractive, competitive, maintenance free stainless steel jacketing satisfies all requirements of insulation protection with an advantage of superior performance. It is readily available in a variety of types and system. PACO's stainless steel jacketing materials are furnished from type 304 and type 316 prime grade with a regular 2B mill finish for flatness and reduced glare. These stainless steel jacketing are suitable for most general purpose industrial conditions existing in LNG plants, nuclear & thermal power plants, refineries, chemical plants, steel mill plant etc.

PACO's Aluzinc is a steel substrate coated on both sides with an aluminium-zinc alloy. The composition of the coating is to be Aluminum( 55%), Zinc(43.4%) and Silicon(1.6%). The coating is applied by means of a continuous hot dip galvanising process. Aluzinc is available in a wide range of steel grades: steel for cold forming and deep drawing applications, and structural steels.

PACO's PVDF Colour Coated S'/Steel Cladding manufactured from prime grade of stainless steel AISI-304,316 and finish with epoxy primer and coating of Polyvinylidene Fluoride on exposed side. (Alternatively, it can be heat laminated by polysurlyn moisture barrier on reverse side) PVDF Colour Coated S'/Steel Cladding is use to protect mechanical cryogenic insulation system such as piping, tanks and equipment's cladding purpose. It has outstanding weathering properties, increases significantly both the thermal emissivity of stainless steel and solar reflectivity.

PACO's PPGI sheet is based on hot dipped gavanized / galvalume steel plate which is dealed with surface treatment(chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment) with one x-layer or several x-layers of organic coating, and then is baked and cured to finish products. Organic coating with a variety of different colors, PPGI can also be called color coated galvanized steel sheet. GI based PPGI with both zinc x-layer and organic paint protection to make its service life 1.5 times longer than galvanized steel coils.

PACO's PE(PVDF) Colour Coated Aluminum Cladding manufactured from prime grade of Aluminum based on ASTM B209 and finish with epoxy primer and coating of Polyester(PVDF) on both side.(or laminating with polysurlyn film & Polykraft fim on reverse side) PVDF(PE) Colour Coated Aluminum Cladding is use to wrap mechanical insulation system such as pipe, tanks and equipments cladding purpose.


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PACO Corporation

PACO Corporation

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-Overview Since established in 2004, PACO Corporation provides industrial insulation and ancillary materials such as mechanical parts, systems and insulation materials for hot, cold and cryogenic insulation fields of overseas petrochemical, gas(LNG) and power generation plants and we are also actively participating in the projects led by major EPC companies. Besides, we are also acting as a representative of the world’s leading companies in the industrial insulation industry. OUR VISION Challenging the next generation of Industrial Engineering Our young employees with the indomitable spirit and passion are challenging the next generation of industrial applications. We know well that we must be prepared for new energy challenges of the future, and we’ve begun to think about the most innovative, advanced, energy saving industrial solution to protect the environment. We, PACO Corporation, will bring the future of industrial applications to the present day with our young employees.
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    Industrial Insulation Materials
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    More than 10 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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