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Air Purifier Stand type DYN-C100 (Dahlia gold)

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  • Brand
    Model DYN-C100
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    430 x 430 x 192mm
  • Material
  • Color
    Dahlia gold
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Function
    Air Cleaner
  • Style
    Stand type
1. Design : The thin round design does not take up space and makes the atmosphere of the house elegant. In addition, the wall mounting type increases space utilization and it can prevent child(toddler) safety accidents and is safe to use the product from the companion animals. 

2. Dust and gas sensors : Sensors, selected and used by home and abroad major   companies, have been applied to the products that is verified by public certification agencies. 

3. Composite filter : As HEPA 13th grade filter (dust collection efficiency 99.95%) and activated carbon (deodorization efficiency more than 70%) filter are all-in-one, fresh air is provided by minimizing the risk of air.

4. Prefilter : It’s washable and semi-permanent.

5. CA Certification : The product is certified by Korea Air Cleaning Association.

6. As classy round and innovative design, it was selected as a 2019 Good Design (GD) hosted by Korea Institute of Design Promotion. 

7. Motor : Low noise BLDC motors used with home and abroad major company’s  premium home appliances are applied.

8. Fan : The fan, which was self-developed by research team composed of experts, has 11 wings and is optimized for intake and emission of air, creating  143.4㎥ clean air per hour.

9. LED : By applying 36 LEDs to the LED display which remind of annular eclipse, there is no light spreading and it’s easy to check the air condition from a distance and can be used as a lighting or mood lamp.

10. Customer Service : More than 20 professional counselors are waiting at all times (SME Distribution Center)

11. Electric charge : With a low power of 15w, electric charge is cheap, about 7,000 krw per year.

12. Noise : With self-developed aerodynamic noise control technology, even at the highest speed, it is as quiet as library noise (40db) and creates a comfortable bedroom environment without noise pollution.

13. IOT : The clean air condition in the house can be maintained conveniently by using a dedicated app when going home or going out, 

14. Weight : With a light weight of 5.8kg, Women can easily lift it and move freely between the room and the living room.

15. Filter replacement method : Unlike existing separable filters, HEPA filter and deodorizing filter are all-in-one, so it is easy to replace.


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  • 51 Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu (41585)
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    Hyoungsu Hyoungsu
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    51 Hoam-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu (41585)
DYNAIR means the dynamic, aerodynamic air. The air is invisible to us, but it is with our daily life. Bad air is harmful to health and affects study and work. Like a good environment makes a good life, DYNAIR will become a company that provides energy and vitality to people's daily lives. - Dean Air Korea wants to become a global innovative life & kitchen appliance company that embodies humanity in its products, impresses companies, and creates exemplary success stories in the startup ecosystem . We ask for your continued interest and encouragement, and we will continue to be DYNAIR , which provides a clean and comfortable living environment to our customers. Thank you.
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    Air Purifier
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    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


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