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Foot Massage Device (Foot-Pal DC24)

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  • Brand
    Model Foot-Pal DC24
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    495mm X 365mm X 25mm
  • Function
    You can easily get a dry foot massage at home.
  • Features
    Effectiveness in promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, regulating autonomic nerve function
  • age-appropriate
    All ages
Foot Massage Device (Foot-Pal DC24)
[Product Description]
• Utilizing new carbon fiber materials, it is characterized by excellent durability and strong electric shock
• DC power from the 12V adaptor output is safe, can be used in the vehicle, and is easy to move.
• We upgraded the function of foot baths using existing water by allowing them to emit a large amount of healthy far-infrared rays instead of electromagnetic waves.
• It can be effective in promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, and controlling autonomic nerve functions.
• There is an anti-heating temperature fuse inside, so it is safe.
[Product Features]
1. Characteristic of a face-heating agent
- There is little change in sensory temperature by radiative heating rather than convection heating.
- Noise compared to general convection type heaters and stoves.
- Same thermal effect reduces discoloration due to partial overheating.
- Related heating reduces the risk of fire in the heating system and makes it stable.
- It is effective for blood circulation and skin beauty by emitting far infrared rays.
※Foot informs the human body of disease.
• Foot is a very important part of the human body. As the saying goes, "People sleep when their feet are warm."
It has already been revealed that the blood of the five organs is on the soles of the feet.Especially the onset of kidney blood.
The foot is an important part, given that the part of the foot is also in the soles of the foot.
• In the blood of the five organs related to the foot, the liver, gastrointestinal tract, spleen, kidney, bladder, wall, etc.
Important blood is concentrated in the feet. It is said that the onset of disease in these organs is done in the feet.If
A well sprained constitution is that a part of this organ has a disease.
• However, no matter how hard you treat it without knowing the reason, it does not work.
feet that are apt to become indifferent But a small change in the foot is a sign of health.
It's a sign. What if the leg-splitting constitution means that one part of this organ has a disease?
It will. There is a saying that the body is comfortable only when the feet are comfortable. Let's look at the various symptoms on your feet to identify diseases in each part of your body.
- Health check according to foot condition -
There's a look on your feet, too. When you are tired, your feet become heavy and hot. The foot is in its own state.
It's a signal to make a diagnosis. Identify the cause of the symptoms on the foot.
If you are prone to spraining your feet, it is that one part of these organs has a disease.
• In the case of sleepless nights due to fever in the feet:
If you are a person who cares a lot or if you have a fever that you don't need in your stomach, heat is collected in your feet.
• In case your feet are cold:
It is a common symptom for people who have weak stomachs and lack the function of their genitals.
• In case of frequent foot numbness:
Usually, it is a common phenomenon in fat people and there is a risk of high blood pressure or heart disease. than usual
Evidence that symptoms of heart disease or high blood pressure are under way if symptoms of frequent numbness or burning are present.
You have to pay attention to it. In the case of humans, it can be effective in a way that often stimulates the soles of the feet.
In case of exfoliation, itching and cracking:
It is a symptom of high fever or lack of blood essence.
• You can use comfortable and comfortable heat all four seasons from 365-day fatigue.




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