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Amazing Phonics: All about Phonics and Sight Words

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Amazing Phonics: All about Phonics and Sight Words, Teaching Videos and Chants Included(with Free Activity App & Writing Workbook) (4 Book Set) Paperback – December 20, 2017


✔Amazing Phonics is a magical phonics study where the ‘pronunciation - word – sentence’ pattern is completed while you have fun. By looking at the correct pronunciation, listening, and chanting, you can learn the Sight Words with double the joy of learning, and you can learn the usage of words in sentences, phonetic pronunciation rules, and story reading. You can find answers to easily grow your English skill and confidence in the Montessori educational philosophy.

✔In Amazing Phonics 1, you learn short vowel  sounds. Single vowels are represented by a short curve above the letter. While studying words that make the same sound together, your confidence in short vowel sounds will grow!

✔In Amazing Phonics 2, you learn  long vowel sounds. After learning about the magic 'e' that makes the difference between the short and long vowel, learn the long vowel sounds. As we learn together, you will have more and more familiar words and English confidence! 

✔In Amazing Phonics 3, you learn double consonants and continuous consonants. It's really easy to study  consonant blends including L, R, and S, combined with double consonants that make different sounds when each letter is combined! I feel more interested because I have some confidence in English!

✔In Amazing Phonics 4, you learn advanced vowels and silent letters.  You can also learn that there are various rules when reading English while learning from the R control sounds, diphthongs, spellings, silent letters. Confidence grows too. Now you can read any English with confidence! Give it a try!


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Key Publications

Key Publications

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Key Publications is publisher of leading best-sellers and steady-sellers such as 『Kang Sung-tae English Words Etymology』, In the rapidly changing business environment, we are creating new values.We are launching a new voyage for sustainable growth. Gain differentiated technology to help improve quality competitiveness and productivity. Key Publications study and launch products thinking only about ways to nourish It will be released after several sampling modifications until we can satisfy many customers who trust our products. 『American School Textbook Reading Key』 and 『Grammar for Writing』. Always thinking about readers, Key Publications strives to create truly beneficial tutorials for our readers.
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