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Farm & Matzzang


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    Farm & Matzzang
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    13gx1ea,13gx10ea,13gx20ea,13gx30ea,13gx30ea set,13gx50ea set
  • Condition
    liquid tea
  • Features
    low-temperature extraction process for superbquality red ginseng
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Korean red ginseng paste, simple package, single package red ginseng paste! Start a healthy day with healthy red ginseng.
Full of red ginseng! Full of emotion! What are the precious ingredients in Korean red ginseng paste, which is as fresh as boiling in the morning, and full of healthy red ginseng paste? There are mainly jujube, cinnamon, Pueraria, liquorice, and Korean red ginseng. In addition, a large amount of precious Korean medicinal materials, such as Wormwood Leaves and tangerine peel, are put in, and the Farm & matzzang Red Ginseng Cream is carefully brewed.
Please feel free to use: pass FDA safety test and join Samsung property insurance product liability insurance. This product has passed FDA heavy metal and residue safety test.
For busy and tired you, anytime, anywhere! Easy to eat
Red ginseng stick for a simple squeeze
Confirm before purchase:
1. Select only the Farm & mazzang red ginseng paste made in Korea
2. Reduce bitterness, add soft taste, delicious and nutritious
3. Single package is sanitary and convenient-
4. Bar shaped powder, easy to eat anytime, anywhere
5. Reliable and tested food
6. Add traditional by-products to enrich the flavor

Farm & matzzang red ginseng paste is a convenient and delicious way to eat!
Instead of coffee, drink a cup of warm red ginseng cream
Drinking method:
1. Wash warm water 2-3 times a day in the proportion of 1:1 for drinking! (1 bag needs about 100-200ml water)
2. 1 bag in the morning and 1 bag in the evening, and it can be eaten directly!
It is recommended for the following people:
1. Candidates and students who need to supplement physical strength
2.Middle aged and old people who need to strengthen their brain power
3. People who want to strengthen their physique
4. Because of the busy daily life, it is convenient for the modern people who can be tired for a long time
5. People who want to live a dynamic life
6. Red ginseng products for long-term consumption
7. People with large amount of activity and high physical consumption
8. Want to give nourishing gifts to precious people
9. Pay attention to the health of the whole family

5 functions of red ginseng officially certified by FDA!
With the red ginseng paste, open a vibrant morning。
Function of Red Ginseng Cream:
It can nourish the vital energy, recover the pulse, strengthen and remove, replenish qi and absorb blood. It is used for the functions of deficiency of body and desire, not taking blood with Qi, bleeding, heart failure and cardiogenic shock. Taking red ginseng for a long time can improve human immunity, anti fatigue, anti radiation, inhibit tumor and adjust human endocrine system. Red ginseng is suitable for the elderly and those who suffer from physical deficiency for a long time. Red ginseng has the characteristics of big fire, strong foot and strong efficacy. It is the first choice of tonic for those who have deficiency of yin and Yang. In medicine, red ginseng is often used to treat deficiency or strengthen tonic.
What are the functions and methods of red ginseng ointment? First of all, let's talk about the efficacy of this red ginseng cream. This product is mainly able to strengthen and nourish the body, replenish qi and blood, stimulate the body fluid to quench thirst, and improve the body's immunity. In addition, this product can also effectively improve female menopause syndrome, and has a good anti-cancer and anti-tumor effect. In addition, it can also improve anemia and prevent three high and arteriosclerosis.
It can be said that the effect of this red ginseng cream is very good, so what are the edible methods of Red Ginseng Cream? There are many ways to eat this product. It can not only make snacks after tea, but also make tea, or cook porridge or soup. After knowing the efficacy and function of Hongshen cream and the way to eat it, we need to remind you that people with hot constitution are not suitable for taking it, which may cause extra excitement, bad sleep and other problems.
1. Strengthen physical fitness
2. Hyperoxia
3. Reduce platelet coagulation
4. Improve fatigue
5. Improve memory
Red ginseng can improve physical fitness, fatigue, hyperoxia
Improve memory, reduce platelet coagulation, and improve blood flow of functional materials.
The red ginseng of Farm & matzzang has been carefully made for a long time
Just as cooking requires a stew, red ginseng production also has an indispensable important step.
1-2 years preparation for ginseng pre selection (soil activation)
It takes 4-6 years to plant ginseng
It takes 2-8 days to dig out ginseng and make it into red ginseng
5-7 days for candied red ginseng
Red ginseng concentration takes about 10 days
"Farm & matzzang Red Ginseng Cream!"
Not all red ginseng are the same!
It is sensitive to soil quality and difficult to plant fresh ginseng (red ginseng)!
The representative brand of red ginseng, Farm & matzzang, is striving to grow healthy fresh ginseng. Farm & matzzang has invested a lot of time and energy to bring good quality to customers.
Reliable Red Ginseng Cream of Farm & matzzang
Farm & mazzang red ginseng is extracted at low temperature, with good quality!
In low temperature vacuum extraction
Boiling in vacuum at low temperature (70-80 ℃)
In strict health and safety management, red ginseng of Farm & matzzang has invested a lot of time and energy to bring good quality products to customers.

In the company
On site
Easy and convenient anywhere!
For those who are tired from work, for their elderly parents, and for the health of their families, when they want to express their feelings for the precious people, the red ginseng paste of Farm & matzzang is the best choice!
Product selection:
1. Korean red ginseng paste 13g * 10 (economic type)
2. Korean red ginseng paste 13g * 20 (economic type)
3. Korean red ginseng paste 13g * 30 (economic type)
4. Korean red ginseng paste 13g * 30 pieces (set of boxes)
5. Korean red ginseng paste 13g * 50 pieces (set)
Product details:
Product Name: Korean red ginseng paste
Product capacity: liquid tea
Capacity: 13g
Category Report No.: 2007046720724
Inner packaging material: PE paper
Name and content of raw materials:
Red ginseng extract (Korean solid powder 3%) 10%, Korean red ginseng preserved sugar extract (Korean red ginseng 70%, fructose 25%
Precautions for safekeeping:
Avoid direct light, keep in the shade and frozen place, and eat as soon as possible to avoid deterioration after opening.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 11 Chungjang-ro Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (10523)
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    Chul Gyu Kim
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    11 Chungjang-ro Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do (10523)
Since the foundation of Kia Trading Co, Ltd (change of corporation name to GS TK Co, Ltd. in 2011) in 1999, we have produced soaps and cosmetics and have been exporting them to Taiwan, China, France, and the USA including Japan. As a result of over 10 years of research and 6 years of patent work, we released a shampoo type of Eron Healing Tonic, which obtained a patent (patent name: shampoo for hair loss prevention and hair growth promotion) in March, 2012 from the KIPO, and license as a quasi-drug from the KFDA, and went through the US FDA safety inspection and registered as a FDA OTC (Over-The-Counter) drug. Also, We are exporting products that have been selected as one the HIT500 Products of the small & medium size enterprises. The Company has planned and developed 6 types of 3D mask packs under the “Meechaeyeon” brand in 2013. In 2014, its food business department has created handmade stir-fried red pepper paste (mixed with beef, pollacks and anchovies) and handmade lever made from seaweed fusiforme (developed and produced for the first time in Korea’s history). In 2015 under the product brand “Farm and Matzzang”, the company planned, produced and launched a variety of laver including almond-flavor laver, chili laver, gold honey citrus extract and seasoned laver (such as mini laver and salted and dried laver) and Korea Ginseng D to sell in duty-free shops in airports and to sell overseas markets (America, China and etc). (Snack laver, stir-fried red pepper, seaweed fusiforme and Korea Ginseng D are all registered to U.S. FDA and have all passed heavy metals residue tests.) • U.S FDA Test Passed/HACCP Certification • Obtained ISO 22000:2005 (Management system on ensuring food safety) Certificate • Obtained certification for Halal Food “We put priority on the test and research on their contents rather than the appearance of the products.”
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    processed food
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    3~5 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5


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