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Electrolyte Filling M/C(Pouch R&D Line)

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    Model Electrolyte Filling M/C(Pouch R&D Line)
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)


This equipment is used to fill the chosen amount of Electrolyte into the pouch


Major functions/characteristics

  • Hibar Pump : Set-up Electrolyte amount control 
  • Option : Weight Balance Scale


Cell Size

-Target #3450 (Max. #5060) 

Capacity (PPM)

- 1

El. Filling

- Hibar Pump


- Sus 100 ~ 200ml 

Filling Accuracy

- ±0.5%



Nozzle Up & Down

- Manual


- Button

Dimension (W x L x H)

- 500x500x600 [2kw] 


Production Goods

Details 1.

Details 2.

The warranty period is two years from the date of delivery.

This warranty is to follow the following conditions.

Being supplied by the supplier on the instructions in the manual and
the operation in the company

The operator is appropriately conditioned to be used.

The following information in this present case, or a certificate is
not applied.

Normal wear or damage.

Failure to follow these instructions provided by wrong operation and preservation and conservation during operation.

Conditions set forth in the documentation and drawings much more serious condition at the time when the operation.

without the consent of the supplier at the time when Buyer changes design or other changes.

Without the consent of the Supplier at the time when traveling or shipping.

General operation of the consumable items when city life.

Buyerrs can not blame the negligence happened when.
Contract with the supplier warranty guidelines.


1. Safety
[[Operational safety of the machine operator details]]
Motion have read and understand this manual thoroughly and then should work.

Without reading this manual, when you work with a personal injury or may be at risk.

Unauthorized changes to bring up the risk of injury and therefore, the equipment should not be changed.
(If you need to change if you need to take should contact the provider.)


1.1 Generally safety
1) Driving machinery educated people who work or approved equivalent Only those
who can drive.
2) When driving machines in general, may be able to prevent accidents must be
3) Safety equipment should not attempt to disassemble or remove operation.
4) During operation of the machine, be careful not to enter into the safety fence
5) Operation manual work with particular attention to safety.
6) Be sure to install safety equipment at all facilities shall
7) Electrical wiring work to make the table data sheet repeatedly held that record.
8) When working with electrical power and work with, must turned off main power.
9) Pneumatic part of the pressure off when you work for and work with the.
10) Operator has to read and understand this manual thoroughly and then should
11) Every time a safety training before working..


1.2 Safety and maintenance of workers
1) During the operation or the machine is to perform, maintenance and repair work
must not
2) In an area where the machine is all about safety and risk guidelines shall be kept.
3) Stop immediately if a malfunction has occurred, to protect the machine. Then
educated workers where the failure to repair it immediately.
4) During operation, without authorized person, make sure is not allowed to enter the
safety fence
5) Within the range of movement of the device during the transfer operation, such as
hands careful not to touch any part of the body it is.
6) When you go into the work area by pressing the "Emergency Stop" EMERGENCY
SWITCH and make sure that machine operation is stopped.
7) When the electrical work to cut off the power and work
8) When the action for the pneumatic part, the pneumatic shall be cut off and
proceed the working.
9) Safety features might be removed for maintenance or repairs, the safety features
are installed correctly once it done.
10) Comply with the required training for inspection. Every time a safety training
before working.


1.3 Other safety

1) Lighting device is designed for indoor use only. Lighting features which is necessary for working, has to be supplied at the site according to proper standard of factory. More than 300 LX is needed to prevent Blink, glare, darkness, high- speed rotation, etc.

2)continuous noise should not exceed 70 dB. Warning: Caution: if noise is over 70db, you shall check the noise of the m/c and reduce the machine its noise not wearing the earbox.

3) If the buyer is necessary for the written information relevant to m/c, make sure call the manufacturer marked at the seal of the m/c













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