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K-Inner Beauty

[K-Inner Beauty] Innergen Tab 84 Tablets

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    10 Set
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    100,000 Set per Month
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    Customization ,  Sample Order

    MOQ 1,440ea /10 Box, Please contact us for more information.

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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
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      USD 22.00 ~ 27.00

      (20,000 Set)


  • Brand
    K-Inner Beauty
    Model KIBB-01T
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    750mg x 84 Tablets (63g)
  • Color
  • Weight
    83g (Gross weight)
  • Style
  • Features
    Collagen & Biotin supplement, Edible beauty cosmetics
  • Function
    Nano collagen supplement with high absorbability and biotin help to promote skin health and energy l
  • Expiry Date
    2 years from manufacturing date
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
[K-Inner Beauty] Innergen Tab
K-Innerbeauty is a company developing and producing health supplements and cosmetics.
We pursue a goal to lead the 'True inner beauty' based on the balanced nutrition and specially formulated active ingredients.
Do you know that? 80% of the muscles and 70% of the skin are collagen.
Collagen Decreases with Age! Collagen intake is not a 'choice' but 'essential'!

Innergen is special:
Innergen is an inner beauty product that contains 400 daltons of ultra-low molecular collagen and biotin which takes care hair and nail health.
InnergenTab contains 1,500mg per day of chelated tri-peptide collagen with super low molecule weight (below 400 dalton) extracted from pine needles and salmons.
These vegetable and animal sources have strengths such as antioxidative activity and high absorbability therefore it helps you to have hydrate and nourish skin.
Also, InnergenTab has 35 times more than the daily recommended amount of Biotin (Vitamin 7) and it promotes hair, skin, and nails health and energy level.
Main functions
Nano collagen supplement with high absorbability and biotin help to promote skin health and energy level.
· Promotes strong muscles, bones, tendons, joints, healthy hair and elastic skin.
· High amount (1,500mg/daily serving) and absorbability of collagen peptide with low molecule weight.
· Contributes to accelerate the metabolism.
Key Ingredients
· Collagen peptide with below 400 dalton
· Natural hyaluronic acid obtained from the salmon’s nose.
· Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 35 times more than the daily recommended amount
How to use
· Adults, take 3 tablets daily with water and a meal.
· Store tightly closed, in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. Do not use if imprinted seal under cap is broken or missing.
1. There are concerns of allergic reactions when eating too much or special constitution, so please check the ingredients and intake amount before eating.
2. Take care not to hurt due to packaging when you open or ingest product.
3. Please be careful when taking tablets, as they can stuck in your airway.
4. Infants and pregnant women should consult a doctor before eating.
5. This product is manufactured in manufacturing facilities such as turbulence (eggs), milk, buckwheat, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peaches, tomatoes, sulfuric acid, walnuts, beef, squid, shellfish (including oysters, abalone, mussels), and pine nuts.
My face is often puffy, and applying makeup on my face looks so cakey and it doesn’t look natural. But after I took the ‘InnergenTab ’, the trouble was gone. Awesome!
Besides that, as I often get my nails done, they are thin and weak. But after taking ‘InnergenTab ’, my nail technician told me that my nails became hard and healthy.

I’ve been suffering from dry and sensitive dermatitis, but when I feel itch, I take 2 more tablets of ‘InnergenTab ’ then it calms down!

As my joints were not so good, when I wake up every day, my finger joints felt stiff. But after taking ‘InnergenTab ’ for only 3 days, it got better!
Product Name InnergenTab
Model/Series No. KIBB-01T
Brand Name K-Inner Beauty
Size(Capacity) 750mg x 84 Tablets (63g)
Weight 83g (Gross weight)
Style Tablet
Color White
Materials collagen
Expiration Date 2 years from manufacturing date
Origin Republic of Korea
Company Overview
K-innerbeauty has been established in 2019 by specialists who have over decade working experience in pharmaceutical industry.
Healthcare, Beauty solution, Performance formulations are our core businesses. We offer specialized and high-quality products.
We also provide companies OEM/ODM services and marketing solutions to make a difference to popular demand and unmet needs.
From providing balanced nutrition to developing special formulations, our goal is to make your beauty truly shine through caring your inner body.
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#Edible beauty cosmetics, #Wrinkle iron #Grease stiff joints
#My Beauty Secret #Back to 20s #Skin specialists’ choice
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  • GMP 
    Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 
  • ISO 9001 
    Korea Productivity Center Quality Assurance 
  • ISO 14001 
    Korea Productivity Center Quality Assurance 


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  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Sean Cho
  • Tel : 070-4306-5678
  • Email : sh.cho@k-innerbeauty.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 19 Hyoryeong-ro 29-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (06685)
K-Innerbeauty Co., Ltd.
  • The person in charge

    Kyoungran Min
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  • Address

    19 Hyoryeong-ro 29-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul (06685)
K-innerbeauty is a company specialized in developing and distributing unique health Supplements to realize a completed beauty from caring inner wellness and balance. We have successfully launched following products based on the working experience in pharmaceutical industries over the last decade. 1. Innergen Tab (low molecular weight collagen, Biotin) 2. PPCalodown (Phosphatidylcholine, Chitoglucan, Catechin) 3. Cut & Block Diet (Hydroxycitric acid, HCA from Garcinia cambogia etc.) Mission - We contribute to creating a bright and healthy society and pursue the satisfaction and happiness of our customers, shareholders, executives and employees as a trusted company. Value - Deliver true beauty without harming your health. Vision - It is a global healthcare company that covers inner beauty, pharmaceutical manufacturing, sales, diagnostic devices, cosmetics, F&B, and pet areas beyond Korea.
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    11~50 people


  • GMP 
    Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 
  • ISO 9001 
    Korea Productivity Center Quality Assurance 
  • ISO 14001 
    Korea Productivity Center Quality Assurance 


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