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Wingbling Lua's garden earrings 24635

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  • Brand
    Model Lua's Garden Earring
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Size: approx. 9.6 x 9.3mm
  • Color
  • Features
    Option: Default(pin), Clip-on
  • Material
    925 silver post, cubic zirconia, brass, 14k rose gold plating, etc
  • Weight
    approx. 1.2g for pair
Luya's courtyard, fascinated by the mysterious beauty
Luxurious and lovely rose gold
Point Luya's courtyard Earrings
The closer you look, the more mysterious you feel
The design details are high-end and meticulous, and only one earring can create the feminine beauty and loveliness.
Luya's garden design highlights
The daily collocation Earrings leisure style, no matter what kind of clothing are OK! Wearable
Daily matching earrings crystal inlay, more gorgeous
Flower themed earrings are gorgeous in 365 days, with flowers on their ears
Luya's courtyard
Fascinated by the mysterious beauty
Ear Studs
Earrings are ornaments on the ears, smaller than earrings and shaped like nails. Generally, it needs to go through the ear hole to wear. The shape of the ear nail varies, but it can't change its characteristics. The front of the earlobe is the shape of the ear nail, and the back of the ear (also known as the ear plug) is behind the earlobe. There are usually silver, gold, plastic and other types. When the earrings are not worn, or before wearing, it is better to soak them in alcohol for 5 minutes. Some people will have allergic reactions to some metals because of their sensitivity. It is recommended to use silver earrings if they are allergic.
It's smaller than earrings. It's made of silver, gold, plastic, etc
Archaeology around the world has found that earrings are the favorite ornaments of almost every ancient nation, regardless of men and women. Among the female ornaments found in ancient Egyptian tombs, earrings can be divided into many kinds, either falling or not, earrings with or without earrings, earrings with or without earrings, rings and circles. Many exquisite metal earrings were found in Ethiopia, where the most commonly used ornaments for women are the rings with coral stones, metal and stone pendants. In Assyrian dignitaries, precious earrings of various shapes are indispensable decorations for men's and women's Chinese clothes. The famous Phoenicians were recognized as the best jewelry maker in the ancient world. They left behind a large number of gold and silver rings inlaid with stone carvings and various kinds of fancy gold and silver earrings.
Earrings on all parts of the body
For many centuries, some primitive peoples had a stronger demand for ornaments than for clothes. In their eyes, accessories still play the role of symbols and ceremonial supplies, and are regarded as magic weapons that can make ordinary people become Superman. Many rituals of adulthood are accompanied by very painful processes - changing parts of the body, removing the body, including piercing the nose, lips, ears and other parts.
The rite of adulthood of Africans, the rite of sacrifice of Papuans and Indians, and the rite of sadomazoisites all take the perforation of human body as a mark. In the 1970s, punks in Britain began to make irritating perforations - from ordinary earrings to needles and razors that pierced ears, cheeks, lips and eyebrows. In India and North Africa, it is popular to wear earrings on the nostrils. On the nostrils are not only ordinary earrings, but also nails, sticks and jewels. The people of Amazon and New Guinea pierce the septum and put a ring in it when they scar.
Earrings in modern life
Earrings, like gas jewelry, belong to the symbol system of human culture. It will clearly show a person's social status, cultural level, aesthetic and life attitude. Therefore, in modern life, the style and quality of earrings should be selected in harmony with their faces, eyes and ears.
Ear Studs
Also consider the style, season, and environment of the clothes.
Earrings can be made of metal, plastic, glass, gemstone and other materials.
The earrings that women usually wear do not need to be too big, too heavy and too bright, but they should be elegant and unique. In the evening, especially attending social activities, they can wear earrings with novel shapes, exquisite workmanship and precious value. If earrings are not made of precious metal, it is better to wear them in sets. No matter how fashionable and innovative, the classic earring style is always a gorgeous highlight of beautiful women.
Art of wearing
Since ancient times, earrings are the most popular pet for Chinese and foreign women to dress up. Dynamic earrings can set off the charm of the wearer, appropriate
Ear Studs
Choose to wear earrings can also play a role in adjusting face defects and finishing point.
There are many styles of earrings, which can be roughly divided into stud type and ear clamp type in structure; stud type and eardrop type in style; there are various shapes such as circle, square, triangle and irregular geometry in shape, which are ever-changing. The essence of earrings' wearing art is to be able to integrate with the surrounding environment, personal temperament, face shape, hair style, dress and so on, so as to achieve the best decoration effect.
Earrings can be delicate and simple, but they can also be full of design sense in this small refinement. The peach red hollows collide with the gold to look lovely and full. With a hint of girlish playfulness.
Red round earrings are very well matched with dark red clothes. The round earrings can make up for the coolness of eye makeup and make the whole person look more approachable.
Exquisite diamond, elegant pearl and some exquisite openwork design are noble and full. Golden fluffy hair with such noble and retro Earrings makes you look dignified at once.
A little exaggerated design of big earrings with half scattered shoulder hair can make the whole person look warm and lively. The colorful diamond design adds a sense of youth and makes the whole person less dull.
Wearing effect
Earrings and studs are worn on the left and right sides of the face, while the face is the most eye-catching, so it is very important to wear earrings and studs properly. It can be said that wearing earrings and studs properly can make a woman's face beautiful and play a role of icing on the cake; otherwise, it will affect the original beautiful face, and even more, it will make people feel vulgar. Therefore, experts in the jewelry industry suggest that every woman who is going to wear earrings and earrings, no matter what your aesthetic taste and artistic accomplishment, should take into consideration the factors such as face shape, hair style, skin color, clothing and occupation before wearing them.
For the women with elegant personality and steady style, wearing earrings is better than wearing earrings; the exaggerated decorative effect of earrings is far less than earrings.


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Through audio guides at the museum, as we learn the true value of a painting, beyond what we see, we've been thinking about how we can deliver more value and emotion than jewelry to our customers. Winkling wants to complete your true beauty, cheering and supporting the inner and outer beauty of your customers as they are. It analyzes trends more delicately than anyone else and quickly reflects them into the product in line with the fast-changing times. Based on big data, we suggest styles and products that suit each customer's style and taste.
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