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SWINGSIT_swing-type active chair

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    Republic of Korea
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    PA, Aluminum, Mesh Fabric, Metal
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    black, grey
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    28~30kf(gross weight)
  • Function
    Active Sitting Chair
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Swingsit® is the world's first 'swing-type active chair', which applies the EFFECORE TM system (converted dual-pendulum zero gravity system) that reversely applies the swing's zero gravity swing motion, and is powered by powerless / powerless The user is a next-generation active chair that was developed without any problems even if the effortless & effective movement is combined with study / work.

This was achieved through the company's domestic and foreign patented technology, in which work / study and movement were carried out by moving only the core and lower part of the human body while the upper part was fixed.

Swingsit® obtained 1 SWING = 1 STEP through clinical trials. Exactly 1 SWING = 1.14 STEP. You get the effect of walking 2km on a swing move for 20 minutes on a chair. It seems that the head copy of 'weWalk on SWINGSIT' really explains the value to users.

The moment you sit on the Swingsit®, you will feel fresh as you walk in the woods and walk lightly at a 1.5 mph speed, and you will get fresh energy. We suggest "Swing 10 minutes every 20 minutes (English: 10mins swing per 20mins (10 PER 20)") as a specific practice method of the 'Move for Life' campaign that Swingsit® will bring. If you swing for a total of 160 minutes on an 8-hour work / study basis, you will walk 8 km comfortably. Swingsit® is a healthy campaign to change the life style beyond the sale of the product-adds (sold separately) and explores the IoT function to enable the user to switch to the active mode every 20 minutes, through the own app. Record and encourage activities.

In the United States, various alternatives, such as active chairs and standing desks, have also been introduced to schools in the United States. The advantage of Swingsit® is that all of these effects are enough for this active chair.
• WHAT IS SWINGSIT: SWINGSIT is a revolutionary active sitting chair that swings with you allowing you to get fit and workout while sitting for long hours. By introducing continuous movement while sitting, you are actually able to get the workout you need while sitting and being productive at work! SWINGSIT is comfortable, calorie burning, and active for better performance, health and posture.
• BENEFITS OF THE ACTIVE SITTING CHAIR: Continuous movement by swinging back and forth effortlessly on the chair help to activate your body and mind, ultimately benefitting your health. Effecore Technology helps boost circulation, tones muscles, burns calories, and improves your posture. It also increases energy, relieve back pains and increase your ability to focus and be productive.
• ERGONOMIC DESIGN: SWINGSIT is designed for ergonomic productivity providing all the comfort amenities of a luxury office chair with all the benefits of an active sitting chair. Each chair is has a spine and back support, arm rests, memory foam cushion design to fit perfectly, a neck rest (height-adjustable) and automatic seat break that lets the chair swing side to side without ever moving an inch forward.
• RISK OF INACTIVITY: Inactivity happens when you sit for 12 hours a day at work and at home with little to no breaks in between. Not only does it cause strain in your posture and back, but is proven to cause organ damage, muscle degeneration and neck strains which decrease your focus and attentiveness over time. With SWINGSIT, the chair swings side to side to avoid this hazardous inactive position to give you the active attitude to get things done.
• STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE MUSCLES: Unlike other active chairs that shift the entire body, SWINGSIT keeps your head and shoulders stationary and stable for better focus. The only part that is active is your core and waistline, thus strengthening your core muscles and improving your posture. By engaging these muscles while you work, you will keep active and attentive all day long. These muscles includes: toning of posterior, external abdominal oblique, upper and lower abs, strengthening pelvic and more SWINGSIT Active Sitting Chair, Get Fit and Active While Sitting
Effecore Technology
•Activity with stability by dynamic-seat-stability function the chair seat leveled while movement at any position
•Simultaneous dual performance (workout and job) - by the art of effortless power stroke mechanism for workout and task without disruption at any position at any workout intensity
•Consistent and effective engagement by patented technology - Effecore Technology - simply speaking 'swing-technique movement'. Flowingly from side to side with effortlessness. No need of motor nor power.
•Most effectiveness in terms of fitness effect of calorie burning, core engagement
Mind and Body Benefits
•Mind: Enhances brain power, increases energy, ability to focus, productivity, mood, relieves stress
•Body: Boosts circulation, metabolism, tones muscles, supports heart health, burn calories, improve posture, pain relief
Ergonomic Design and Features
•Neck Rest
•Spine and Back Posture Support
•Stability Arm Rest
•Memory Foam Cushion
•Swing Lock
•Height-Adjustable Arm Rest
•Automatic Seat Brakes
•Foot Stand
Active Sitting Chair EVOLUTION

Traditional Technology(Originated from Fit ball chair)
• Activity without stability
• Activity for short time usage
• Activity without all-one design
Technological Revolutions, Paradigm Shifts
• Activity without stability
• Activity for prolonged time
• Activity without all-one design
SWINGSIT's Benefits

There are a great number of attainable benefits to our health, our minds and our bodies, if we simply choose to sit less and move more by choosing SWINGSIT>
• Enhances Brain Power
• Increases Energy
• Increases ability to Focus & Producitivity
• Improves Mood State
• Relieved from the stress on lack of exercise
• Boosts Circulation & metabolitsm
• Tones Muscles
• Supports Heart Health
• Burn Calories
• Improves Posture & Aids in pain relief
What happens in the course of time while we SIT AND STAND inactively?
'Long Sitting' causes

• Organ damage
• Muscle degeneration
• High Mortality
• Bad back
• Rtouble at the top (brain, neck & shoulders)
'Long Standing' also causes

• Strained Neck
• Joint Compression
• Swelling
• Varicose Vein
• Show down mental ability
Effecore Technology

Activate your core and brain, Better circulation, Burn Calorie, Fat, Improve Posture Habit
Next ergonomics: Sitting is dynamic action

Effecore motivates the natural flexibility of the hips, stimulates muscles deep in the back and activates large muscle loops from the joints in the hip to the inner-core body. This perfectly coordinated movement concept ensures fluid smoothly continuous movements but always allows the body to maintain its centre of gravity and seat balance, whether we swing the seat right or left

As a result, the slightest of shifts in weight mean the weight of body can be equally being dispersed and stimulate the pelvic and lower torso: the discs in the spine as well as the joints and the muscles as the body's most important metabolic powerhouse.
Unique variety

Swingsit chair features the health benefits of unique Effecore® and a range of different adjustment options. It's spacious, which makes you almost feels like an armchair. Adjustable while seated, it allows different sitting postures including back strength, and the height of lumber support, headrest and armrest. Even in its standard version, Swingsit offers excellent Effecore and comfort because the materials used are flexible, elastic and breathable. The seat, backrest and headrest are covered in safe and toxic-free fabric. It's permanently elastic,breathable and kind to the skin.
1. Using for the first time
- Open the package
- Take the main device out from that silicone clip
2. Download the App
Fine 'SWINGSIT' from App Store or Google Play.
Or scan the following QR code to install the App.
2.1 Connect to the APP
First time connection
01. Turn on the Bluetooth setup. Bluetooth - Turn on Bluetooth
* Do not try to find or pair with the device on this page

02. Open the APP. register and log in. place the device near the phone. Select 'SWINGSIT ooo' to start pairing
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SEKANG ASC is the first company ever to adopt Effecore Technology(next-generation ASC(Active-Sitting-Chair) tech.) into a desk chair. Our mission is to help people COMBAT sitting disease in the way we innovate your daily routine putting you at risk-sitting on a regular chair or standing still at a standing desk. We're obsessed with solving by promoting the problem of inactivity on a stationary chair and at a standing desk for better blood circulation, improved metabolism and energy expenditure thereby decreasing weight and the its associated desks. Our team members' background is mainly automotive manufacturing industry with more than 20 years of various experiences. We have reliable manufacturing and logistics partners-we've been working with over 20 years during our previous career-who will help us deliver quality rewards to you on time. *l.ead.me/bb6VV0*
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