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    Republic of Korea
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    antimicrobial bacteria
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Why do we need antibacterial features when we put waterwe put water?


A walking enthusiast

If you take frequent walks with your companion animal or exercise, wouldn't you be buying bottled water instead of a tumbler that needs a lot of washing? Why don't you put water into a water bottle that you don't need to clean every time you use it, so that you can drink it conveniently anywhere while reducing the use of bottled water?

People who usually travel to the vehicle.

If the main vehicle is a vehicle, many of you have taken out coffee or beverages in case you are thirsty! But if you don't drink it quickly, you'll soon have germs breeding and feel uncomfortable when you drink it. The Ion Health-Health-Bottle bottle is suitable for leaving behind a vehicle with a couple of non-bacterial water bottles for longer period of time.

When working at a desk

These days, essential items at the desk, tumblers or mugs! They use personal cups and water bottles to reduce the use of disposable cups, but they also buy new tumblers with bad odor that requires frequent cleaning and does not disappear. Aren't you going to use even tumblers to reduce disposables as disposables? Join the Ion Health Kit Bottle, where germs won't stink even if you use it for a long time!

A man whose life is part of the movement.

How do you drink water when you need to drink water from indoor exercise such as fitness, yoga, and pilates? Are you drinking water through a water purifier used by random peopleGerms multiply faster in many ways than you think. Why don't you put it in an antibacterial water bottle called Ion Health Vottle instead of a PET bottle or disposable cup when you exercise indoors?

Outdoor Activities, Traveling Holiday

Water bottles are a must for people who spend their holidays climbing, camping, or traveling! But haven't you ever felt uncomfortable to drink because of the strange smell in your water bottle that you packed for fluidsThe fact that most water bottles smell from germs! Join us for outdoor activities with a non-powered, anti-bacterial water bottle and a universal size and design bag!

The man in the hospital

The inside of the hospital is more concerned with infection. Most of the facilities in the hospital are carefully managed, but due to their nature, water purifiers are often difficult to manage. In addition to proper hand washing / wearing a mask, it is also important to drink water with plenty of bacterial removal. Especially for the elderly, children and pregnant women, including those whose immune systems have weakened! If you stay in the hospital for a long time due to hospitalization, working, nursing, etc., it is highly recommended to drink it with an anti-bacterial, anti-bacterial health cake bar or cup of water, instead of a plastic bucket or glass of water that is less durable and capable of spreading germs when drinking water.

99.9 % reduction in invisible bacteria -

Antimicrobial function by metal ion and magnetic force


Gold Leaf (gold leaf : hammered or rolled into pure gold and pressed very thin like paper)

A feature of gold

  • Gold, which does not change in air or water, does not change color, and is used as a food, without poison, by strong oxidizing agents.

The gold was then machined and mounted as a piece of paper called a gold leaf among the artisans.

Pure Silver Plate (99.99 % silver silver plate :: silver silver silver in a wide surface form)

A feature of silver

  • Silver antigenics is applied to various bacteria-removal products
  • Natural antibiotic forces used to preserve food and water from the past

Antimicrobial test report of silver silver chloride plate attached to ion health (99.9 % bacterial reduction rate)

Three solid silver plates fitted on ▼, Mid - and Low-Total

Prize Middle Ha

The ' silver ' was not produced in the ' nano ' format but in the form of a larger plate. (Although silver was initially tried to mount the silver plate, a type of metal, ' silver ', was made in the form of a plate because it could be harmful if inhaled.

Periodicity test results : Ag 99.99 %


Brass Ring (make 65 % copper 65 % zinc 35 % copper brass ring in ring form)

Copper (65 %) Characteristics : Metal that has antibacterial properties to more than 20 types of bacteria and germs such as pneumonia Metal with excellent electrical conductivity and trace minerals essential to all living things because it is a major component of the cytochrome c oxidase involved in the breathing of life

Zinc (35 %) Features : Contains about 1.5 to 2.5 g in our bodies as trace minerals essential for various bodily functions.

One of the widely used metal copper and essential microfiberal functions of the anti-bacterial function is to make rings of brass alloy steel that are familiar to us, and then to install brass rings with special heat.

Brass-rings four hazardous materials (lead, cadmium, arsenic, and chromium) elution test : Not Detected

Two-magnetic (two magnets : by the backing and the metal ion of the poles)

  • Electricity generation from the ionization of two powerful magnetic forces and a metal with a high electrical conductivity (Gold / Silver / Copper) in the centre
  • The presence of powerful magnetic forces, along with natural ultra-microscopic ions and electrolytes in water, allows the generation of electromagnetic waves, reducing the bacteria without separate electricity.

No extra power, no batteries, etc. for your convenience.

The power of the magnet, of course, is amazing.

All magnetic materials are attached to a powerful gaussian magnet. So you can drink water safely from iron dust, etc. If you see fine iron dust or rust on it, wipe it off.

# Rotational EM Verification : Good

▲ Cross vibration status of left and right energy graphs and indicators and audiotape x-documents (Ministry of Science and Technology or No.230)

# Test for bacterial reduction : 99.9 %

Blank (Water bottle without antibacterial function) / Ion health [Test Results]
Test item Before After
Blank Comment (Medicine) Ion Health Remarks (cytostatic rate of decrease)
E. coli 1. 3*10^5 5*10^6 A 38-fold increase <1. 0*10^3

99. 9%

Staph 1. 4*10^5 4. 1*10^6 A 29-fold increase
Bacillus pneumonia 3. 2*10^5 1. 3*10^7 A 40-fold increase
Pseudomonal 2. 1*10^5 7. 2*10^6 A three-fold increase

# Patented technology : " Functional antimicrobial bottle "




Use of Tritan Materials

It is mainly used in ' baby bottle ' materials as it is not releasing harmful environmental hormones and is resistant to impact and is not easily deformed by heat.
  • Light.
  • Excellent heat-resistant.
  • Less risk of damage.
  • Environmental hormones (BPA) are not released.
  • - 20 ℃ to 100 ℃. It does not easily deform under cold water or hot water.

Bisphenol-A Non-Detection Test Report

Even if it falls, it doesn't use a power-battery, so it doesn't break easily and doesn't crack easily with a tritan material!

* A strong impact can cause damage. (Don't throw it.)

A safe method of production

  • We have not used any harmful adhesive, such as glue or hot metal.
  • Designed to be strongly assembled, these are their own molds.
  • It's a bio-life assembly method.
  • By their nature, there have been a number of sampling processes that do not assemble and fix even 0.1mm differences.

It has been sampled several times to fit perfectly!

  1. Each connection has a rigidly fixed groove.
  2. It can be removed if necessary and easily assembled.
  3. Example that require disconnection)
    When you want to wash the detergent
    When removing foreign substances (heavy metals) from the magnet sticks, etc.
  4. Make sure to assemble in the same direction as before.




Make it easy for you to pour water or drink.

The entrance was made so that only a small part of the entrance would not be poured out at once, and that it would be convenient to hold water when drinking water.

Silicon ring inside the lid prevents leakage.

' Frequent cleaning ' is no longer required.


Due to the internal bacterial breeding, there is no inconvenience in cleaning up the detergent that you need (once a day, at least two to three times a week) due to the characteristics of the water bottle. If you don't touch your mouth, you don't need to use any detergent. If you get lipstick or other foreign substances, just clean the top mouth.

Or just wipe off the polluted area with tissue paper!

Semipermanent usable

The lightweight, affordable and popular standard plastic water bottles are difficult to use for many years, but the K-Bottle does not have the bacteria in it, allowing it to be semi-permanent.


One hand, one pocket.

The Ion Health Kit Bottle features the most common and most convenient design for use in a variety of locations and situations.


  • In-line
    It is about 400ml thick with one hand and when water is needed frequently, it is recommended to use a cup in a restaurant or office!

Compatible with a variety of Tumblr accessories

This pouch is not included in Rewards.
  • It is compatible with most tumbler bags, body pouches, and tumbler cross pouches sold in a variety of designs.
  • Match it to a favorite item to express your personality! : - d

Anytime, anywhere!

Put it in your bag -
Fit into the vehicle's cup holder -
A light outing and a pocket full of it -

Mini bags, clutch, etc. Small bag fits -


Name of the product Ion Health Kealthe (ION
Size   175 X 66 mm
measure of capacity   Approximately 400ml
Main material Tritan (stick and body) / aluminium, PP (lid) / Neo - dium permanent magnet2 24K gold / 99.99 % silver plate / brass water ring, etc.
Weight   175 g
Manufacturer BIOLIFE / 02-902-8888
Country of Manufacture Made in Korea
This product is not a medical device (medical product) and may wear out according to its usage and environment.


This supplier supports payments for offline orders
  • WK
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : byungwook ji
  • Tel : 82-029028888
  • Email : dietwater@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 121 Samgaksan-ro, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul (01041)
  • The person in charge

    byungwook ji
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    121 Samgaksan-ro, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul (01041)
With the belief that there is no illness to fix by water, BIOLIFE is dedicated. In order to contribute to the health of mankind with honest water, good water, good water, water of life, water which is close to nature, it is the best way to contribute to the health of mankind. We are working hard.  The world's first high-functional hinoki shower using natural quartz stone, Skin shower water softener for atopy to remove 100% of rust and residual chlorine - Atowell, High-performance water filter that can be easily installed in a sink, sink, shower faucet, and can be used as a portable water purifier instead of a simple water purifier -
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    portable water purifier
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    Less than 5

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