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Portable air purifier from nature Phytoncide Therapy Air Purifier SOOPI

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  • Brand
    Model SOOPI-02W
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    68 x 68 x 185mm
  • Function
    Portable & Vehicle Air Purifier, Phytoncide Therapy Volatile Device
  • Material
    ABS, Tritan
  • Color
    Whtie 7 Black
  • Dimensions
    Applicable area - 5㎡
  • Weight
    263g (without filter & cube)
  • Style
    Portable & Vehicle
  • Expiry Date
    SOOPI cube period of use : 30~45 days / Filter replacement cycle : 6 months
  • Condition
    available for sale
  • Gender
    Male, Female
  • Package Includes
SOOPI Air Purifier - SOOPI-02W
Did you notice a strange smell from your new air purifier? I've complained about the headache smell, but they say it's the way it is.
I asked the manufacturer's customer service because of the smell.

So instead of this quirky smell, what if you let it smell like nature?
How about adding a cypress tree with a lot of phytoncide and real phytoncide essence oil? Doesn't it smell nice phytoncide?

Here's a phytoncide therapy air purifier called SOOPI from nature.
When you're worried about fine dust in your car, and when you work hard and need a change of pace, Feel a short break with 'SOOPI' as if you were walking through the woods
Key Features
SOOPI air purifier can purify the surrounding air by removing ultrafine dust and spread phytoncide from trees into the air to feel the aroma therapy effect.
■ Effects/Benefits & Main functions
Portable & Vehicle Air Purifier (Turbo Blower Fan Motor / H13 Filter),
Phytoncide Therapy Volatile Device
■ Advantages & Competitiveness (details)
1. The motor of the 'SOOPI' is different!
Which fan motor would be better suited to a portable air purifier, an axial fan or a blower fan motor with similar specs?
The axial fan is a type of fan motor designed to match the air-flowing force (volume) and is suitable for a family of non-collected filters, such as a handheld fan or PC cooling fan.
The blower fan is a type of fan motor optimized for air-sucking force (wind pressure) that is suitable for air purifiers or vacuum cleaners that require inhalation of fine dust through filters.
'SOOPI' used a BLDC fan motor with a blower type. And through technical partnership with our professional fan motor partners, we've raised the air pressure unit of mmH2O to the maximum and downsized it.
2. This is the filter that catches the ultrafine dust!
Superior purifying performance with HEPA 13th grade filter!
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines fine dust as a first-degree carcinogen. In addition, the smaller the particles, the greater the health impact. Among the various filters, HEPA13 is a high-performance filter that filters up to 99.95% fine dust (PM2.5) and has a better fine dust removal rate than normal filters. It also purifies pollen, mold, indoor dust, car gas, and air pollution and delivers clean air.
The filter area is designed to be as wide as possible

· Check out the fine dust purification test of 'SOOPI'.
https://youtu.be/ZxsaGkhJ5xA -> test video url
This test was conducted in a sealed test chamber. Depending on the area of use and environment, some purification power may be different.

· Reliable safe filter
It would have been better to use relatively low-cost filters if we thought about production costs, but we thought it would be better to use high-performance filters, even if they were expensive, given their performance and reliability.

· H13 Filter Upgrades!
  A. Hot Melt Adhesive (filters of other compnies) - It is a type that adheres between HEPA fabric and plates with hot melt. The development and manufacturing cost is relatively inexpensive. However, as hot melt penetrates into the filter fabric, there may be damage to the fabric and the bonding failure rate is high.
  B. Heat Fusion Adhesive (SOOPI filters) - It is a type that combines with filter fabric by applying heat to special plates. Initial development costs are high, but there are no intermediate bonds such as hot melts, resulting in less fabric damage and maximum use of HEPA area.
3. Increase the quality of the air, lower the price
Touch button, smartphone linkage, fine dust measurement, battery built-in, filter replacement notification, etc. These functions are not in the SOOPI.
Instead, we focused on the periodicity of air purification. Therefore, we drastically eliminated additional functions that were less used, and increased specifications of fan motors and filters, which are core components of air purification, at reduced cost.
In addition, due to the technology partnership with the partner company of cypress oil, we can provide highly enriched cypress Oil and wooden cube at a reasonable price.
4. SOOPI is quiet!
SOOPI wind volume is 1 stage, 2 stage, 3 stage and can be used at any stage according to user's surroundings Fan motor noise according to the wind volume is 1st stage (15dB), 2nd stage (25dB), 3rd stage (35dB), and the noise level at the 3rd stage measured in the silent room (35dB) was measured. However, since this is a laboratory measurement, the background noise and the surrounding environment may vary somewhat. Therefore, it is recommended that you adjust the steps to suit your surroundings.
5. We can't miss any of the safety!
What materials are used in the product is more important than the price. That's because it's a matter of course directly related to our safety. SOOPI used enterprise-class, secure materials with UL certification marks issued by UL, a U.S. safety standards developer.
Use plastic that can withstand high temperatures.
During the summer, the temperature inside the vehicle rises up to 90 degrees Celsius.
If you use an air purifier in such a car, you must of course use heat-resistant materials that can withstand that temperature. SOOPI uses ABS that can withstand up to 108 degrees, increasing durability and safety.
TRITAN used in milk bottles as well.
The SOOPI Cube at the bottom of SOOPI uses Tritan.
100% natural essential oil may melt containers in response to normal plastic, so we chose safe materials that are chemical resistant.
6. For myself by me
Start with SOOPI, focused care for yourself.
Designed as a single discharge part, it is designed so that clean air can go completely to the desired place.
If you use a single person, it's right for you ...
If there is a child in the back seat of the car ...
Please head to SOOPI in the direction of the important person. One large air purifier is not enough to care for every space! Indoor fine dust is piled up a little on the floor and furniture and scattered into the air as we move. So, in order to purify the fine dust in front of my eyes, I need to put a small air purifier close to my side as much as possible.
7. Intuitive and minimal design
When driving or having a lot of work, you can use it easily from power ON / OFF to 3-step air volume control with one touch button at the top.
When you want to check SOOPI in the dark! Check whether it works with a subtle LED light like a stem light at the border of the power button.
8. Improved Outlet & Inlet Design
Small portable air purifiers like SOOPIs could affect performance, even the smallest design elements.
By securing the area of the outlet in all directions, the time to complete purification per unit area was reduced by three times. These small design elements have been continuously developed and modified and completed in the present SOOPI form.
9. Differences in detail make luxury goods.
Two modern colors, black and white, go well with any space you want, so feel the interior with SOOPI in your bedroom, reading room, nursery, and office.
One button is enough!
When you want to check SOOPI in the dark, check whether it works with a softly lit LED at the border of the power button. From one power button, you can adjust the power supply to the air volume.
A perfect location for use in a car
Optimal 5-pin connector location considering USB charger position in car and cup holder depth.
Perfect sealing, rubber ring
Between the fan motor and the frame, between the frame and the top of the filter, between the bottom of the filter and the cypress lead cap, a total of 3 lubbers are used to provide clean air.
SOOPI uses three rubber rings to inhibit noise generation and to provide more complete air cleaning.
10. A special space inside SOOPI? SOOPI Cube Storage Box!
This storage box contains SOOPI Cube, which is matured by mixing phytoncide essential oil and cypress chips at an optimal rate.
Now, when I turn it on, the phytoncide of the cypress tree spreads around me.
11. It doesn't slip anywhere you put it.
The non-slip pad on the underside of SOOPI makes it stable on glass plates, desks, and large cup holders.
12. Appropriate surface treatment according to usage pattern.
The frequently used SOOPI Cube container cap has usability and design details with Embossing surface treatment instead of painting.
13. It is small and light, so it is portable.
This is the best location for the power cable considering the location of the USB charger in the car and the depth of the cup holder. When carried, it does not rattle and is at least adhering to each part.
14. Why SOOPI is more special! The secret is the cypress phytoncide
Phytoncide is a compound word of phyton (Phyton), which means plants, and cide, which means sterilization power. It refers to all substances that have bactericidal properties produced by plants in the forest.
The main ingredient of phytoncide is a substance called terpene, and it is said that this substance creates a fragrant smell in the forest.
Cypress oil extraction process
Cypress oil is a highly concentrated essential oil. Cypress oil is selected first grade cypress leaf and cypress fruit and extracted by steam distillation for about 8 hours. From 100 kg of cypress leaves and fruits, only 600 ml of cypress oil is extracted.
Why did you choose cypress oil among various natural essential oils?
All trees make phytoncide hearty to protect themselves from pests and fungi. Among them, cypress trees emit far more phytoncide than other trees.
Main ingredient of phytoncide
· Terpene: Efficacy for antibacterial, deodorizing, comfort, and mental and physical stability
· Alpha-Pinene: promotes fatigue recovery
· Myrcene: antioxidant effect
· Cymene: The effect of reducing pain, anti-inflammatory and oral pain, and the removal of formaldehyde, famous for sick house syndrome.
The diffuser needs to have a fragrance full of space, but SOOPI Cube does not follow this general diffuser recipe.
The diffuser base is a must-have to keep the diffuser scented for a long time.
In general, this diffuser base is based on the production of ethanol 7: 3 purified water, and SOOPI cube follows a natural manufacturing method that absorbs 100% of phytoncide essential oil into a cypress cube without this diffuser base.
If we insist on 100% essential oil, the manufacturing cost may increase, and the smell may be weak, but the reason why we insist on this recipe is because we insist on safety and real phytoncide.

SOOPI Cube is made of alcohol-free, additive-free, and preservative-free chemical substances. Since no chemical components are added, the harmful elements are blocked from the source to deliver a real natural fragrance.

For optimal smell, SOOPI did this.
Phytoncide has created an optimal hole so that it lasts a little longer. And we designed it to increase the combined tension of SOOPI cube containers and caps so that they don't flow quickly.
The phytoncide is delivered vividly by adopting the direct suction method in which the cap hole of the SOOPI cube container is placed inside the filter, rather than the indirect suction method in which phytoncide passes through the filter to reduce the effect. Now feel the real forest with the scent of phytoncide, which is not irritating and spreads subtly.

We provide the best phytoncide essential oil and cypress chips at a reasonable cost. The price is very high because only a small quantity is produced, but the best price was achieved through direct contracts with local suppliers.
Product Name SOOPI Air Purifier
Model/Series No. SOOPI-02W
Brand Name SOOPI
Weight 263g (without filter & cube)
Width 68 x 68 mm
Height 185mm
Color Black and White
Materials ABS, Tritan
Origin Republic of Korea
Technical parameters Applicable area: 5㎡
Warranty Period
1 year
Warranty Description
You have a valuable right to receive free service for one year from the date of purchase for any breakdown that occurs while using the product. If the customer's careless handling (transportation, unreasonable operation, etc.), natural disaster, or other customer's fault occurs, it will be charged even within the free period.
Frequently Asked Questions
1) How often is the SOOPI filter replacement cycle?
There may be some differences in replacement time depending on the environment of use, but it is recommended to replace it with about 6 months if you use it for an average of 5 hours a day.

2) Doesn't SOOPI have a built-in battery?
In summer, the battery can deform or be dangerous at high temperatures, as the temperature in the vehicle can soar up to 85°C. So the battery is not built into the SOOPI air purifier. You can use the USB charger or the auxiliary battery.

3) Can I use it for carry-on use outside?
Yes, you can use it anywhere with the auxiliary battery and the included power cable. Based on the usual auxiliary battery capacity of 10,000 mA, you can use it for about eight hours. (When the auxiliary battery supply current is somewhat insufficient: SOOPI can be used at this time, but a slight electric sound may be heard when the SOOPI power is turned on (one-step operation). The noise is not audible after the fan motor has been fully activated, so you can rest assured.)

4) What is the SOOPI air screen area? Can I feel the scent of the forest even in a large area?
The use area of SOOPI is 5㎡. The fragrance of cypress can be felt up to 1.5M in the wind direction.

5) Does ozone occur that can adversely affect the respiratory system?
Anionic air purifiers produce ozone even in small quantities. Because of this specificity, we use a mechanical dust filter (HEPA Grade 13) that has no ozone generation.

6) Do I need to buy cypress oil separately?
SOOPI Cube is an invasive solution of more than 4 ml of phytoncide essential oil into a cypress cube and can be used without additional oil drop.

7) Does the air purification capacity decrease without SOOPI Cube?
Because it is designed to seal the filter and the container without the SOOPI Cube, the air purification capacity does not decrease without the SOOPI Cube. :)

8) How long does the cypress scent last?
The oil in the basic composition lasts for about 30 days.
However, the period of use may vary depending on the temperature and humidity, frequency of use, and frequency of cap opening. Please note that if you purchase additional refill packs, you can use them generously.

9) How much electricity do you use?
SOOPI uses DC5V USB power and is a low-power product of approximately 1.5W.

10) Does it fit into the cup holders of all vehicles?
The lower part of the SOOPI air purifier is from 60mm below to 76.5mm above. It is designed to be thinner as it goes toward the bottom, so it is mostly inserted into the cup holder in the vehicle, but in the case of light cars with some old model years, the cup holder size may be small, so please check the diameter of the cup holder before purchasing it, even if it is inconvenient.

11) Is SOOPI Cube a safe product?
Safety was verified through test analysis at the Korea Institute of Construction and Living Environment. Cypress trees and cypress oils are originally known to be harmless to the human body unless additional chemicals are added, as they have properties that do not cause any special harm to the human body. SOOPI Cube does not contain any chemicals. Cypress oil has also been found to be harmless to humans after decades of testing and analysis. As an eco-friendly product based on plant ingredients, both infants and pregnant women can use it. However, as with all natural oils, the effects and reactions may differ depending on individual differences, so be careful not to eat or use directly on the skin. (If you have natural rimonene allergy, if you touch SOOPI Cube for a long time, you may have a mild allergic reaction, so avoid touching it directly if possible.)

12) Can I use regular aroma oil for SOOPI cubes?
You can also use it as an aroma oil. However, if the existing oil scent that SOOPI Cube contains is left, the smell may be mixed.

13) Why is it cheaper to use the finest oil?
We offer products at a more reasonable price to test the market expandability and future sales potential of products prior to full-scale mass production.
In addition, the purchase price was lowered by direct contracts not distributed through the country of origin.

14) What about aftersales service?
The free warranty period is one year from the date of receipt of the product, and it will be processed by courier service.
Customer Reviews
I was surprised to receive the package. My name was handwritten in a thank you letter. As if to prove that you have made it with that much effort, Sophie has not experienced any functional problems in its use. Thank you for making a good product.
(The noise part seems to have something to do with the quietness of the car and personal taste, but I don't feel much inconvenience. Maybe it's because I tend to play music loudly when I'm driving.)
Actually, my wife said that she needed an air purifier in her car, so I secretly bought it for her, but I was actually going to buy a portable air purifier I thought it was a portable air purifier. So, the portable air purifier has a battery problem and needs to be small in size, so its performance is limited. BLA BLA. So I picked this and bought it. Persuade... hahaha
But my wife is in trouble because there's a personal difference in response to phytoncide. This could have put all of the phytoncide in a container. I heard that if you put a sponge in your car and take a car after a day or so, your eyes hurt because of the high concentration of phytoncide. In fact, after about two days of driving, I felt uncomfortable because of the phytoncide concentration. So now I'm taking half of it out of the container and using it. If you buy the phytoncide bag again, you will have to use it after a day or two in a different place, instead of putting it in a container. There's nothing else that's uncomfortable.
Oh, come to think of it, maybe it's because of phytoncide. He asked me if I could use a different scent if I didn't have to use phytoncide. Well, do you happen to have any plans to sell other scented products that can be used in Soopy?

It's only been a week.
It smells very good. Feeling in nature like everyone else.
But the noise is, um... From the second stage, it's too loud to sleep or play music in the car.
The third stage is so loud that it sounds like a car speaker, and the portable air purifier that comes out these days is meaningless. I think we need a product that has good performance even if it's a wired one. Since it's funding, I'm sure you'll be better at making the next product, and I think it'll be a great product if the noise is improved.
Company Overview
The PICOPICO is a company that manufactures air purifiers using eco-friendly materials based on innovative ideas. PICOPICO is an eco-friendly air cleaner manufacturing company established in 2017. We've developed an air purifier for a long time and finally launched SOOPI air purifier in 2020. This air purifier can remove ultrafine dust and spread phytoncide particles to feel various effects.

· Factory Information Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea


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PICOPICO makes high-tech products to help people and nature. Product Development 1. Smart air purifier "Whishing" - Real-time fine dust mesasurement - Intelligent wind control 2. Eco air purifier "Soopi" - retinispora wooden air purifier - Interior accessories as well as air purification - Compackt & Portable - Tourbo Low-power 3. Self-protection device for children "AIKA" - Loaction Traking (using gps sensor) - Recording 4. Wearable smart belt "beltri" - Waist measurement - Immediate shooting in an emergency
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