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Hanbok shaped Decorative Ceramics Hyangwonjeong

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    Model KSHI1002
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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    five colors
  • Function
    decorative ceramics
  • Features
    Vase / Inerior props
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[Hanbok Dang-eui]
is a daily dress of Joseon royal women and one of our traditional cultural styles.

This product is made of interior props that can be used in everyday life by incorporating Hanbok, our representative cultural heritage, into ceramics.
It was designed based on 'Dangdang', a representative royal robe of the Joseon Dynasty.
Five court ladies in history are imaged.
For the texture and three-dimensional effect of Hanbok, we used a double coupon/spray technique.
In addition, 24K moneylenders added patterns and hand-made ribbons to enhance the completeness of the product.
It is a Korean diffuser bottle and design prop that embodies the characteristics of the characters.
If you put small flowers that are not too much and emphasize the individuality of each piece, you can see a different feeling.
Princesses of Hyangwonjeong shine more when they are together.
Now, 'Hallyu' has become a global trend.
Hanbok is the representative culture of Korea.
Hyangwonjeong, where hanbok and pottery meet, will be an emotional gift that will enhance the pride of the Korean people.


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  • Name : Park Sunji
  • Tel : 0264976674
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 21 Gongneung-ro 29-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul (01837)
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    Park Sun-ji
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    21 Gongneung-ro 29-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul (01837)
HelloAssi is a company that makes tourist souvenirs and living containers using Hanbok as the motif of design. It was established to promote our culture to the world by reviving the Korean traditional culture and applying it to real life. Hanbok is a perfect work of art by itself, and the choice of bold lines, three-dimensional designs, and the use of various objects in colorful colors will draw the attention of viewers. Also, I want to put scent in Hanbok. We hope to develop a variety of products that connect tradition and modernity, as well as diffusers, to become a new stimulus and representative Hallyu product for the Korean culture and tourism market. In the era of 20 million foreign tourists visiting Korea and 30 million foreign tourists visiting Korea, we will make every effort to become a representative tourist attraction in Korea. We want to make a product that is not just a consumable that is used and discarded, but a product that can last for a long time with fragrance and value. Dreams cannot grow in a space where tradition and culture have disappeared. [HelloAssi] is a company that tries to create a dream to find our cultural identity that has been disappearing and forgotten from some time. Add value to culture, add sensibility to life, and plan cultural products that generations can sympathize with and the world can share. Hanbok itself is a perfect work of art in color or design. The lines vary depending on the material, and the choice of accessories and colors reveal the taste and worldview of the wearer. The unique style of HelloAssi, which is based on the traditional heritage of Hanbok, will be a national favorite that builds national pride beyond the beauty of the product itself, and will be a cultural product that promotes Korea to the world. Starting with dramas and K-pop, the Korean Wave is now creating a new wave of 'new Hallyu' across Asia, not only in Europe and the Americas, but around the world. There is a lot of novelty, but the tradition that needs to be kept is drifting and losing its direction is lost its way. I'm trying to revive the traditional and accessible Hanbok culture, which is moving away from reality. Korean humor, freewheeling in life, and the beauty of Hanbok that shines women, the household goods and cosmetics containers. Planning perfumes, diffusers, etc. As a manufacturing company, we will grow into a representative souvenir company in Korea. Faith and pride. It will be a company that can shine Korea for a long time without losing pride and self-esteem. We will become a brand with conviction that pursues novelty but does not miss out on the tradition.
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