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Gilwoo Magnets Plated(Gold & Silver)

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Gilwoo Magnets Plated(Gold & Silver)

 * Acupuncture is considered one of the best treatments when it comes from stopping pain or preventing you from getting any future diseases. 
   * The points to which the needles are inserted are called the acupuncture points. 
   * When an acupuncture point is stimulated, the organ's function and vitality are improved, leading to reduction in pain and discomfort.
   *  Acupressure magnetic needles are presented on a plastic peel-off sheet and contain 40 individual cotton round patches for convenient use of 7mm (diameter) mag discs. 
    * These magnet patches are great for use on face, hand, feet and everywhere for application on acupressure and meridian points.
Acupressure Patch Magnet Information:
 Gold & Silver-plated magnets on 10 adhesive patches per sheet, totally 40 magnetic patches per box.
 Each magnetic disc is 7mm(0.28inch) in diameter length.
 The magnetic disc has 650 gauss magnetic surface strength which is great for acupoints and acupressure points all over the body.
 The magnetic patch application unit is 20mm(0.78inch) in diameter, tan colored adhesive tape.

Acupressure Magnet Patch Application:
 Use these Spot Magnets everywhere for up to 2-3 days of constant magnetic therapy relief!
 These magnetic acupressure patches are excellent for treatment for pin-point acupressure sensitive points anywhere on the body that needs attention. These peel & stick mag needle can be used for any acupressure points or sore areas, head, hand, and feet and so on in the classroom, or office, or in the comfort of your own home.
 - This magnetic needle has the amount suitable for the human body, the protection cap on the top of disc will be used for maintaining the magnetic polarity.
 - When transmitted to human body in large quantities, sometimes it can cause dizziness, but magnetic needle of the side effects are rare.
 - Acupoints of the patient could be easier to find it for acupuncture, and after that it does not interfere with activity.
 - Acupuncture stimulation of the pain area is smooth in the blood circulation, and it also relieves a pain in the short term.
   * A pain area before acupuncture will be sterilized with alcohol.
   * For the patch treatment of weak skin area, move it to within 24 hours.

Gilwoo Magnets Silver Plated
  * 650±5% GAUSS Magnet Round Patch
    * Magnet size: 7mm(diameter)
    * Size(Tape): 2cm(0.78inch)
    * Quantity: 40pcs per box.
    * Weight: 72g
    * Box size: 130(W)x105(H)x10(D)mm.
    * Manufacturer: Gilwoo.
    * Made in Korea.
Gilwoo Magnets Gold Plated
  * 650±5% GAUSS Magnet Round Patch
    * Magnet size: 7mm(diameter)
    * Size(Tape): 2cm(0.78inch)
    * Quantity: 40pcs per box.
    * Weight: 80g
    * Box size: 130(W)x105(H)x10(D)mm.
    * Manufacturer: Gilwoo.
    * Made in Korea.


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