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Spring Day

Sweet Potato Bar

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    Spring Day
    Model Spring Day
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    Republic of Korea
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    Sweet Potato
  • Features
is made by carefully selecting only the newly harvested sweet potatoes from the 500m high mountain range.
It is baked in a 600°C oven to increase sugar content and make it more delicious with a soft texture.
It's a one-handed bar that's easy to enjoy anytime, anywhere.
At 77 kcal per piece, you can enjoy it lightly even on busy mornings and nights.
Why? Is it sweet potato on a spring day?
1. Freshness
- Unlike domestic sweet potatoes that are stored for 10 months after 2 months of harvest, only freshly harvested sweet potatoes are used.

2. Raw material quality
- The best grade A is sold for reproductive use, and unlike domestic grade B products, only high-sugar and best raw materials are used through sugar screening.

3. Stability
- As stability of our raw materials has been confirmed through years of delivery to large companies, you can enjoy them more safely than any other sweet potato in Korea.
Product name   A roasted sweet potato bar made by baking 365 days of fresh sweet potato.
 Weight22g  22g

      About the Product

      - No added sugar, no colorant or preservatives – 100% All Natural Sweetness!
      - Vacuum Fried at 70-90°C to preserve its natural color, crispiness and texture
      - Use less Oil than regular frying method

      - Healthy snack for the whole family
      - Packed with vitamins and minerals



        Vacuum fried at lower temperature to maximize its natural taste
        and crispiness while reducing oil.
        It is a healthy snack for the whole family.



The sweet potato-bar is a new product launched by the accumulated technology of the manufacturer, and users can enjoy it anytime, anywhere as it is a stick bar type, unlike existing dried sweet potatoes. This product is a natural raw snack product made with 100% sweet potato raw material without any additives. It is sterilized, so customers can enjoy it easily at room temperature. 

Unlike ordinary sweet potato processing products that are stored for a long period of time after harvest, the manufacturer harvests sweet potato every day and strictly selects only the best sweet potato according to strict sugar screening standards. Therefore, the manufacture boasts the freshness of the sweet potato raw material, and since only high-sugar sweet potatoes are carefully selected through sugar tests, customers can enjoy the sweetness of natural sweet potatoes without additional additives. 

Sweet potatoes are a representative food that is rich in dietary fiber and full of satiety, and are also good for dieting and rich in vitamins and minerals, making them a good snack for growing children.





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  • Name : YongRae Pak
  • Tel : 02-2668-7695
  • Email : springday2014@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 538 Gonghang-daero, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul (07946)
Springday International CO., LTD.

Springday International CO., LTD.

https://springday2014.mysoho.com/ Seller_Mail
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    Hyo Jeong Moon
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    538 Gonghang-daero, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul (07946)
Springday International CO., LTD. manufacture and distribute dried sweet potato. There is a factory in Indonesia, and you want to supply it directly by controlling the raw material. We harvest fresh sweet potatoes grown in a clean area of more than 500m above sea level and produce products. We are doing our best to supply more clean and delicious products. - On a spring day, International operates its own factory in Indonesia. It is an Indonesian sweet potato that sells dried sweet potato products on the market and supplies raw materials to a number of large companies, including the target clean source. Also, we are going to distribute tropical fruit chips such as salac and jackfurt. -Affordable Range We have all the sales channels open, including the purchase process and PB products. Please contact us via email for partnership and inquiries. We will develop products that are loved for a long time through ceaseless R&D until the quality of products are satisfied by customers. We will strive to provide the best products with an attitude that always does our best to customers.
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    Dried Sweet Potato
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    3~4 billion (KRW)
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    5~10 people


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