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Advanced Attach Thermometer-PURI BAND 8P/20P/100P

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    200,000 ea per One-Time
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  • Brand
    Model 8P/20P/100P
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    8P(13.5 x 8cm, Thickness 0.9mm) / 20P(18 x 9cm, Thickness 0.9mm)/100P(18 x 9cm, Thickness 2.18mm)
  • Weight
    3.8g(8P) / 9.7g(20P) / 21.5g(100P)
  • Material
  • Style
  • Expiry Date
  • age-appropriate
    All ages
Advanced Attach Thermometer (PURI BAND 8P/100P)
The color of the band changes according to body temperature.
At high body temperature, it turns yellow, but at normal temperature, it returns to green
Material PVC
Size PURI BAND 8P Height : 13.5cm, Width : 8cm, Thickness : 0.9mm
PURI BAND 20P Height : 18cm, Width : 9cm, Thickness : 2.18mm
PURI BAND 100P Height : 18cm, Width : 9cm, Thickness : 2.18mm
Weight PURI BAND 8P 3.8g
PURI BAND 20P 9.7g
PURI BAND 100P 21.5g
01. Key Features

- Purpose: the temporary population is being condensed in goverment and public offices, hospitals, schools and cultural events, etc. "PURIBAND" allows them to check high temperature easily and fast. Therefore it can help prevent spread. Also, it reduces a felling of uneasiness on the place by checking color of PURIBAND each other
- Effects/Benefits : You can check high fever easily, just by putting this bandage on your skin. Infants, children, old people don't recognize their body condition. The Puriband helps parents and guardians to protect them.
- Main functions : It's hard to confirm by useing old-way thermometer. We provide convenience which parents is watching only color of bandage. It's brand new, and totally different from old one. In conditions of normal body temperatue (36.5°C), its color is green but if gets higer fever(over 37.5°C), it turns yellow. which means you have symptom of dissase emit super heat. conversely,under 31°C, it becomes dark brown.hypothermia was known as more dangerous than hyperthemia. both of cases should be treated.
With these, we can prevant spread of disease in advance the one of the most important things is to prevent flu.
02. Advantages

- Primary advantages: Korean patent products FDA registration
- Competitiveness : No competitive products
※ The band that indicates your temperature when applied to skin



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