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Excellent HEPA filter performance portable air purifier - Mini Air Purifier (Filter type)

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    1 Unit
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    10,000 Unit per Month
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
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  • Brand
    Model Mini Air Purifier
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    95 x 165(mm)
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Function
    Portable air purifier
  • Features
    Feel safe for virus and fine particulate matters with sterilizing H13 Hepa filter
  • Color
    1. Cool Gray 2. City Red 3. Baby Pink 4. Fresh Navy 5. Sky Blue 6. White
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What are customer’s needs? How will can we satisfy customer? Is the quality and price of products appropriate? Are there any better products and service? We create such questions and ideas more and more to make our customer’s happy. We will build a company that makes a lot of questions at all times.


Mini Air Purifier


1. Cool Gray
2. City Red
3. Baby Pink
4. Fresh Navy
5. Sky Blue
6. White

Model name : ROBA-01
Product name : Portable air purifier
Material : ABS
Rated voltage : DC 5V / 5W
Power consumption : 2W
Size : 95 x 165(mm)
Weight : 470g
Indoor air quality purification can be solved by ROBA automobile & portable air purifier
Feel safe for virus and fine particulate matters with sterilizing H13 Hepa filter
• Complete removal of fine dusts
• Complete removal of harmful gas
• Cutoff of overvoltage and over-current
• Low noise
• Fine dust sensor

Purified air directly to me
Existing small air purifier that blows air vertically is hard to deliver purified air far out. ROBA is designed to blow purified air directly to the user, making you feel pure air.

Made in Korea
All Made in Korea from mold injection to mass production, assembly and filter

What is different with ROBA filter? Roba Does Not Cheat With Filters.
Due to 33 mm fillet type sterilized carbon filter and H13 level Hepa filter, ROBA is superior compared with competitors' products

33mm Fillet Type Sterilized Carbon Filter
ROBA filter is thick carbon filter having height and diameter of same 8.5 cm. It contains a carbon aggregates in full to purify harmful gas and odor completely. Most of the products in the market have Hepa filters with carbon powder. Others do not have a carbon filter at all. Carbon content is the most important contribute- tor in removing harmful gases, odor, ozone, and volatile organic compound. The carbon content of ROBA air purifier is 99%, and the fullness can be checked and verified with naked eyes or shaking it with hands.

H13 Level Hepa Filter
Pressure drop (air resistance) is inevitable through Hepa filter. As ROBA Hepa filter uses a low pressure drop H13 level filter, it facilitates the air flow and removes 99.97% of 0.3 um size dusts.

3 Dimensional Filter structure packed with industrial quality purification technologies.
Roba automobile & portable air purifiers are used to remove strong odors and dust from industrial sites. We will protect your health by applying the filter structure.

Cylindrical air inlet with huge surface area
Mini air purifier product is small, but does it mean the filter has to be small as well? Air inlet is completely filled with cylindrical filter so that the air purification can be maximized.

Automobile & portable mini air purifier filter comparison
Followings are the comparison among the products in the market. Could these thin and small filters in the table can possibly protect your health? Decision is up to you.

The Automobile & portable air purifier to choose from six colors.
In these days when each furniture is designed for interior, no more air purifiers that are only white or black!
White, gray, navy, red, sky blue, and baby pink are a total of six colors you can choose one.
1. Cool Gray 2. City Red 3. Baby Pink
4. Fresh Navy 5. Sky Blue 6. White

Select Add Extra Filter

One additional filter is free for Future filter replacement!
Don't worry about the filter because there are extra filters!


LED Fine dust Status & Filter Replacement Alarm Indication
LED fine dust status indication
Intuitive display of fine dust conditions using a high-accuracy laser sensor.

Laser sensor (Application of Loba Air Cleaner)
High accuracy with a standard error of around 10% or so far.
Very good (0~35) Normal (36~75) Bed (76 and above)

PM2.5 (Very Fine Dust) Numerical
Blue LED’s for very good air quality, yellow LED’s for normal air quality, and red LEDS’sfor worst. The lobe air purifier uses the laser sensor, the most intuitive of fine dust sensors and the lowest standard error to accurately display the air quality conditions.

Tobacco smoke test for ultrafine dust, formaldehyde change levels
Intuitive display of fine dust conditions using a high-accuracy laser sensor.
5000 ultra fine dust, 968 formaldehyde 5 ultra fine dust, 74 highest formaldehyde

Test cigarette smoke in the Chamber Box (500 x 500 x 500)
To provide you with objective and accurate data, we have spent 10 minutes purifying with cigarette smoke. You can check the data that has been reduced to 5000-5 for ultrafine dust and 968-74 for formaldehyde. Roba tested it with a 500x500x500x500 large chamber box. If you proceed to the 250 ×250 x 250 Chamber Box the same size as other companies, you will find that ultrafine dust can be purified with a figure 8 times faster.

Smoke test for LED fine dust change readings

LED sensor changes to red (fine dust) when smoke is injected
LED sensors that change to yellow (usually blue) after 3 minutes of uptime After three minutes of smoke injection, you can see that the sensors change in order of red, yellow, and blue. Use an intuitive laser sensor to pinpoint fine dust and harmful gas levels.
Display filter replacement alarm
Smart lobes check the usage time (600 hours) and the alarm will flash when the filter is ready to be replaced.
Easy-to-hand filter replacement
The Roba air purifier rotates the top and bottom to allow simple filter change.
After replacing the filter, how to initialize
After replacing the filter, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to reset the alarm (alarm is initialized with various LED colors displayed).

Wind speed adjustable & quiet motors
1st And 2nd Stage Wind Speed Control Is Possible With Desired Strength
Click the above button to adjust the wind speed in 2 steps.
If you want normal wind speed, adjust to 1st stage and 2nd stage if you want strong wind speed, and use it according to the wind speed you want.

Superior Wind And Minimum Noise To Competitors
Real Cleaner Functionality Fidelity, Lowest Noise Compared to Competitive Products!

Advantages of BLDC 5V Motor
• Any connection can be made to computers, vehicles, secondary batteries
• USB-C Type cables work, and no adapter is required.
• Over-voltage, over-current-proof motors burn the PCB during high voltage connections, but the rova air cleaner is over-voltage,
  over-current protection, so even when connected to high voltage, they stop working without damaging the PCB.
  (You can safely use the stopped product by reconnecting it to the correct voltage.)

Lowest Noise of ROBA 30dB
At stage 1 wind speed, basic 43dB measurement
The Roba air purifier can be used in a quiet reading room with carefree noise, no interruption to reading or sleeping! It's a great gift for students who are studying.
Using the Low Noise BLDC 5V Motor
Use BLDC 5V motors to ensure strong wind against low noise!

Main product + Filter, USB-C Type Cable, Manual, Additional filter

A variety of trusted certificates
ROBA Personal Air Purifier differs in functions! Pass certification standards of Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR)
- No detection of CMIT, MIT, OIT, MEOH in filter
- Up to 99.5% of the capacity to remove harmful gases
- Remove fine dust 99.75% with H13 grade HEPA filter
- Air Cleaning Capacity Certification Criteria Satisfied
- Ozone not detected
- Implement the lowest noise compared to the products in its class

The air purifier removes up to 99.5 percent of harmful gases such as acetic acid, acetaldealhyd, and formaldehyde. The other company's air purifiers only remove fine dust and harmful gases at the same time.

Precautions For Use Of Roba Air Cleaner
Using Status
• Please prohibit water, moisture, heat, fire, and inhalation.

Cleaning Method
Remove the power cord and wipe it with a dry towel.
• Never use cleaning agents, chemicals, etc.
• Be sure to turn off the power supply of the equipment during cleaning and other maintenance.

• Do not use at high or low temperatures.
• Do not sprinkle water or put it into the water.
• Do not disconnect or unplug when operating
• Do not disconnect or unplug the filter when changing
• Don't put in any foreign substance.
• Don't make a strong impact.
• Do not use in areas with high static electricity and dust levels. • Don't let children use the device for play.v • Do not put your fingers, foreign objects, etc. into the motor.


  • Certificate of Design Registration 
    Korean Intellectual Property Office 
  • Certificate of Design Registration 
    Korean Intellectual Property Office 
  • CE 


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  • Email : ojs@cwcnt.co.kr


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  • 290 Haean-ro Danwon-gu (15612)
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    290 Haean-ro Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (15612)
CHEONGWOO C&T specializes in the development and production of local exhaust ventilation systems that are designed to discharge harmful gases produced in such facilities as laboratories, research facilities, hospitals, and workplaces. It has an advanced production plant near Seoul (Ansan city), where it manufactures and supplies product lines that include arm hood, flexible hoses, local ventilation systems, Air Sterilizer and small-size dust collectors. Our local ventilation system with an arm hood has gained good remarks for its ability to discharge contaminated air produced at a specific place in a laboratory. All the products our company manufactures are subjected to quality control in conformity with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are permitted to be shipped out only after they pass all the quality inspections. In addition, they have obtained the KC (Korea Certification) and CE ertificate which bears witness to their high technology and quality. The local ventilation systems and hood assemblies are now produced under the protection of patents. Our company has supplied our products to Korean large companies such as Samsung, Kolon Pharma, and Daewoong Pharmaceutical. We’d like to invite as many overseas companies as possible to introduce to the world market our local ventilation systems having various advantages such as consumer convenience, safe design, and affordable price.
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  • Main Product :
    Table Top Toxic Gas Air Purifier, Portable Toxic Gas Air Purifier, Dust Collector for nail shop
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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