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Artty Station

Modeling Workstation 'ArttyStation Symphony'

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    1 Set
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  • Brand
    Artty Station
    Model Piccolo
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    638mm(H) x 900mm(W) x 300mm(L)
  • Package Includes
    Large Drawer 4EA / Small Drawer 6EA / Middle Drawer 6EA / Empty Space 4EA
  • Material
    High density double-side coated MDF
  • Function
    Paint tray with adjustable dividers to store paints of many sizes
  • Condition
    Brand new
Modeling Workstation 'ArttyStation Symphony'
What is ArttyStation ?
Pla-Modeling/Model Crafting requires countless items and tools.
Moreover, it requires more than an ordinary desk could provide with product runners, instruction, color-mixing palette, a variety of paints, etc. taking room.

ArttyStation is the ultimate solution for organization, and limitation of workspace when crafting in one stop.. It contains all features required for model crafting.

From paint shelf, nipper/tweezer holder, runner stand, instruction holder, color-mixing palette, brush holder, tool hanger to compartments of many sizes allows ArttyStation to perfectly store and hold all tools needed for model crafting.

Any complex and confined space can turn into a perfect workstation with ArttyStation.
[Special Features]
1. Comact size to fit in very small space
2. Small but loaded with most feature needed for model crafting
3. Paint tray with adjustable dividers to store paints of many sizes
4. Runner Stand and Instruction Holder
5. High-density MDF coating for easy clean of paints with thinner
Exclusive Paint Shelf

Various paints that are mandatory in Pla-model/model crafting, takes up the most room in workspace.
ArttyStation is equipped with paint storage of 6 rows on each side. Exclusive storage of highly used paint brands is located on the bottom 4 rows, and the top 2 rows are available to store paint regardless of its brand or size.

Three types of paints (36mm cylindrical GSI lacquer, Tamiya Acrylic / Square Tamiya Enamel Academy Enamel, Tester Enamel / 26mm cylindrical Acrylic) are available in exclusive paint shelf, 36mm and under sized cylindrical paints such as Humbrol or Model/Master can be spaciously accommodated.

General-purpose shelf can be used to store any tools such as varying size of bottling equipment, thinner, or large paints.
Easily Changeable paint Boards

The number of owned paints are prone to change.
Also, the types of mainly used paints can be changed anytime.

To perfectly accommodate these changes, ArttyStation is designed to easily change three types of exclusive paint boards.
To change the paint boards, slightly lift up the front of installed paint board to pull it out.
Putting in a different board is even easier-just need to push it in for a sturdily fixation.
Various Compartments

ArttyStation provides plenty of storage space to store all tools eeded in Pla-model/Model Crafting.
Also, three types of storage compartments of varying size are provided to neatly store tools of different shapes.

Moreover, empty compartments can be utilized to store often needed items or items need temporay storage.
Brush/Tool Holders

ArttyStation can store brushes and long tools of different lengths and sizes.

General brush/tool holders were difficult to search through other brushes since it was to put brushes vertically in from above.
ArttyStation got rid of this problem by diagonally placing the holder so brushes in any slot can be reached with ease.

Total of 114 slots provides plenty of room to sufficiently store all types of brushes and long tools that an individual may use in one place.
Color-Mixing palette

ArttyStation can hold-mixing plates to arrange them like a palette.

The plates are designed to set on a slant so when paint is poured on, it gathers toward front. It minimizes amount of paint wasted, and keeps it from drying for longer period of time.

On the right is a used brush holder to set brushes down between painting.

Modeling Equipment Multi-Holder

Products being used for model crafting are usually take their place on a desk.
If things like a thinner container for brush cleaning or glue accidentally spills over, it is most likely that much damage will be done.

ArttyStation can resolve all difficulties at once.

Tools often being used for model crafting such as types of glues, brush cleaning thinner container, super glue, Q-tips/toothpick container, large thinner jar and etc. are stored in one place for convenient organization. No to mention the benefit of preventing spills and accident sine these items are fixed in place.
Nipper / Tweezer Holder

Probably tweezers and nippers are the most oftenly used tools in pla-model/model crafting.
ArttyStation is able to hold these mandatory tools in a simplified setting. And provides easy access Nipper/Tweezer Holder.

The holder is divided into two sections to distinguish nipper like tools, and tweerzer like tools. Any tools that can be hanged, can be stored without a problem.
[Product Composition]
[Product Material]
This is not a regular MDF.
Specialized high density double-side coated MDF!

The wood used at ARTTYSTATION is completely different from a typical MDF.

The wood used in ARTTYSTATION is special double-side coated with transparent or white coatings using UV techniques on both sides of the wood surface, making it very moisture and dust resistant.

In addition, unlike the MDF used in regular furniture, we use expensive, high-density compressed MDF used for billiards tables, which guarantees high quality and durability.

The high-density MDF with double-sided coating,
Can be used for a long time just like new even if the surface is contaminated with various paints during work since it can be wiped clean without damaging the wood.
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  • Name : Chang Hyun Choi
  • Tel : 1028252485
  • Email : admin@arttystation.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 45 Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do (12918)
ArttyStation Inc.
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    Chang Hyun Choi
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    45 Jojeong-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do (12918)

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ArttyStation Inc.
One day, it just got to an ordinary modeler that something is quite inconvenient. It got him to start making his own tools and things one by one to resolve the issue. Then the modeler came to realize that what he had been creating for his own convenience was what all the other modelers were also seeking for his own. ArttyStation was founded not in seek for profit, but for the convenience of everyone including myself. We thrive to provide the ultimate convenience for all. Everyday, we ArttyStation work diligently to design products that are more convenient, useful, and aesthetically improved products for our customers. Thank you.
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  • Main Product :
    Hobby Model Workstation, High density compressed MDF, MDF Workstation
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5

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