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HELLO B Triple Care baby Diaper_Band type

  • Payment
    L/C(sight) , T/T
  • MOQ
    3,200 ea
  • Supply Ability
    1,000,000 ea per One-Time
  • Supply Details
    Sample Order

    Dependent on quantity, MOQ - 20fit full container / 800 box / 3200 pack

  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
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  • Brand
    Model Band type
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Band- S, M, L, XL
  • Material
    Refer to the second sheet
  • Color
    Light Pink
  • Weight
    Box weight (4packs) 3.54kg ~ 4.18kg
  • Style
    Slim Fit
  • Expiry Date
    3 Years
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate
    1~5 year old
HELLO B Triple Care Diaper_Band type
Disposable diapers for babies are the products that are hygienically processed by receiving urine and feces from babies.
Essentially used all around the world.
The focal point of this product is to develop the least irritative product for skin improving its original purpose absorption and comfort.
Main functions
Using the most advanced SAP sheet (absorber) to improve its functionality and lighten the product for comfortable wearing.
To avoid skin irritation thoroughly, we use 100% natural pure cotton ingredient for the top sheet which directly touches babies' skin.
Unseeable inner materials are made with eco-friendly TCF pulp, and it makes the product more clean and safe.
In spite of further improvement of essential functions, the product has powerful absorption and slim fit comfortable wearing.
1. Comfortable wearing
The SAP sheet we use for this product is very thin and it leads us to lighten the product.
The adhesion and waist band we use are 4S grade (spunbond) soft material, so babies do not feel any inconvenience wearing these.
Double leakage protection guard keeps babies' urine and feces.
2. Outstanding Absorption
The core material of diaper, SAP sheet is highly absorbent.
The absorber can consume 1000ml which is double of baby's 12 hours average urine amount 500ml.
How to use
Band: Gently wrap between the crotch of the baby and stick the side bands.
Panty: Dress it lightly as if wearing pants.
1. Wearing for a long time may cause dullness and rash, so replace it at an appropriate time for baby's skin.
2. Keep the product out of baby's reach to avoid tearing or eye contact.
3. Do not store near heating appliances and fires as it is a combustible product.
4. Store the diaper in a cool and clean place, and keep them tightly sealed to prevent insects or other substances.
After usage: Throw the stool in the toilet and wrap the diaper properly and throw in the trash.
Warranty Period
Within expiration date
Warranty Description
If there is a problem with the product, you can receive an exchange or refund in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards announced by the Fair Trade Commission.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Smell something from the diaper
A. Hello B does not add any artificial fragrance, if you smell something, it must be smell from raw materials. Hello B is produced in Korea and packaged immediately, we run through thorough verification and test to ensure the safety of the diaper. Once you open and leave in airy room, the smell will become faint.
Q. I can feel something like a grain in the diaper
A. That is a very important material called SAP that absorbs urine, keeps urine to prevent leakage, maintain baby's butt dry and soft. Occasionally, it may come out on baby's butt depending on the reason of the baby's urine amount, wearing time, and activity. You can wash it off with lukewarm water and do not need to worry because it is a safe material for human.
Q. Rash on baby's butt
A. It is possible that the baby wears diaper for a long time, rash may occur depending on the baby's condition or environmental changes. To prevent rashes, it is better to change diapers more often if the skin is sensitive. If a rash occurs, it is reccomended to wash the hip with lukewarm water and dry sufficiently before putting the diaper on. If symptoms worsen or do not get better, consult with a specialist.
Q. Diaper keeps leaking
A. If the diaper does not fit the baby's body size, a leak may occur. Even if the thigh fits well and leaking happens, then the diaper is smaller than body size, and it is recommended to select a larget size. Since height and weight vary depending on the number of months.
Product Name HELLO B Triple Care Diaper_Band type
Weight Box weight (4packs)
S(4.06kg), M(4.11kg), L(3.95kg), XL(3.54kg)
Height Box Height (4packs)
S(210mm), M(220mm), L(240mm), XL(260mm)
Width Box Width x Length (4packs) / mm
S(480x320), M(490x330), L(300x240), XL(480x275)
Style Slim Fit
Color Light Pink
Materials Nonwoven fabric (polyethylene / polypropylene/cotton), cellulose , polymer absorber (sodium polyacrylate),Pulp, nonwoven fabric (polyethylene/polypropylene),nonwoven fabric (polypropylene), Adhesives (styrene block copolymers, hydrocarbon resins, paraffinic hydrocarbons), Nonwoven fabric (polyethylene / polypropylene) , Nonwoven fabric (polypropylene), film (polyethylene, calcium carbonate),adhesive (styrene block copolymer, hydrocarbon resin, paraffinic hydrocarbon),Rubber(polyurethane), Color, polyethylene , adhesive (styrene block copolymer, hydrocarbon resin, paraffinic hydrocarbon), Nonwoven fabric (polypropylene), Rubber(polyurethane) adhesive (styrene block copolymer, hydrocarbon resin, paraffinic hydrocarbon)
Expiration Date 3 Years
Origin Made in Korea
Technical parameters · Top sheet: Using the most advanced fabric and add 100% pure cotton ingredient to maximize snug wearing and minimize skin irritation. Punchings on the fabric will increase air permeability and early absorption.
· Absorber: The most advanced and newest SAP sheet reduces product weight, and lead to raise the rate of SAP which is the core material for absorption. Eco-friendly material TCF tissue is used to embrace the absorber to keep unseeable cleanliness and environmental-friendly.
· Back sheet: Considering both babies' and parents' hands are directly touch the surface of the product, we use the softest fabric which is super soft grade.
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