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Rolling Pillow Necker

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  • Brand
    rolling fillow
    Model Rolling Pillow Necker
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    345mm 150mm 240mm
  • Package Includes
    Necker, memory form, Hard form
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  • Material
    memory form, modal fabric
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How much do we toss and turn all night?
Most people say that while sleeping, there are as many as 20 to as many as 40 twists. Of course,
minimal movement is required while sleeping, but too frequent tossing and turning prevents sleep,
and if you sleep in the wrong position, fatigue builds up and makes you feel uncomfortable in your daily life.

So Rolling Pillow thought.

Isn't there a pillow that helps keep you in the right position throughout your sleep while minimizing tossing and turning?
But there was a limit to the regular pillow that was fixed. No matter how good a pillow you try, you're faced with the uncomfortable reality that you end up tossing and turning in the morning.

So, how about making a pillow that moves according to the user's movements?

Rolling Pillow decided to completely break the stereotype that pillows should be fixed.

What if you move the pillow along the neck you're trying to toss?
Usually, unconscious tossing and turning means neck twisting, followed by neck twisting.
It's the principle that the body turns around.
So, wouldn't the unnecessary movement be eliminated if the pillow was caught twisting when preparing for the neck twisting?

find an answer with a moving pillow
The Necker consists of a structure in which when a roll occurs from outside due to a twist during use, a roll takes place from inside at the same time to center the weight.
Therefore, the center of the neck and head is always maintained to minimize sleep posture deformation.

Rolling Pillow Necker
Helps maintain a good posture during sleep
from reconstruction of neck muscles to recovery of joints
From development to manufacturing to production in Korea!
a safe material harmless to the human body.

Necker with only safe materials

Integral Skinform
It is a non-toxic material that has been recognized for its safety as it is used in various ways from medical devices to infants' chairs around the world.
Necker's hardforms are produced by injecting raw materials into the molds and drying them individually at high temperatures.

memory form
The memory foam uses a new high-density, low-elastic material developed by NASA to protect astronauts,
absorbing more than 95 percent of the impact, and naturally forming according to body contours.

modal fabric
It is an eco-friendly fabric with modal fabric extracted from beech trees.
It is generally similar to cotton, but it is hygienic because of its low shrinkage compared to cotton, good elastic recovery rate, and high absorbency.

The bar used for the Necker used walnut wood.
Walnut is durable and hard, and is relatively humid compared to other wood, so it is used a lot in furniture making.


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