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Silver Star

Silver Star Glockkenspill 27NOTE XYLOPHONE

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    100 ea
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    1,000 ea per Month
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    Customization ,  In Short Supply ,  Limited goods ,  Sample Order


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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
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      Depend on quantity


  • Brand
    Silver Star
    Model Silver Star
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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Every product in Silverstar's product is made.
All Silver Star products
We sell it at 30% to 50% discount.
It's on sale from 30% to 50% discount.
Pre-delivery product inspection and customer 0|
Products are detected before delivery, and customers
I will do my best to make a purchase without regret.
We will do our best to make performances without regrets.

a collection of instruments for teaching materials
Musical instrument collection for textbook
Lux Music's Silver Star products manufacture instruments based on 30 years of manufacturing technology.
Lux Music Silver Star products manufactual instruments based on 30 years of manufacturing technology.
We are working hard to produce accurate sound and deep sound.
We are putting a lot of effect into education and deep sound.
It is suitable for laying the foundation for students' music.
It is possible for lying the foundations of students' music.
It already exports products to countries around the world, and as a global company,
We are already exporting our products to count around the world,
Product quality has been recognized in many countries.
Product quality has been recognized in many countries.
 Xylophone
 xylophone
Silverstar Grocenspil to prevent oxidation on the sound board.
Silver Star Grocenspil has to prevent oxytation
Special plating and painting is safe and can be used for a long time.
It is safe and can be used for a long period of time by special plating and painting.
-. Soundboard.
-. Soundboard
Special plating and heat treatment for clearer and more accurate sound quality.
Special Plating and Heat Treatment for Clearer and more Accurate Sound Quality.
Applying safe and eco-friendly painting techniques with harmless paint
Safe and eco-friendly painting technology applied with paint that is Hameless
-. Highly elastic sponge.
-. High elastability sponge.
To convey sound to the highest resonance point
To deliver the sound to the best lesson point
-. Resonance holes and supports
-. Resistance Hall and Support
Design to make a wider and farther sound
Designed to make the sound weather and father away
# Bag type xylophone
# Bag type xylophone
Color: Pink / Blue
Color: Pink / Blue
Components: xylophone scale sticker,
Components: Xylophone scale sticker,
# Box-type xylophone
# Box type xylophone
Color: Ellow
Color: Yellow
Components: xylophone scale sticker, xylophone chae
Components: xylophone scale sticker, xylophone stick

 Tambourine
 Tambourine
We developed a quiver by processing metal products developed with our own technology.
We developed a Trembling iron by processing a metal product that we developed with our own technology.
You can experience traditional sounds using cowhide as a material.
You can experience the practical sound by using cowhide as the material.
It's a good product to learn children's rhythm.
It is a good product to lead children's sense of rhythm.

rhythm set
Rhythm set
Color: Pink / Blue
Color: Pink / Blue
Components: tambourine, cymbals, triangles, castanets
Components: Tambourine, cymbals, triangle, castanets
Size 220*220 (0001) Material cowhide + 8166! + Plastic
Size 220*220(0001) Material Cowhide + 8166! + Plastic

 Sogo
 Notice
I reproduced the traditional Korean sound using cowhide as the material.
We reprocessed the practical sound of Korea using cowhide as a material
If you open the lid on the handle, it's easy to carry around.
When you open the lid on the handle, there is a handle, so it is constant to carry.
Sogo bag type
Sogo bag type
Components: Sogo,
Components: Sogo,
German type and Baroque type
German type and baroque type
The size of the 5th hole in the middle tube separates Jerman type from Baroque type.
The size of the fifth hole in the middle pipe Distinguishes German type and Baroque type.
Germanic: The hole is smaller than the baroque, making it suitable for beginners.
German type: The hall is smaller than the baroque style, making it possible for beginners.
Baroque style: Traditional recorder type, which is intended to play in various music bands.
Baroque type: Trendal recorder type to performance variable music groups
Suitable for use by intermediate or higher performers.
It is available for intermediate or higher players to use.
Alto Recorder
Alto recorder
Baroque, Germanic
Baroque type, German type

soprano recorder
Sophano recorder
Baroque, Germanic
Baroque type, German type
Key Description by Recorder Name
Main description by recorder name

Danso / Salt / Root Danso /
Danso / sageum / ppulidando /
Vinyl-packed tambourine, vinyl-paved sogo
plastic packing tambourine, plastic packing sogo


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  • Name : JeongHyeon Hwang
  • Tel : 82555823466
  • Email : killerzero3@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 47 Eunha-ro Eunha-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (32210)
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    JeongHyeon Hwang
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    47 Eunha-ro Eunha-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do (32210)


LUX Music always hangs on to the basic and produces the musical instruments. As the musical instrument manufacturing company for the basic music education, we’ve always tried our best to make products and satisfy the customer needs. We specialize in the batch production with our manufacturing techniques which have been accumulated for a long time and manufacture all parts in the musical instruments in order to increase product quality. It is supplying its products to Youngchang and Samick, a famous company in Korea. We’ve exported to many countries including G20 and provided best quality for each country. Also, we’ve been recognized for our perfect sound quality throughout the world.
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  • Tambourine
  • Alto Recorder
  • Resonating Xylophone (Chime bell)