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HELLO B Triple Care baby Diaper_Panty type

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    Republic of Korea
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    Panty Type
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About this item

  • [Comfortable fit] Considering the behavior of a child who moves a lot, the 3D design reduces the child's discomfort. Light, slim, and comfortable to use.
  • [2mm ultra-slim air wing diaper] Minimizes the area that touches the child's skin and gives a light fit with a 2mm air mesh sheet.
  • [Soft waistband that is cozy like a mother's arms] A waistband with good elasticity and provides comfort by stably wrapping the waist.
  • [3 step smart absorption power] It has an instant absorption that is absorbed in just 8 seconds, so there is no problem with backflow care. It protects against side leaks with a double smart leak prevention guard. No problem with the child's dynamic movements. A child's daily urine volume is sufficient due to its large absorption capacity.
  • [Safe skin protection with pro-natural tissue containing 100% Pure Cotton] Reliable safe material not only for the outer cover that touches the child's skin, but also for the invisible inner cover.
  • Product description

    Size:Medium  |  Color:Panty Type

    ✔ Skin protection with pro-naturalism
    ✔2mm ultra slim lightweight diaper
    ✔AIR Technology: The advanced ventilation design using Air-Through fabric keeps the child's hips comfortable at all times.
    ✔ Diaper change is made more convenient and comfortable with urine notification line.
    ✔3 levels of excellent absorption
    STEP 1. Magic Absorbent
    STEP 2. Smart Guard
    STEP 3. Up to 12 Hours

    [Size Guide]
    ✔SMALL: ~14.33lb from one month after birth
    ✔MEDIUM: 13.22lb~24.25lb from 100 days
    ✔LARGE: 22.04lb~30.86lb of baby starting to walk
    ✔EXTRA LARGE: Walking baby 28.66lb+~
    ✔JUMBO, XXL: Walks and runs well 33.06lb+~

    ✔ Please select a size based on your child's body shape and weight.
    ✔ If your child's thighs are thick, we recommend a size that is one step larger.


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