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Dareawon Hanbok Skirt Navy Flower K-Hanbok (The Most Beautiful Moments in Life)

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    10,000 Unit per Month
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  • Brand
    Model Skirt Navy Flower K-hanbok
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Color
  • Material
    Skirt Part -QDC (polyester) Malgi- cotton
  • Dimensions
    Total Length 75cm / Width (when fully stretched) 104cm / Malgi 10cm / Strap Length 80cm
  • Style
    The lovely flowers are beautifully stitched on the skirt.

Hanbok Skirt Navy Flower


Specific information
Color : Navy
Size : One-Size Fits-All
Material : Skirt Part -QDC (polyester)
Malgi- cotton
Country of Origin : Korea
“The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”
Hwayangyeonhwa is a wrap skirt that is embroiled with various ranges of flowers in full bloom.
Just like the meaning of the name, Hwayangyeonhwa-“The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”
The lovely flowers are beautifully stitched on the skirt.
The flowers are designed in digital printing method, which makes it looking more real as if you can touch them.
The fabric itself is light and smooth like a petal of the rose.
The navy one has got flowers that shine elegantly through the moon light , giving a mysterious vibe which makes you wanna keep looking at it. The navy gives off both calming and elegant vibes in a mystic way.

The Hwayangyeonhwa skirts are 10cm Longer than the wrap skit of Daraewon.
The length is shorter than the previous wrap skirts, which makes it more comfy to wear in your everyday life and Spring, and it can make your legs looking prettier by elongating your legs. The only thing is that if you wear this skirt with Daraewon slip, the slip can be seen through a bit, since the slip is a bit longer than Hwayangyeonhwa skirts.
So you don’t really need to wear a slip underneath the skirt as the lining of the skirt is made of stiffened material to make the skirt fuller. It can go well with a blouse and other items as a comfy daily wear as it looks beautiful without needing a slip.

Paired with a cotton shirt jeogori.
It can be styled with a various range of tops too.

As the length of the skirt shortens, It seems the cuteness and lightness of it doubled.

Without the shirt tucked in, the two items make a great harmony
Daraewon wrap skirts usually have shoulder strap hooks which makes it easier and comfy to wear.
If you only use the waist straps alone, the skirt cannot be fastened enough. So make sure to use the shoulder strap too. Malgi(the upper part of the skirt) is made with cotton in black. It is made with more stiffened material than the softer skirt, which helps tighten the waist firmly ,making the waist looking slimmer.

Vibrant colorful flower prints, would you like to have a close look at them?
The lining is already in place which makes the skirt puffy.
The hem is done by the thin stitching which is the most similar to 깨끼 바느질, which is one of our areas of expertise. As we always reminds you, we are proud of being the best in quality of fabric and stitching. Fabric is supplied by the digital printing company with the highest technology in Korea. You will be amazed by their fabric in person. the lining is greatly designed in a way that doesn’t require a slip and yet, still helps the skirt hold out.

Shoulder straps options for Daraewon wrap skirts
If you look at the inside the Daraewon wrap skirt, there are strap hook as you can see above
If you use the shoulder straps(options available), it can keep the clothes from falling down.
(you can use straps of your own if you have ones already)

How to Wear a wrap skirt properly
The skirt needs to be wrapped around from the front backwards. Not the other way around. If wrapped around from the back to the front which is the wrong order, the opening of the skirt would never come to the left. please ensure to wear it from the front backwards. When worn right way, the slot of the malgi (upper part) of the skirt will be seen on your right side. you can insert the strap of the malgi (upper part) of the skirt that comes from the left, to the slot on the right. Would you like to have a more closer look? Now you see what we’re saying, right? So the next part is easy. Just finish wrapping. Then, the initially right sided strap becomes the left side of the wearer when worn correctly.You can hold this right sided strap with your left hand.
※ There may be color transfer of the product during washing, please wash it alone.
※ The damage and deformation caused by the user’s mishandling cannot be reimbursed.
※ For the first-time washing, use a dry cleaning service. Do not twist or use washing machine.
Do not twist/ hand washing/ washable/ dry cleaning/ iron with a pressing cloth
Care and Direction

※ There may be 1~3cm differences in size by the measurement method and fabric types.
※ The size was measured when the tap jacket(the jeogori) was laid flat.

Maybe this photo might give you a clear idea of how to wear it.
Sometimes, people ask if the slot for the malgi strap (upper part of the skirt) should be on the other side, but no. This side is correct. when you have worn this, and if you couldn’t see the skirt opening yet on your left, you need to redo it after checking the image.

How to choose the correct size of Daraewon wrap skirts
The skirts are designed as one-size-fits-all, which can be adjusted to your size easily.
the product is washable as it is made with polyester.(but we do recommend dry cleaning, and do not use a washing machine) The fabric is so smooth that it can slip off easily. If paired with the jeogori (Korean traditional top, or jacket), make sure to use shoulder straps for a snug fit. As of Apr. 2017, the shoulder straps are available to purchase. If you need, please choose them in an option menu.

One-Size-Fits-All : Total Length 75cm / Width (when fully stretched) 104cm / Malgi 10cm / Strap Length 80cm


This supplier supports payments for offline orders
  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
  • GN
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Tel : 02-903-0132
  • Email : dareawon@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 14 Nohae-ro 63ga-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul (01399)


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    14 Nohae-ro 63ga-gil, Dobong-gu, Seoul (01399)
DAREAWON is making Korean traditional clothes This is Daraewon Hanbok, which makes emotional hanbok.
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    Yong forever flower hanbok skirt
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