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AR TANGRAM AR Education Toy App Compatible Develop Infant Brain Korea

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  • Brand
    A1 Creation
    Model AR TANGRAM
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    300 x 70 x 115(mm)
  • Material
    Paper and PP
  • Function
    Augmented Reality TANGRAM Learning Kit AR
  • Features
    Observation skills / Creative tinking / Develop infant brain / Color recognition
  • age-appropriate
    All Ages
A1 Creation Co., Ltd. continuously produces educational products of excellent quality. In particular, we want to introduce innovative products to the changing education market in the untact era by applying AR&VR technology. We are confident to be a company leading the 4th industrial revolution based on these technologies and know-how.



Product information
Product Name : AR TANGRAM
Material : Paper and PP
Box Size : 300 x 70 x 115(mm)
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

A brain development project for everyone! A wonderful gift for the whole family!

AR Tangram is ...?
It is a new-concept education product that guarantees great fun for both kids and adults (the elderly) by incorporating tangram into IT technology and a special tool(mirroring tool)

A brain development for both young children and teens!
Observation skills / Creative tinking / Develop infant brain / Color recognition
Develop Infantile muscles / Mathematical thinking skills / Geometrical cognition

A brain development and fun for adults!
Fun of young generation

Fun and therapy for the elderly!
Prevent Alzheimer's disease

What AR TANGRAM includes!
It includes duub mirror, base,tangram, User Manual
If you have a tablet PC or smartphone, you can use it with the tangram.

Duub Mirror
It is duub mirror which is a main tool of AR TANGRAM.
You can adjust the angles of duub mirror by moving dubb's nose.
It is designed to be looking like a cute poodle.

It can hold various mobile devices(tablet PC, Smartphone) in place.
If you insert duub mirror, you are less likely to lose it.

Tangram pieces
These are not just plain tangram pieces A double-sided structure of PP+EV Foam+PP
Uses safe, kids-friendly materials! It doesn't get wet or torn, and is built to last! EV foam of 5mm is a thickness that is easy to hold with the hands!
Those 7 pieces are attached with magnets inside. They can be used not only for AR TANGRAM but also for magnet boards, or fridges for fun! If you give it a shake You can hear the dangling sound from it. Even if they are a great stuff once they are lost, there is no point! If you keep them in the box after use, you will never lose them.

Duub Pad
Made with safe materials (PET '+ EV Foam) for kids
If you put them onto the table, the friction of EV Foam bottom will keep the pad from slipping.
Using a board marker, you can use it as a dry erase whiteboard(PET surface)
Young children can draw and erase easily using a board marker It is designed in the way it works in sync with dubb mirror & base

Introduction of AR TANGRAM App & content !

AR TANGRAM is compatible with various mobile devices

Compatible Devices
Runs on iPad 5th generation or newer, and iPad mini(optimized devices)
Recommended to use Android-based tablets, smartphones (smaller than 10 inches)

But like below models, some devices cannot be compatible depending on user environments
⇒ Samsung and other brand mobile devices(will be updated for compatibility after numerous testing later)
    (Not compatible models: SM-T595 (10.5-inch), SM-T585(10.1-inch), SM-T580(10.1-inch)
⇒ If mobile devices are too thick to install dubb mirror onto the front camera properly, or the size of mobile devices is too small
    or too large. (if the device is larger than 10 inches, or a wide-screen type, or a too-small-sized smartphone, or the front facing
    camera is installed on the wider side of the bezel)
⇒ If the specification of the device is not adequate enough, the app doesn't work on it.

How to Download Apps
Scan the below QR cord or search 'AR TANGRAM' in app stores.

User identification authenticatio
After downloading the app, you need to pass the initial user authentication by scanning QR cord as described in the following images.
One QR cord can authenticate up to 5 different mobile devices at the same time.
Warnings!! Be careful not to lose the user manual.

How to do initial setting of the application
Move the nose of duub mirror to adjust the angles of the mirror
When doing it, make sure to place the bottom of the pad aligned with the bottom of the screen
⇒ It is important! (if you want to change a device, you need to go through this process once again)

How to use 2 Different Modes

1) Story Mode
There was a ghost showed up in a beautiful forest and turned all the animals' colors black
What are we going to do now? Please turn the animals' colors back to what they were
How? By who? It's you. If the AR tangram pieces are all completed, the animals' color will be back to normal.
About 70 animals and objects content are divided into 2 groups of maps
When each content is completed, more and more animals are revealed while the clouds disappear.
It is a fun-filled game that you are supposed to turn the animals' colors back to what they were
Once the pieces are completed for a proper animal shape, the name of the animal in question will be spoken in Korean or English.
Currently service available in both Korean and English.( Japanese and Chinese to be updated)

2) Exploration mode
Content with a wide range of levels and types that can boost IQ, imaginative thinking, geometry cognitive skills, color cognitive skills, and infants' fine motor skills. If you are older than 6 years of age, you can do this game alone without assistance from a teacher or others, and of course, if kids are doing this with a parent or teacher, it would be even better, wouldn't it?
Over 150 content including 53 IQ-boosting content, 10 numbers, 26 English alphabets, 29 objects and many more
Each content is divided into 3 levels(beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Beginner : The info of tangram's color, shape are all given in the first place.
Intermediate : Shapes are shown in 2 different colors
Advanced : All shown in black, and it is much more challenging than other levels
Currently available in Korean, English( Japanese, Chinese to be upgraded)


Who is this AR Tangram good for?

Are you a teacher at a nursery, kindergarten or school?
Have a close look at this product. Because it will be the best product for kids' brain and fine motor skill development!

Are you at your wits' end with a screen-obsessed kid?
If you cannot keep them from using the device, may be you should help them play with it safely and make it more educational!

Did you find yourself being glued to your mobile phone because you are being bored or you have nothing else to do?
Are you using the front-facing camera just for your selfie? Why don't you have a real fun with AR TANGRAM and stop being bored? Now is the time to use your mobile as a brain-development tool.

Are you concerned about your elderly parents potentially getting dementia in the future?
Why don't you send AR TANGRAM to your parents as a great gift? If they can constantly use their fingers and make efforts to put together pieces, it will surely help keep the dementia at bay!
If you are a chief at the day-care center for the elderly, this is a must-have for your center! Get AR TANGRAM now!  It is worth stocking up on!

Compatible devices → read carefully!!
Runs on iPad 5th generation or newer, and iPad mini(optimized devices)
iPhone 6th generation or newer
* If the device is too big(i.e. iPad PRO 12-inch), or if you find it tricky to install the mirror on the device, then those devices can't be used with AR TANGRAM.
Recommended to use Android-based tablets, and smartphones (smaller than 10 inches)


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AONE CREATION is committed today to become a company that contributes to humanity. AONE CREATION is generously invest and use all the capabilities of the company aims to create a premium product training. Also customers who will be rewarded with the best quality products and reasonable price, it goes on extending the company in the world.
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