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Dote Planner 101 Days (DOT + NOTE) A5 Size Planner Book Monthly Weekly Daily

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  • Brand
    Smart Dong School
    Model Dote Planner 101
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    148.5 x 210 x 18(mm)
  • Weight
  • Package Includes
    Page : 130 pages
  • Material
    Matte cardboard
  • Color

Dote Planner 101


Page : 130 pages
Dimensions :148.5 x 210 x 18(mm)
Weight : 316g
Cover Material : Matte cardboard
Color : White

All successful people are good at managing their time.
Today, we’ll show features of Dote Planner as well as how to use it effectively in your life.
Dote Planner will prove to be the most efficient organizer for a perfect day.

First off, the lines of Dote Planner have dots at a certain interval.
They are provided to help the user write what he/she wants clearly and in an organized way.
They also serve as the lines of graph paper or section paper.

Use the dots as the reference points of indentation.
They let you align sentences for maximum clarity. You can also draw a table, a line, or a shape by simply connecting the dots.

Simply connect the dots for the easy drawing of a table, a line, or a shape as needed.
The interval of the dots in the time table also means 10 minutes. Thus, you can precisely plan what to do and check if you followed the original plan.

The distance between dots in the time table stands for 10 minutes.

Second, Dote Planner is based on the time management principles of none other than Peter Drucker.
In order to achieve a goal in the most efficient manner, you need to concentrate on the goal at one time even though it make take a long time, instead of dividing your time into multiple sessions.
Recording ⇒ Removal ⇒ Integration

The TO DO LIST / PLAN / RECORD section of Dote Planner
allows you to concentrate on one thing for a long time by recording, integrating, and removing the time.

Third, all 3 parts of Dote Planner - Yearly / Monthly / Daily - have the same layout.
All pages are sectionalized into TO DO LIST and PLAN / RECORD parts Thus, you can easily figure out how to use them effectively.
Such design consistency also means the time that you spend thinking about the tasks is minimized. So you won’t have to stress over how to use your Dote Planner.

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Fourth, you will find yourself engaging with Dote Planner on a daily basis thanks to the peace of mind it provides.
Other organizers had one big mistake - you are eventually stressed out over the failure to achieve what you wrote down there. Such tasks remain on your mind and make you anxious. And you end up avoiding the costly organizer due to the fatigue from the anxiety.

WORST / BEST / NEXT section of Dote Planner

The WORST/BEST/NEXT section is designed precisely to eliminate the issue. It builds confidence in yourself by considering even the most trivial achievement as a success. It also allows you to overcome the pressures from the failure to finish planned tasks. Feeling comfortable around your Dote Planner will mean that you will be more likely to access it on a regular basis.

Fifth, Dote Planner is the organizer on another level thanks to the companion app.
The Dote Timer app is designed to be used alongside Dote Planner. It features functions such as time planning, time recording, yearly stat, taking a picture, and donating coins.

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Its gamification feature shows standings of users based on their time of concentration. The timer gets activated only after you flip the smart device (the screen is invisible). Now, all distractions are eliminated for maximum concentration on work and study.

Using Dote Timer
So far, we’ve checked out Dote Planner. Ready for your success with us? Dote Planner will be your companion in success.

Dote Planner Detail
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[ Day Planner ] [ Memo ]

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SmartDongSchool has been founded on the philosophy of contribution to the development of human society providing with the best education programs. We always hope more people can be educated with better programs and make better society, trying to satisfy outer customers by constant development of contents and foster inner customers by continuous challenges.
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