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Liberatoe Dual Channel Effect Pedal B Type Double Power / Analogue Sound

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  • Brand
    Model Channel Effect Pedal B Type
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    5.2 x 3.15 x 5.17 / 13.2 x 8 x 5.5cm (Excluding foot switch)
  • Weight
  • Package Includes
    Luther Overdrive / ProudAnus Filter & Fuzz /Holy Belly Bass EQ / Camus Overdrive...
  • Features
    Dual Channels / Guard Rail / Double Power / Analogue Sound
  • Function
    All of the LiberaToe pedals feature dual channels, which are rarely found in conventional pedals.

Dual Effector


- Luther Overdrive
- ProudAnus Filter & Fuzz
- Baron Ashura Compressor & Noise
  suppressor combo
- Holy Belly Bass EQ
- Camus Overdrive
- MonkHawk Overdrive
- Iron Rod Distortion
- Boostequila Boost & Equalizer
Introduction to LiberaToe Pedal
Despite living in the era of technological evolution that even enable probes to land on Mars, one simply cannot give up analogue sound. In keeping the analogue based classic sound, we have incorporated the key advantages of digital technologies, such as flexibility and ease of control. Previously, achieving both was difficult because both the sound processing and the signal control were intended to be processed only in either fully analogue- or fully digital form.

LiberaToe combines these two qualities - previously were deemed mutually exclusive - boutique-level, high-quality audio and ease of operation thanks to the separation of the sound effects into analogue circuit and software-based signal control. As a result, LiberaToe maintains a decent sonic while achieving intuitive operability.

All of the LiberaToe pedals feature dual channels, which are rarely found in conventional pedals.

Some of them adopt heterogeneous dual channels which provide two different effects, the others feature homogeneous dual channels which have identical effect.

Dual Channels
In addition to the A / B selection function, some pedals in the series offer a variety of uses, such as A > B(serial) or A // B(parallel).

Guard Rail
Rail is fitted to protect the knob and toggle switch settings from foot movement.
True Bypass
It is equipped with a gold-clad relay to faithfully output the original sound as it is in bypass.
Double Power
Both 9V and 18V are available for each purpose. 18V, which is made by boosting the 9V input, is rated up to 500mA current, unlike ordinary low-cost step-up devices with a limit of 10mA.
Analogue Sound
According to each purpose, different technologies are adopted so that sound processing is handled by analogue circuitry and only the signal routing function is controlled by the embedded software in MCU.

How to switch Dual Channels of the LiberaToe Pedal
So how do you choose between two channels as well as bypass with a single foot switch? A short press on the foot switch turns the green channel on. Press it again to return to bypass. Long press instead of short press activates red channel. Short press in this red channel also returns to bypass and long press returns to green channel again. In this way, a single foot switch that supports two channels is the world's first feature, with embedded software for control that is completely separate from analogue sound processing.

Foot Switch Operation
Short-press for on/off and long-press for channel switching is factory default for foot switch action. It will be available later on paid repair to change the switch behavior into short-press for channel switching and long-press for on/off.
Press and release immediately to switch between on and bypass. Press more than 0.4 sec ti switch between green and red channels.

Features in Detail
Many guitar amplifiers have almost two or more channels built in, and their structure is high quality based on analogue circuitry. In the world of analogue effects, almost all products have supported only a single channel, for example of overdrive, only gain, tone, level. Though some products support two channels, separate channel select switch is added to incur inevitable increase of weight and volume.

This is because technically all processing and control has been implemented in analogue only or digitally only. As digital effectors process both sound and control in software, many functions can be implemented at a low cost. However, the unique ‘picking dynamics’ provided by analogue processing reproduces the feelings and technique of the performer as well, especially in the live scene. It is well known that digital devices are difficult to provide picking dynamics, are thus usually used in the recording.

The development of this new product was done by the global team with experts from a wide range of fields that required integrated technology, supported by hardware design while processing sound with analogue engineering and controlling signal routing with embedded software.

Internally, the embedded software, which is a digital technology, works, but the user experience is thoroughly pursued with analogues, so the intuitive usability of the knobs that are operated by hand and the familiar footing of the analogue devices that keep the tapping foot switch intact are also advantages in reducing fatigue as many things are going digitized.

Developers have dual channels in every effect they design to provide multichannel functionality like a tube amplifier, while adopting an analogue sound processing method that allows the player to enjoy picking sensitivity. In case of overdrive, gain 1 + tone 1 + level 1 operates in the green channel and gain 2 + tone 2 + level 2 operates in the red channel. Or in overdrive with TMB tone stack, for the most important middle control, a channel with a middle knob that can be adjusted and another channel that middle is fully fixed on are implemented.

'Dual Channel' is not only implemented on homogeneous effects but also on heterogeneous effects. By the development team carefully considering the number of cases in which each effector is used, for example such as using a separation or a combination of 60's vintage fuzz and WahWah, you can use the two-stage or three-stage toggle to set the desired combination into two channels.

Therefore, in addition to selecting between A / B channels(by selection), some pedals provide various uses such as A to B (in series) or A & B (mix) in the LiberaToe dual channel pedal series.

In order to make such a variety of sounds, circuits requiring high voltages and high currents have been developed, instead of using a low-current 9V power. Unlike low-cost devices that typically only provide 5~10mA by boosting 9V to 18V, all LiberaToe pedals are designed to utilize up to 500mA enough current for both 9V and 18V power. (To do this, use a power adapter with sufficient current capacity)

The LiberaToe Pedal implements 'True Bypass' equipped with a high quality gold-clad relay to bypass the original sound faithfully.

In addition, due to the nature of the pedals equipped with the control knobs, toggle switch and foot switch together, a rail is installed to separate the control compartment from the foot switch to prevent the control knobs or toggle switch from being accidentally changed when the foot switch is pressed.

Combination Examples of Dual Channel Pedals
In general, when using one or more of overdrive, boost, and distortion, and using space-time effects such as delay and chorus, at least four pedals are configured, which normally requires extra equipment. Using only two pedals from the LiberaToe pedal family, MonkHawk, Luther or Blue Crow and Robofish, you can choose any combination between dry, boosted overdrive and/or distortion, in combination with chorus, tremolo and delay. The reason for this is that Robofish has a simple programmable loop that supports 3 loops and 2 channels. This configuration will cover almost all genres.
Instead of Luther and MonkHawk, you can replace the higheror lower-gain LiberaToe pedals or replace the multi-effector Robofish with individual space-time LiberaToe pedals to cover different genres (jazz, thrash metal, etc.). As another example of a combination, Gnavatar will be able to combine Baron Ashura with the ability to parallelize existing pedals while providing advanced noise reduction and compressor combination. You can also add ProudAnus with built-in fuzz and envelope filters to create funky tones.
The combination of Bass-specific Holy Belly equalizer/booster with Baron Ashura or ProudAnus on the front is great. And if you're using four of them with the addition of Gnavatar, bass-only overdrive Bentham, or BearAss with integrated fuzz and compressor, this analogue effects set will be the strongest combination for the bass.
On existing pedal boards, you can add Brever to the end of the effect chain if you want to have reverb effects and the entire sound mastering as like in the studio. The reverb-only dual channel selection gives you the option of light reverb and deeper spatial reverberation in live, plus a variety of options for mastering effects alone or in combination with reverb, so that you can enjoy the benefits as like being supported by a studio engineer.



G1. Luther Overdrive

Luther Overdrive is an analogue overdrive which is capable of replicating various tones, from Legend Rock (e.g. Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan) and Compressed Classic Combo Amplifier, to Jazz & Blues tones (Larry Carlton, Robben Ford). Two separate channels produce five different tones, composed of those from representative amplifiers - M*, V*, F*, D* - and the typical Southern Blues tone created by the combination of TS-808 and thick gauge.

Each channel contains a set of "level, tone and drive", enabling you to produce a fit-for-purpose sound, such as backing or solo play. The red channel is fitted with a crunch knob, allowing precise control of the crispness of the tone within the mid- to high-pitch ranges. With Luther Overdrive, you can express a variety of tones across a wide texture range.

While normal overdrive has to adjust the entire signal only with the tone knob, Luther Overdrive adjusts the crunch knob to control the mid-range gain while keeping it tight so that the low-end should not be flabby. You can create the desired level of crunch from prettily crushed high-end to a punchy middle tone.

Luther Overdrive is recommended as a versatile drive for those who want from coarse grain at low gain to fine one at high gain, who want solid tone in the low end, those who play classical rock, jazz and blues, for those who want different expressions of backing and solo tone, and those who want to create a wide variety of tones on a smaller pedal board.

① Presence control works on both green and red channels for adjusting overall brightness depending on the space and amp
② Crunch control only works on the red channel to adjust crispness of treble contents
③ Level1,2: louder clockwise
④ Tone1,2: more edge clockwise
⑤ Drive1,2: more gain clockwise




D1. ProudAnus Fuzz & Envelope Filter

ProudAnus is a dual-channel effector equipped with filter and fuzz sections. The filter section combines both features of an envelope filter and auto wahwah to achieve a real-time selection of the high and low frequencies by toggle or foot switch, which can be used for both the guitar and bass by covering a range of tones, from screaming to wobble.

The adjustable fuzz section reproduces a 60's vintage fuzz tone, which ranges from soft fuzz to roaring fuzz, and the impedance knob can be dialed to give a wide range of tone making, from sticky vintage fuzz tones to crisp tones, such as in distortion and overdrive. Depending on the direction of the toggle, you can instantly create various tones by selecting two channels Filter / Fuzz, High / Low Filter, or Fuzz / Filter > Fuzz.

As this heterogeneous effector features Fuzz in part, it is preferred to locate the unit in front of the effects chain. For those who want to get the effect of human speaking through the picking nuance, those who want fuzz with the advantages of both germanium and silicon devices, and those who want to use the envelope filter and the fuzz as two channels to use each or together, the ProudAnus Envelope Filter & Fuzz is recommended for those who want to create a variety of tones on a small pedal board using a heterogeneous dual channel effector.

① Impedance control provides smooth transition from fuzz to overdrive thru distortion
② Sensitivity control defines picking dynamics, more responsiveness clockwise
③ Attack: more attack clockwise
④ Decay: filter frequency fall faster clockwise
⑤ Level: louder clockwise
⑥ Tone: more edge clockwise
⑦ Fuzz: more hairy clockwise




D2. Baron Ashura Compressor & Noise Suppressor

Baron Ashura is a dual channel heterogeneous effector in which the compressor and noise reduction are integrated. Almost all of the knobs found in rackmount compressors are equipped in Baron Ashura to provide release, attack, and level, as well as compression ratio and threshold, so you can create the compression tones you often need during play.

Covering very long times to very short release periods, you can use both the clean backing and bass techniques, as well as taking advantage of the mix between original attack and sustain, depending on the dialling of the attack knob. A superb built-in noise reduction function eliminates the typical noise that occurs at the end of a sustain, and unlike the noise gate which abruptly removes noise, Baron Ashura's noise reduction function can adjust the attenuation sensitivity and can be used inde

Therefore when placed in front of a dirty series of effects, such as distortion, Baron Ashura can reduce the waiting and sustains noise - particularly single coil noise - with elegance. For those who need noise reduction together with a compressor with release, threshold, and attack knobs that are not commonly found in the pedal type, and for those who want to create various tones on a small pedal board using a pedal with two different functions, Baron Ashura is recommended as a heterogeneous dual channel effector.

① Ratio control defines how much your signal gets compressed which passed the threshold, more reduction clockwise
② Release control sets how long it takes to restoration
③ Threshold control defines how loud signal is allowed before the compression
④ Sensitivity control defines picking dynamics, more responsive-ness clockwise
⑤ Attack: milder clockwise
⑥ Level: compression sound getting louder clockwise
⑦ Volume: noise suppressed signal getting louder clockwise




D5. Holy Belly Bass Equalizer

Holy Belly is a dual-channel equalizer and boost for your bass. When the toggle switch is turned up, the green channel acts as the EQ and the other red channel acts as both the EQ and boost. This allows you to smoothly fine tune the treble, middle and bass 3 knobs from the hump tone wherein the middle stands out to the scooped tone of the low and high up, as a result of which tone selection becomes available for each channel.

When the toggle is turned down, it only acts as an EQ, whereby the Boost function and mid are fixed at the same amount as the 12 o'clock setting of the mid knob on the green channel.

In this setting, the tone can be set according to the amount of bass and treble, and switching to the red channel allows for additional control of the middle. Holy Belly is an indispensable effector that can be used for almost all needs of a bass performance, enabling you to produce a total of four tones instantly. Holy Belly Bass EQ is recommended for those who want to precisely control the bass tone with two channels of TMB, for those who want to use the EQ function as well as the boost function, and for those who want to get all the use cases required on a smaller pedal board.

① Middle2 control does not work but is fixed to 12 o’clock on the green channel when the toggle is down
② Level1,2: louder clockwise
③ Treble1,2: more treble contents clockwise
④ Middle1,2: more focus on middle contents clockwise
⑤ Bass1,2: more lows clockwise



G2. Camus Overdrive

Camus Overdrive is a state-of-the-art classic overdrive reincarnation, featuring new technologies that help deliver a full range of tones. In addition to levels, there are two sets of gains and tones, so you can instantly select two channels while playing.

E.g. self-overdrive gain with higher gain or low gain setting to boost other overdrives or distortions. Therefore, Camus Overdrive is able to act as two overdrives integrated into an A/B loop. Furthermore, the Rawk knob is equipped to complement the bass response gracefully which is often lacking in vintage devices. Fat toggles can also be assigned to each channel, providing the best performance and function in the overdrive and boost series with a high headroom.

Camus Overdrive is recommended for those who want to use the two channels for different purposes so that they can be used as a boost as well as a sole overdrive having high headroom, for those who want to select the Fat tone in any case where both channels are used.

① Rawk control sets how loud the low frequencies are
② Level: louder clockwise
③ Tone: more edge clockwise
④ Gain: more gain clockwise




G4. MonkHawk Overdrive

MonkHawk Overdrive is specialized in Blues and Hard Rock.
The crunch tone, which occurs naturally in the clean channel of a tube amplifier without its own gain channel, is implemented in analogue to add the unique crispy voice of the Blues tone, while preserving the sound quality of the guitar.

Like other products in the LiberaToe series, it supports dual channels, therefore two sets of level, tone and gain can be used for various purposes such as backing and solo. The boost control can also be adjusted in order to boost the frequency of the high pitch range or across the entire frequency range.

With the combination of optional boost feature and toggle switch, you are able to choose a total of 4 types of gain tones for two channels.

MonkHawk Overdrive is recommended to all of those who want to create a wide variety of tones on a small pedal board, for those who like soft grainy gain, for those who play blues and jazz, and for those who want to choose two channels out of a combination of four tones including boost.

① Boost control sets which frequencies will be boosted for red channel when toggle switch is up or down, more focus on
     treble clockwise vs. overall boost counter-clockwise
② Level1,2: louder clockwise
③ Tone1,2: more edge clockwise
④ Gain1,2: more gain clockwise




G8. Iron Rod Distortion

Iron Rod Distortion is a dual-channel distortion that simulates the classic SL model of a well-known British amp. The internal 18V high headroom creates a powerful distortion texture, as if it is being created by the excess of the tube pre-amp and power amplifier itself. The Treble knob can be used to adjust the high-end frequencies to deliver lucidity. As it is equipped with two Tones so as to be set differently for each channel, it is useful for multiple play requirements, including lead and backing.

It makes the picking nuance vivid where the tones are between grittiness and steel texture, your strings will sound from special gauge alike to iron rod something as the specialised circuit operates similarly to that of the amplifier's multiple stages of tube addition to reproduce the amplifier’s crank-up tone.

① Tone 1,2: control overall brightness of each channel
② Treble: adjust decibel of high frequencies on both channels
③ Bass: adjust decibel of low frequencies on both channels
④ Presence: adjust brightness depending on amp's character
⑤ Level 1,2: control overall volume of each channel
⑥ Gain 1,2: control gain of each channel




G9. Boostequila Boost & EQ

Boostequila Boost EQ is the dual channel boost & equalizer you need. If you've experienced your tone getting buried among other players in mid and high ends, with Boostequila, you can enhance your sound without increasing the volume that may sometimes break the balance of sound in your band. Boosting the mid can help output a punchy tone and increasing mid frequencies produces a growl-like sound by pushing the amplifier. In opposite, reducing the mid frequencies while boosting the low-mid and upper frequencies helps create both fat and crisp texture. In this case although the low end is emphasized, you can achieve a clear tone while generating full harmonics.

① Muscle: determine amount of low end contents, from fat to bone
② Level 1,2: control overall volume of each channel
③ Treble 1,2: adjust decibel of high frequencies each channel
④ Middle 1,2: adjust decibel of mid range each channel
⑤ Bass 1,2: adjust decibel of low frequencies each channel


Boostequila Boost EQ will instantaneously make come true the transformation between sparkling single coil and thick-sounding humbucker, depending on the adjustment of TMB combination. Thanks to the monstrous volume, Boostequila can act as an active EQ boost, helping the opulent level-up of any frequencies produced by your guitar.



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computer program, video, sound device, etc Despite living in the age of modern technologies that even enable probes to land on Mars, one simply cannot give up analogue sounds. In keeping the analogue based classic sounds, we have incorporated the key advantages of digital technologies, such as simultaneously having both flexibility and ease of control. Previously, achieving both was difficult because both the sound processing and the signal control were intended to be processed only in either fully analogue- or fully digital form. LiberaToe combines these two qualities - previously were deemed mutually exclusive - boutique-level, high-quality audio and ease of operation thanks to the separation of the sound effects into analogue circuit and software-based signal control. As a result, LibraToe maintains a decent sonic while achieving cost-saving and intuitive operability.
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