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Color Changing Photochromic Pigment by Insilico

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    Model Photochromic Pigment
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    10kg/CTN, Polybag for inner pack, carton for outer pack
  • Material
    Microcapsule Pigment Powder
  • Expiry Date
    2 Years

Chameleon UVC / Bichrom P


Chameleon UVC photochromic dye causes color change reversibly by light. Exposure to ultraviolet rays (sunlight) causes color formation while the blockage of light makes it return to its original color. Since it is very sensitive to the external environment, it becomes encapsulated in micro synthetic resin with several ㎛ to hundreds ㎛ in diameter for protection and stability increase.

Bichrom P Series is a reversible photochromic microcapsule that its color in lightless state changes to other color once exposed to light. Since it is very sensitive to the external environment, it becomes encapsulated in micro synthetic resin with several ㎛ and hundreds ㎛ in diameter for protection and stability increase.


Note: Since photochromic capsule dye products come in 2~5㎛, the outer wall of capsule is damaged if they go through a milling machine or high-speed disperser with cutters, affecting the feature of color changing.


Product features
Solvent resistance: Color-changing dye used in photochromic capsules is sensitive to aliphatic solvent with a few carbons and resistant to aliphatic or aromatic solvent with a lot of carbons.

Thermal resistance: If high temperature needs to be applied, less than 10 minutes at 230℃ is recommended. A prolonged operation at high temperature higher than 75℃ must be avoided because thermochromic organic matters may be resolved at higher than 80℃.

Light resistance: Photochromic products have the grade 1 light fastness, so extended exposure to sun may considerably reduce its color-changing effect.

Q, What are the strengths of Photochromic products?
A. The strengths of Insilico's Photochromic products are high dispersibility, Clear color density, and rapid discoloration.

Q What is the difference between photochromic dyes and photochromic microcapsules?
A. photochromic microcapsules are a product that encapsulates a photochromic dye and is an opaque pigment type with a particle size. photochromic microcapsules can be applied to water-based, oil-based printing, coating, and injection applications, but photochromic dyes are only applicable to oil-based applications. In addition, injection or coating of products requiring transparency should use photochromic dyes that have transparent advantages.

Q. What is the durability of washing after printing the photochromic capsule pigment on clothes?
A. Washing fastness of photochromic products is 3-4 grade

Q. What is the expiration date of the product?
A. It is safe for more than 2 years when stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Aggregation and delamination are normal during the storage period of the slurry and can be used after redistributing in a 45C water bath before use.

Q. What type should I use when applying on plastic?
A. When applied to plastics, it is recommended to use powder type.


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