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Dog's Gum Joy Planet Functional nosework Dental gum Joy Planet Nutritional supplement Stress relief

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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
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    Model Dog's Gum
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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    Red, yellow, green
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A convenient life for dogs and guardians, a happy companion
Your dog's store started with four "dog temples" and three "guardians."
" Let's make a product that incorporates experiences that everyone can relate to."
It's expensive! If you think it's of good quality... If you think it's cheap, the quality is so bad...
So the dog's store was born after much thought.
From the buyer's point of view, for both dogs and guardians,
If you make a product that's cost-effective and worthwhile, consumers
I started my business with the belief that you will sympathize with me.
One special thing about your dog's pad
Strong absorption!
The use of high-quality high-performance polymer absorbent quickly dries and coagulates the dog's urine to absorb it in a gel state.
It keeps the pad soft, so the feet won't be stamped.
The dog's pad is special. Two
High-quality natural pulp Made of high-quality American natural pulp, it does not tear even after defecation, and it is safe because it does not use fluorescent whitening agents. We make it thinking of quality and safety as the best.
Your dog's pad is special
NO radon (harmful ingredient) Your dog's pad, which is in the house 24 hours a day, is safe from radon. There are no harmful ingredients, so you can use it more safely.
Your pad is special. Four
Remove unnecessary elements
By eliminating unnecessary factors that increase the cost of pads, we focused on lowering prices and creating good quality pads.
The dog's pad is special. 5
generous large-capacity packaging
By reducing the cost of the high-quality pad, we made it possible to use it without worrying about falling down quickly to twice the amount of the existing pad without any burden of price.
Your pad is special
meticulous quality control
Careful quality control is essential to ensure the stability and consistent quality of the product
Dog's Gum Speciality 2
Healthy gum made from 100% natural ingredients, natural pigments, natural ingredients
It is safe because it is made of 100% natural raw materials without adding chemicals that can cause allergies, and is rich in dietary fiber using sweet potatoes and peas as the main ingredients, making it digestible and highly favored.
Dog's Gum Speciality
Nosewalk function for sniffers! Unique design that attracts dogs' interest
There are bends on the front and back of the gum, so it effectively removes plaque by increasing friction between the teeth. It also helps relieve stress by inducing interest in dogs with its unique design.
Dog's Gum Speciality 4
Clean, thorough hygiene management Produced in a factory equipped with HACCP facilities
Functional nosework dental gum
Joy Planet
The boomerang-shaped design induces interest in dogs, and if you feed them with small snacks or nutrients at the corners, it helps relieve stress and remove plaque with a nosework effect.
Functional nosework dental gum
Let's and Woburn Ball
Is it a toy or a piece of gum?
Letles and Warburn Ball is a ball-shaped gum that helps relieve stress and prevent plaque and plaque buildup through nosework. Also, there is chicken in the bowl, so it has excellent taste.
Functional nosework dental gum
It has a unique shape that resembles a caterpillar and contains chicken balls in the egg, which is not only very favorable, but also has an excellent effect on relieving stress through nosework. It also has bumps on the surface to prevent plaque and plaque from accumulating.
Dental gum with excellent taste
Krogerdale and Turtle with Chicken
There is a bump on the top of the gum, which effectively removes plaque by increasing friction between the teeth. In addition, the unique design in the shape of crocodiles and turtles induces interest in dogs and has excellent taste with chicken attached to the back.
Allergy gum garden laser made of vegetables
It's a low-allergy gum made of only vegetables and can also be paid to dogs with meat allergies. The bumps on the back of the gum are effective in removing plaque, and the three sizes of S/M/L can be paid in the right sizes for small, medium, and large dogs.
Enzyme enzyme Dead Gum Enzyme Brush
It contains enzyme, a complex enzyme, which helps digestion. There are large and small bumps all over the gum, which are effective in removing tartar. You can easily break the middle part and pay a small amount with 2 pieces. It helps relieve stress.
Caterpie's pop bag is special
D2W technology biodegradable defecation bags that return to nature different from ordinary plastic bags
At the end of the envelope's life, the OXO-biodegradation process begins and decomposes into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. After decomposition, harmful residues such as debris and methane do not remain, so it does not harm environmental pollution and wildlife.
Rainbow Lead String Special 1
How to use hands-free walking with both hands
There is a ring between the lead strings, which makes it easy to attach to your waist, shoulder, or wrist. It is more convenient to take care of your dog with the free use of both hands.
Rainbow Lead String Special 2
Adjustable length for comfortable walking with O-Ring
You can freely make shoulder straps and waist straps by connecting three o-rings and two rings at each end of the string. Short or long! You can use it by changing the shape to a comfortable length for your dog and me.
Raybow lead rope special 3
Wide range of applications from lead rope twin ropes to hooks in different dimensions
Using both end rings, multi-dog families can connect to an automatic lead rope or hold it by themselves and use it as a twin rope. You can hang it anywhere even when you rest for a while, so you can enjoy a comfortable rest.
Rainbow Lead String Special 4
Strong and soft lead wire 100% pure cotton rope lead wire 100% pure cotton rope lead wire is strong and easy to wash and dry. (Can be washed with neutral detergent/dried naturally in the shade)


This supplier supports payments for offline orders
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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Hoiran Shin
  • Tel : 02-889-7892
  • Email : ysfnc@daum.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 20 Dongchang-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do (14334)
Youngshin FNC Co., Ltd.

Youngshin FNC Co., Ltd.

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    Hoiran Shin
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    20 Dongchang-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do (14334)
Youngshin F&C Co., Ltd. has been importing beef and pork from Europe and the United States since 2015. Also we are a startup that launched 'Gaenimshop', a pet products brand, in December 2018 to provide products with experiences that everyone can relate to. A company that grows with customer satisfaction. It is a company that has become a global company through overseas market exploration and is preparing for export marketing through B2B. Meet a company that wants to grow into the best overseas distribution company in Korea. We want to grow into the best professional company with numerous experiences and know-how. We will repay your support with our best efforts. When many people propose, they hand over flowers in full bloom to their opponents. However, flowers that used to be so bright wither in half a day. Sharing life is more of a process of planting and sprouting flower seeds together and blooming flowers rather than taking a walk in the blooming flower field. Health is also not a trend or an event. It's a "life" where healthy habits are gathered day by day. The constitution is formed from the beginning of life. In other words, a healthy constitution is also made through healthy habits from the mother's stomach. There are no products or generous events that sparkle according to the trend. Also, like a flower in full bloom, you can't do magic of getting healthy right away. However, what we can give confidently is the seed of "healthy habit." Until you bloom this seed as a "healthy constitution," we will be happy to be with you. I hope you are always full of health and luck. Thank you very much. thanks
  • Business Type :
    Knowledge Service
  • Main Product :
    Dog dental gums, Puppy pad
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5

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