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dotplanner 52weeks weekly planner

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    Republic of Korea
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    210mm * 297mm * 10mm (A4 size)
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    54pages / year planner, week planner
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    planner, time management, diary


doteplanner 52weeks
An efficient planner that makes the perfect week!

You can plan 52 weeks, or 1 year.
You can make a good plan by creating one timetable every week.

dot's function
The space are separated by dots, not gridlines.
It allows you to think freely in an open space.
It helps you to write neatly, and you can draw tables and figures in a good shape.
In other words, it has the functions of graph paper and square paper, but the degree of freedom is greatly increased.
1. Indent by line
Just aligning the lines improves the readability of your notes.
The bad handwriting also makes it look good if you write according to the space.

2. Draw a figure/illustration
You can easily draw shapes and diagrams without a ruler.

3. Draw table/graph
You can express various types of graphs by connecting dots using highlighters and colored ballpoint pens.

4. Dots on every line
The inner line is marked with dots at intervals of 5mm, so it can be used for various purposes.

5. Draw a line by connecting dots
You can draw lines by connecting dots without using a ruler, so you can divide the space at will.

6. Measure the target amount with dots
Set your own goal for each space and measure the target amount by filling it out with a highlighter pen.

7. Immersive System
doteplanner applies Peter Drucker's time management method.
If the available time is divided into short units to achieve the goal, the total amount of time is not enough.
To achieve your goals, you need to acquire and use immersive, continuous time units.
This is possible through the steps of recording, removing, and integrating, and dotplanner has implemented this functionally.

8. Record it in 10 minutes
Dotplanner's dots are divided into 10 minute units.
You can plan your work in detail in 10-minute, and record your own feedback on your plans.
These records help you distinguish between time to focus and time to waste.

9. TO DO LIST according to importance
It helps you focus on important goals and quickly solve or delegate unnecessary tasks.
Write important tasks that require long-term commitment in column A, write short, low-importance tasks in column B, and write tasks that require delegation or quick removal in column C.

10. Psychological stability
The biggest shortcoming of regular planners is that they get stressed out when their goals aren't completed.
Unresolved problems remain in your mind as an afterimage, keeping you tense, and later, just looking at the planner can make you stressed.
It is the WORST/BEST/NEXT part of dotPlanner that prevents these side effects.
It seems simple, but it helps you get psychological stability from the pressure of unfinished work.

11. Routineization
It's similar to a habit, but a routine is a particular behavior that repeats more regularly.
All successful people have their own routines.
The doteplanner removed complexities to make planning and implementing routine.
The annual, monthly, and daily formats are organized in the same way, minimizing the cost of switching accidents.
If you know how to write daily, you can easily write monthly and annual plans.
We also distributed a dot timer app for free so you can create your own routine and check it out.


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SmartDongSchool has been founded on the philosophy of contribution to the development of human society providing with the best education programs. We always hope more people can be educated with better programs and make better society, trying to satisfy outer customers by constant development of contents and foster inner customers by continuous challenges. By creating dozens of educational apps and e-learning sites, we have accumulated know-how to improve the learning efficiency of learners. We applied this to our DOTE PLANNER and tested it with our employees and students for years. We had over 200 people use the planner for at least 2-6 months, and after receiving feedback, we came up with the most ideal form.
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