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ESCOFFIER PP-2020 Kitchen Chef Shoe_Navy

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  • Brand
    Model PP-2020
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    KR : 220 ~ 290(10 Unit) / EUR : 33 ~ 47(2 Unit) / US : 4 ~ 11(1 Unit)
  • Color
  • Weight
    Size 8 Criteria : 820g
  • Material
    EVA, Rubber, Mesh
  • Function
    Anti-slip on water and oily floors.
  • Features
  • Gender
Light weight + Anti-bacteria / Anti-humidity + Durability + Design
ESCOFFIER PP-2020 Kitchen Chef Shoe
Escoffier makes cooking specialty shoes that match the pride of the chef. Furthermore we are developing as making functional shoes for all specialists.
Launched in 2004, we have developed with core values of safety, comfort, quality and design satisfaction, representing pride of specialist.
Escoffier first gave the name of chef shoes by obtaining patent on 'Functional shoes suitable for kitchen environment: chef shoes' and made ultralight chef shoes by introducing EVA material into chef shoes for the first time in South Korea etc., it has positioned as leading kitchen chef shoes in South Korea based on 13 years of know-how.
We will always develop leading products by applying customer demands and put consistent effort on supporting businesses for specialists such as young chef, neighbors in need etc. and provide our customers another comfortable day.
ESCOFFIER makes specialized culinary shoes to match the pride of culinary artists.
Furthermore, it is being developed into a functional shoes for all professionals.

Since the launch in 2004, ESCOFFIER has brown under the core values of safety, comfort, quality and design satisfaction showing the pride of professionals.

ESCOFFIER has become the leading company in domestic culinary environment based on 13 years of knowhow by obtaining a patent for "a functional shoe suitable for kitchen environment", using the name "culinary shoes" for the first time, and introducing EVA material into culinary shoes to make a light weight culinary shoes.
Key Features
1. EVA material
- As a material mainly used for infant mats, it is harmless to the human body, and it is light in weight, so it does not cause strain on ankles and knees.
- It is strong against external shocks, so it reduces fatigue of feet through shock absorption and provides optimal cushioning for users who stand and work for a long time.
2. Ergonomic design
- It was made by a 3D expended injection process using LAST closest to the shape of a human foot.
- It is ergonomically designed to stably hold the user's feet and provides a comfortable fit even when worn for a long time.
- For air circulation inside the shoes, a wide space in the toe and air holes on the left and right sides of the shoes are applied to maximize ventilation.
3. Waterproof
- The skin surface have molded during EVA expended injection process exhibits a perfect waterproof.
4. Non-slip Outsole 
- Outsole with both special rubber material added with nano ceramic powder and proven non-slip pattern design provide excellent non-slip function even on water and oil floors.
5. Functional insole
- Acupressure protrusions are applied to the front of the feet to help blood circulation, and sufficient cushions are applied to the heels where a lot of weight is loaded, relieving foot fatigue even when worn for a long time.
- Insole combined the mesh fabric and punching sponge minimize sweating.
- It has antibacterial function to protect feet from sweat smell and bacteria.
6. Design Point
- The design was inspired by green pepper, a familiar food ingredient, and the outsole was designed with ESCOFFIER letters to complete the uniqueness of Our Brand only.
01. EVA, the Material Harmless to Human Body

The shoe is made of eco-friendly EVA material with no toxic emissions and proved anti-bacterial functionality.
Its excellent waterproof function and elasticity enable it to restore the original shape even when it is bent.

The product absorbs the external shock, helping the comfortable activities.

However, please note that there is a risk of deformation if exposed to flames and sunlight for a long time.
02. Light and Comfortable Fit

The inside of the shoe is arched along the foot shape to stably hold a foot and decrease the foot fatigue.
Comfortable front area helps the air circulation and is reliable when the foot is swollen after wearing for a long time.
There are air homes inside and outside of the shoes.
03. Anti-slip

The special rubber with excellent anti-slip function is attached to the sole to prevent slipping on dangerous environment with water, oil, detergent, etc.
04. Double Cushion Insole

The shoes is with acupressure at the front and the double cushions at the heel to relieve the weight.
Wearing it for a long time will help blood circulation and fatigue relief.

The cushion is made of resilient EVA and does not beak easily.
Certified Functions
Detail Image
Why PP-2020?
#Waterproof #Flexible #Non-slip sole #Shockproof #Anti-bacterial #Body engineering

Waterproof - Waterproof material minimizes inflow of foreign substances.
Flexible - Is made with flexible EVA material.
Non-slip sole - Non-slip sole is strong from water and oil.
Shockproof - Reduces shock delivered to foot.
Anti-bacterial - Shoe insole has anti-bacterial function on foot.
Body engineering - The arch-shaped line suitable to foot shape is wearable.
Trustworthy Escoffier
Obtained KC Safety certification Mark
Chef shoes patent
Non-slip test completed
Anti-bacterial function proven
Number PP-2020
Use Functional footwear for cooks, hospital workers and personnel
Color  Navy
Material Body : EVA / SOle : Special rubber / Insole : Mesh, EVA
Size 220 / 230 / 240 / 250 / 260 / 270 / 280 / 290
Heel Height 3cm
Weight 260gx2(based on size 250)
Country of Origin Korea
Manufacturer and Seller MIRAE JORI TECHNOLOGY CO. / South Korea
Warranty Period Within 1 Month from the Purchase Date
Handling Precaution - Note that there is deformation, discoloration and dye concern if exposed to fire and sunlight for a long time and uner humid and high temperature environment.
-Wash in a lukewarm water under 50°C
-Dry in a well-ventilated shade fro direct sunlight
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
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Mirae Jori Gisul
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Mirae Jori Gisul
With the patent for “functional shoes suitable for the kitchen environment”, we developed the first professional footwear for cooks in Korea, and it is waterproof and anti-slip with ultra-light weight of EVA material that is harmless to the human body. Its quality has been recognized by many chefs not only in Korea but also internationally, and it will become a global company with the best products and a Korean native brand that can be comfortably and safely cooked by all the world's cooks.
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    Less than 5

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